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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Good grief, I'd love to contribute but I'll be gone all day to my daughter's gymnastics competition.
    Will this be one day only or a continuous thing?

  2. Nice idea, although I'm vaguely suspecting that the most enthusiastic modelers are not necessarily going to produce the most useful models. ;)

    (*glee* my first dragon yeah I'm useful I'm useful *glee*)

    And pop there goes a gigaoctet 200 million poly dragon that looks like a poodle :)

    I will see if I have time to participate. That might be fun...

  3. this is great, thank you! it would be nice to see how it all works. i will be lurking and maybe i'll even do some stuff. popcorn and cola and the durian team on IRC- now that's a real weekend!

    Second reaction: Crud, I can't make it on Saturday.. =(

    Will there be any other days an event like this will be held? I suspect more people would find Sunday a better day than Saturday.

    Anyway, I think this is a great initiative, regardless of the results!! =)

  5. Will any of the main points/questions/answers/topics/facts etc that are discussed in the IRC channel be published elsewhere afterwards? Like many others I'm busy this weekend but would still love to contribute :)

  6. I second the motion on the floor to "Bring It!"
    Alright blender-boys (and girls): Now is the chance to show them what we can do.

    One question, modeling/texturing credits in the movie?

  7. At the risk of being labeled a gullible, barely-literate, moronic, throw-back to the days of louse-ridden disease and straw roofs, and who's unfit to share the company of the village idiot and an embarrassment to knuckle-dragging, drooling imbeciles of the world, I have to ask: Did they really get a message from THE Samuel L. Jackson?

    Ah. I just read the blog where it states, "Thanks to cwebb (not Samuel L. Jackson, actually) for the inspiration."


    And here I was hoping the village idiot was finally going to start putting up with me.

  8. Hope there are pictures or concept drawings for reference or else there might came up great but useless stuff.

    I'll try it out. This seems to be a great event. Wonder how many would dive in.


    Oh. Wait. That would be 10 PM here. I think I can't join after all. :-(

  9. What is that all about now?
    The movie was supposed to be finished by now...
    You guys seems to have lots of fun but little result...
    Stop playing around it does not make me laugh anymore...

    What are you guys doing ? (sorry Vanessa)

    I said that from day one Where is Andy G.(The Blender real master)
    Tom it is time to call this Genius back.
    he was involved into all the project before and everything
    was done quite neatly.

    People are joining the team, but little outcome are shown.
    It is time to end this mess and get the project moving.

    I want some result not some Video Gags!!!

  10. pixnolve: We would really like Andy on the Durian team. Unfortunately he is currently working on his own film right now. I believe the team we have right now is fantastic and we are going to create something special. These are great artists who are from the community.

    You might be pleased to know Andy will be spending a week up here soon and the render/shader guys will all have a huge meet up over the days and share ideas and techniques.

    We work quite a bit here at the BI, and do a fair bit of overtime! So when we are making quick blog posts for the community we like to mix up sharing information, and also announcing news (like for the sprint). We're going to be spending the same amount of time making these blog posts so why not have some fun. For us its straight back to the trenches after these videos (and the rest are always working in the background).

    We are a small team, and probably not capable of what a huge company can create already working years with eachother. But there is quite a bit the community is yet to see that we have been making (and will include in more blog posts soon to share) =)

    Also if there is a real number of people who think we should be more serious in our blog posts, no problem! We're here to please ;)


  11. Pixnolve: You got your facts wrong. There is no Vanessa in the team. Her name is Angela. Oh and it's not 'Tom' but 'Ton'

    Oh and before you directly insult me by saying I joined the team and didn't do anything to make the project progress, think a little bit and try to imagine that we don't post all the fricking movie on the blog. Just some snippet.

    Sorry if our humour does not reach you.

  12. Francisco Ortiz on

    @Lee, JS And Nathan: please be LESS serious 1+ vote.

    And plus, to add even more fun, I will make the most INCREDIBLE, FUNNIEST AND ORIGINAL comment joke since Elephant's Dream! Are you ready? That wAS NEVER DONE BEFORE (<<<I need to post this one before someone else):

    "Guuuuys! LOooool! What have you been smoking there in Amsterdam?" :))

    :)) Looolll HAHAHHAHA! Funny Isn't it? I bet there is a lot of people literally lying on the ground after that... Hehehe :_)) Sometimes i just don't believe how original a post can be...haha....

  13. JsGuillemette:

    Hey, quit reading posts about things you post, time waster! If we wanted you to get feedback, we'd...? You, something something... so ha!


    Damn, I said snakes the other day, I meant to say pythons. Buggered that joke up.

  14. Francisco Ortiz on

    @ Iconoclast:

    They are posting because they need feedback.

    JsGuilemette deserves to be in Durian. If you want to add some nice criticism that's alright, but please stop bashing people like that!

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