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  1. Wow! it just the beginning.looking back on blender when i first notice it free use,at a moment were I was asking myself how can i afford Maya or any 3d software to do creative projects.Now with this new short movie blender development is to break the commercially slavery practices of 3d software.
    Now this is a living epic moment!

  2. Old Guy: " Who are you searching for ? A sibling? a lover?"
    Sintel: "A Dragon"

    Lol, that's great :)

    Oh, and I liked the snow at the end .
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great intro! Sets the scene and grabs the audience immediately. First impressions: Sintel definitely has that "mythic factor," and given the quality of the artists and, riggers and animators, it would certainly seem to be an excellent demo of Blender as a capable pro-quality movie producer. High hopes for this one!

  4. @Toastbusters, lol that's slightly worrying but I can see how you read that ;)

    Ok animatic, I'm really interested in seeing those sketched impressions of their faces translate into facial animation & rigs. There's no cartoon-like get out clause when dealing with those facial expressions on this one I feel.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. hi buddy .. done good work but it would be more better then that.....some of your strokes are great and very dynamic ....nice work bud keep it up

  6. This technique of pre-visualizing is called Board-O-Matic, it's the production process where you put the storyboard with right timing, is very helpful, and yes, it's like a teaser for the first minute, and I'm totally amazed!!!! XD

  7. Love the look of it and how you both set the scene and put the audience right in the middle of the experience straight away. I'm guessing that this is all still to be tweaked to all get out, but I found that a number of the timings were quite off. For example an extra second or so before the responds "a dragon" would really drive the main opening payoff moment home much stronger.

    Anyway, it's looking great and has a very cinematic feel to it. You certainly get a sense of both mystery, battle and the landscape in a very short space.


  8. 'Board-o-Matic'? I like that name since we usually just call em animatics at our studio. Some are nicer than others, specially if your pitching ;~)

  9. Durian will be great. We love Blender. Use it everyday. We're not addicts though. We have it under control. We can stop anytime we want. We didn't use blender for like a whole day once and we got through it somehow. :)

  10. @mookie - to the best of my knowledge this project is not aimed at young kids.
    @moult - I'm pretty sure that isn't the final voice talent.

  11. So...what brings you to the edge of the world?

    ...I'm searching

    For what?

    ...I'm searching for someone...


    ...someone who everyone loves hate...


    ...It's the CYBORG!!!!

    Yeah, ...that tells me a lot, what Cyborg?'s the one with the infamous eyes
    ...the talk
    ...the constant talking
    ...the constant jabbering
    ...the never ending JABBERING about NOTHING!!!!


    ...Beware of the CYBORG...
    ...I tells ya!
    ...BEWARE OF THE CYBORG!!'ve said that, now ...WHAT CYBORG?!!!!!



    We're screwed!

  12. I'm keenly interested in the cyborg dragon having s*x with everyone in the film. Although I was waaaay off base when I initially watched it, now I know it's real intent. Smokin Hott Steam sequences! MMMmmmm Smoke sims........

  13. I sure hope this will look as good as already released Blender shorts. Hopefully they don't do any cheesy storylines here... The situation looks sadly like Blender tries to do animations which expensive 3D-programs did years ago. It's hard to be innovative when you do it with free software :D

  14. Ouch, below the belt there - Stump!

    Did you see an Elephants Dream? That thing was so different from everything else got to reach a broad audience.

    And as for Expensive 3D programs...did you ever see Big Buck Bunny? I honestly can't tell the "graphical" difference between Pixars work and these peoples work, BBB was nothing short of stunning imho.

    Expect Sintel to me MIND BLOWING ;)

    But don't blame the software alone - it's the artists! Blender or "Expensive 3D programs" does NOTHING for you - at all, it's a tool - thats it.

  15. I watched this on the Durian/Sintel site, and I already commented there, but I just want to say:


  16. JoONgle said :"i honestly can't tell the "graphical" difference between Pixars work and ....BBB"

    Beautiful... this is why the blender community can't be taken seriously! :p
    You don't dare to make critics... you are a fanboy!

    But sure, Blender will see more and more real "artists" comming and the community will gain in quality! At the moment, it is only quantity and noise.

  17. :)
    I didn't mean to give so harsh feedback. And I don't underestimate the quality of these videos - they truly are awesome. I just want to make clear the meaning of a good plot(not saying you don't already know it).
    And by the way, Elephants Dream is unique, at least when compared to Pixar/Dreamworks. But when talking about uniqueness, you can't talk about anything masses of people know nowadays I'm afraid :/

  18. @Stump , true ;)


    Call it fanboy as much as you want - if you want to critique something, you have to make it constructive.
    I don't count "Blender is Not Pixar Quality" as constructive, there's much more to it than that, artwork, professionals working with it, texture quality, details etc. Much more.

    Your critique is just as useless "At them moment, it is only quantity and noise.", come back when you actually have something intelligent to say.

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