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Sixth Sense Technology


Sixth SenseHere something for all of you techie tinkerers to try when its released. In a presentation by Pranav Mistry  on "several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data", Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all.  I expect we'll see some of these ideas interfaced with Blender in the future, we've already had others such as Wiimotes by Thomas Eldredge


  1. TED has so many genius minds that gather and present there. I'm always checking out in my free time. It will be pretty awesome to actually see how some of these technologies evolve over time. The one thing that makes it even more attractive is the affordability of materials and the DIY design he presents. And open-source is always a great movement!

  2. This guy is a genius!!! I saw a article about him in MIT technology review.
    The possibilities of this technology are endless, just think about what it could do for medicine: just by looking at patients records a doctor could instantly receive information on allergies or drug conflicts without having to lug a computer around.

  3. Ha! Very well timed BlenderNation!

    I was going to post - of the last item, the 3D scanner - that being able to gesture to a camera in real-time is pretty useful. Lo and behold...

  4. I guess I just don't find having computers integrated into everything as fun. I love to go away from them and not have them around. I do enough with them in my work, never mind having them strapped to my body .

  5. The idea is great, and you have always the option to not use this, but it would make a more interactive life posible with a divice as this. A bit DIY on the hardware side, opensource software and some tinkering and cheap, good thinking.

  6. I don't know should I be looking forward to this kind of technology or scared.
    No, actually I'm scared because my daughter will probably be plugged in to the Internet. She will just ask Big Brother what she want to now or rather, Big Brother will just tell her what she should know...

  7. Nice,but this technology perhaps will be in use around 50 to 80 years from now.
    I mean for the general public use.look at Tasla invention of wireless emitter energy technology.Now customer can buy devices that can charge without plugging in the wall,70 later.
    As for open source if blender continue to effect Autodesk sales some time near they will make an offer
    to Ton join us or else!

    I don't trust powerful companies period!!!

  8. I found out about sixth sense about a year ago and have been following it off and on since. This is great news. The advances that Pranav's made in sixth sense in the past year is outstanding as well. good stuff

  9. That was very awesome that it seems scary. I would love to know how to make those. Seems he just used ordinary peripherals to make his devices.

  10. Hmm. It is a good idea, don't get me wrong. But I think that this doesn't quite fix all the problems. It does fix a lot of problems, but it creates new ones too. Like for instance, carrying around a projector on your chest, and camera constantly. Would it work in a poorly lit room or would you be able to see the screen in a brightly lit room? How easy would it be to type with one hand? (Since the other hand has to hold up the piece to paper to type on, or other surface). Also sometimes you want to do something that requires the screen to be very stable, which this isn't since the image is being projected from your chest.

    I think it's a great idea, and he's certainly done a great job on it, but I don't think I'd buy a gadget like this.

  11. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    I saw this the other day, great to see it posted here.

    I believe this is a look into the near future, and I especially believe that this technology will be the next step on from laptop and desktop computers.

    So computers as we know them will be gone soon, enjoy them while you can! Very exciting times :D

  12. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on


    Im sure over time the technology will get more compact, projectors can already be made pretty small, making them much smaller and brighter will be a realistic goal for this kind of technology to take off properly. Imagine the projector being able to detect the brightness of the area the user is in, and automatically adjust to make the screen visible.

    The stableness which you mentioned also crossed my mind, but it could also be overcome pretty easily with some new tech. Imagine if the camera could lock onto certain things and track them, adjusting the position of the image if the user shakes around a little so that it is maintained smoothly on a wall. Its all possible, that kind of technology is used all the time for CGI, it could be applied to this as well.

    In summary, all major problems (that i can think of) with these very very early prototypes can be overcome with a little ingenuity, something the creator is not in short supply of. :p

  13. Maybe we'll see some of these ideas realized in 5 or 10 years, time will tell if there is need for solutions seen in the vid.

    The finger bend sensors build of two mice was a creative idea but obviously it didn't make it into an actual product. Problems with details in the shown tech could seal the same fate for them...

    What makes me skeptical also is the way the vid was produced: it seems the audience goes crazy and everybody was waiting for this to happen all their lives long. They act like god has come down to solve all their problems. Reminds me of a a cheap home shopping show.. bah!

  14. step 1: start video
    step 2: enable subtitles (no speakers where I work)
    step 3: fullscreen
    step 4: switch back to non-fullscreen (the compression artifacts are so bad)
    step 5: subtitle EPIC FAILURE - font 2px high.

    hmm, can not seem to recreate it now.

  15. You do realise you just CHANGED THE WORLD for the better. Namaste Ji,I honour the light within you. I had to put it on YouTube but it's 13 minutes. It had to be edited.
    Someone do it professionally please. philipjamesbryan on YouTube Sixthsense

  16. Certainly a thinker..lot of times he used word 'thought'...neverthless the idea is Da Vinchish!!
    We realise the importance of the innovation after the inventor is gone..Weird is nt it?

  17. viswamitra kolli on

    Wow its really great Pranav..
    I need to give a tech seminar in my college and im sure people would definitely go crazy...
    I would definitely make this presentation an awestruck...
    I would let people know about this..

  18. Absolute genius!. But this device needs a high speed wireless internet connection to retrieve the information. I will love to use this device.

  19. hats off to pranav!!!
    i am a 3rd year engg student and want to replicate this technology as my major project. so can i get the source codes as promised by pranav???

  20. hi i am a 4th year student from ECE dep. it really woderful,great and nice work..please send me source code,what are the subjects involved in this SIXTHSENSE technology and any information send my mail ID. I do my major project based on this technology.

  21. hi.m surekha m gng 2 do dis as my fnal year project....can u send me entire informatin abt sixth sense and its code.i need it imdtly

  22. maninder narang on

    hi...this technology is just awesome......i want to know more about it and opt it as my amjor project...from where i can get more info....plz help..

  23. I'm really impressed man. you made a logical bridge between physical world & digital world. i can use this as my final year project . so plz send me more information about this thing...

  24. it is the intresting to know about sixth sence technology
    do it comes under artificel intelegent's

    can u pleas give me the ieee like for this

  25. pranav thakare on

    hiii, i am in final year of electronics and telecommunication engg and i wants to do my final year project based on sixth sense can you help me how to proceed in this project ..

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