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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Please do something!!!
    I never had such stupid problems... Why Quicktime plugin is required?
    I'm on Linux, and I NEVER had problems with playing video... in any format
    Is blender only for Mac and Windows?

  2. Sadly having the same problem in Linux Ubuntu - tried mutliple ways to play it in the browser or get the stream into VLC, but none worked - that is really sad :-(

    And strange actually too, because quicktime on the page works quite well :-/

  3. Can someone convert them?
    (or upload them so some online Youtube clone that allows longer videos?)

    Blender 2.5 architecture overview and project to-dos

    Blender Conference closing session

    Blender Conference, friday afternoon 2

    Blender Conference, friday afternoon 3

    Blender Conference, sunday afternoon

    Blender Conference: Content Management, Immersive Worlds

    Blender Conference: immersive domes

    Blender for iPhones, Digital Puppetry

    Keynote and Tube presentation

    Keynote and Tube presentation

    Open Stage: Artist Challenge

    It looks they disabled direct download of the .mov files.

  4. I'm really appalled at the number of people immediately shooting this post down due to the format of the files. Please, instead of complaining, how about searching for an answer to your problems. Google is free. And so is Google Translate, so you can read the site text.

    It's about time these videos were made available! Thanks for the news Bart.

  5. @Nokadota
    They are not shooting down the post, but trying to view the movies in this proprietary .mov format. This is very understandable, as there are many Linux Blender users.

    I tried to google how to extract and convert those .mov files but couldn't find an answer.

    Can you help?

  6. this way of sharing conference videos clearly sucks. last years was far better.
    It gets very difficult to see the videos on linux.
    not a good choice in my opinion

  7. We're nearly 10% into the 21st century and some Linux users still refuse to find a one-time solution to a recurring problem of being able to play media that's in the Flash and Quicktime formats. If you're into CG and animation, you must realize that these two formats are the most commonly used for this industry. Why not just solve the problem once and for all, instead of complaining every time this age-old "problem" is encountered? It's just a file format.

    Linux is a fine platform, but if it doesn't support the two most commonly used video formats (in the world, along with the WMV format) then perhaps the complaints should be directed at the Linux developers?

    Solutions for supporting these media formats are FREE. I've read many posts over the years where some think that you have to pay or purchase software to support these formats and that's not true. If the problem is one of politics or ideology, then perhaps that's a problem that's self-created?

    Please don't flame and ruin what should be great news for the community. A lot of hard work (and some money) went into creating and providing these videos. I know it's a touchy subject for some, but can't we address it without going astray?

    If someone knows of real solutions for this Linux issue, please post links and clear suggestions so people can choose whether to solve their problem or not. This might make a good subject for a BlenderNation article, too.

    Thank You.

    Thanks for the post, Bart! I've been waiting for these to be available.

  8. I don't mind translating the page into English, but I do find that the navigation could be a lot simpler. The videos don't seem to be in chronological order, either. Also, I wasn't able to successfully download a video. They might save considerable bandwidth if viewers could download the videos, instead of having to stream it every time it's watched.

    Just noting some observations.

  9. Hi Kernon,

    I really have the feeling we are discussing two different things - I have Ubuntu Karmic and the nonfree Flash-Player, I can play (as I wrote in my comment) apple quicktime in the browser and do not have a problem with flash - it is this one page that does not work.

    And talking about the news is not talking about the messenger. Please bear that in mind :-)
    I will not shoot the messenger for bad news and I will not hail him for good news. I will just like him for the work, he or she is doing, regardless of liking or disliking the content ;-)

    And I too have waited for these to be availlable - which is, why I am unhappy, that I am excluded (not by the proprietory format, which works fine on other pages) but by the website publishing them... This is not about codecs but about accessability, in my humble opinion at least [because I have the codecs, allowed all scripts, deactivated my Adblocker and it still does not work] :-D

  10. Kamon, when it comes to "free" and GNU/Linux, what is meant is the freedom, not the price. Just because Adobe give away their flash player for no money, that does not mean it respects your freedom.

    Since Adobe do not disclose their flash format specification, like they should, the only way to develop a free flash player is by reverse engineering — which is very hard and time consuming to do. Also, a free flash player built by reverse engineering is bound to be aways behind the official one, and will never be worthy for "this industry".

    Different people may recognize different problems, so maybe all problems are "self-created" or maybe you are lying yourself that there is no problem. I also find it unfortunate, that some people do not see a problem in non-free/proprietary software and formats, but I would not keep quiet just because there are such people.

  11. thanks jwstolk for the workaround - it kinda works for me too (but my internet connection breaks quite frequently, so download-option would be very much preferred :-))

  12. Hi geon,
    Sorry, but I'm not able to store it as a file. It looks like they use a new version of the rtsp server, that does not (yet) work with mplayer/mencoder.

  13. Why did the chose streaming QT and only streaming QT? The Blender community should as son as possible learn how to use more open formats as .ogg and .png. For me was this a bummer and I has to bad connection just now for streaming, VLC is buffering for 15 seconds and then can I see 20 seconds before it pauses to buffer some more :-(

  14. Isn't one of the (For lack of a better word) perks of Linux that it doesn't handle everything? So sometimes you got to get a little techy with it to make things work? If not, that is how it is constantly being marketed to me. If you want an OS that you don't have to tweak around with to make stuff work (most of the time) try paying like 100 dollars for Windows. Please don't complain about the site or the format. This is a Linux problem, please if your upset with anything let it be Linux, I as a Windows user don't get mad at a specific company or product when my computer crashes while using their product I blame Windows. now that thats out of the way.

    Sooooo awesome these are posted and I too agree that the sites navigation is wonky.

  15. Great stuff, just a bit disappointed that I had to rip the video by myself using IShowU, because videos are not downloadable (I was interested at least to get the one in which there is my talk)
    Otherwise thanks De Balie! :)

  16. We need translators! subtitles in spanish, even in english, sometimes I dont understand what they are saying. But its nice, for those who are having problem with linux amm, i think that firefox have a plugin for play .mov files, or download a converter, that is, we just need time for convert this videos and move it around the globe :D.

  17. Thanks for the heads up. Although a bit late. Seems VLC has a bit of a struggle with the streaming files and I'm still looking to download the files.

    Seriously I hope someone will be able to extract the streams and make them available for download to burn on a DVD.


  18. Gray, the problem with Windows programs that crash the computer is the same problem GNU/Linux has with these types of things. A developer cannot know how different machines will react to the same code if they can't look inside the object running their code and see how it works. Developers can't look into Windows source code and tell if their game will run with _that line of code_ next year after it updates because of a conflict with -this line of code-. Developers don't have the legal access to peer in there and look around. If they did that, they could get sunk by Windows. Linux developers can't look inside Apple's code. Period. We can't tell if the item that runs today will be broken with one line added tomorrow. It's not my fault they didn't open their source code, they have that right. They can ignore 1% of the population till the cows come home in a big mac. I'm really happy they provide some support for us. That's more than Windows does for it's developers. At least Apple will consider fixing the problem, whereas Microsoft would tell the developers (in the analogy, Linux users) "Tough shit, change *your* code, *you* find the problem, I won't let you see the issue to fix it."

    You can't blame either side and expect it to be a logical conclusion. It's like a blind man yelling at two puzzle pieces because one side doesn't fit.

    And last, I couldn't get my computer to do half the stuff I can do in Linux.

  19. Hey

    On my netbook it plays well on firefox 3.x without different codecs.
    On 9.10 it does not play at all in browser.

    Only way was installing mplayer codec for firefox or using Totem to open (not the totem plugin)
    Need the rstp link though

  20. @No Problems

    I did not make that statement to slander or belittle Linux in any way.
    Nor did I make it to start an argument merely to settle one instead.
    I understand your point but if a finger is to be pointed it should be pointed at
    Linux rather than QuickTime, Adobe, Debalie, or even as some have taken to doing Blendernation or Bart.

  21. @TheGrayK

    Actually the finger can be pointed to Debalie and Blender Foundation. Because all they needed to was to provide downloadable links to the actual video,s then I am sure that many of us could download them, convert them to more common format and host them for everyone to watch it. This is the real issue. If you guys have problem with Linux people go state it somewhere else please.

    What you are saying is irrelavant. If you want to use Windows that is your choice. But providing a one kind of format only video to the Blender community is like releasing only Blender Windows executables and then asking them to move to Windows based systems. Some of the comments here make no sense at all. And it looks like some of you on the Apple-Windows fan boy side have no real understanding of why and how people want to use open format s and open free software.

    Btw I own and use Mac, Linux and Windows machines.

  22. Could someone let us know what the license on the recordings are? In other words, if someone downloads and converts them will they be allowed to provide them for others to download? Thanks.

  23. @Kemon --
    The problem is more than just a technical one. Most quicktime and windows media (the non DRMed versions of anyway) have been reverse engineered and can be played on Linux. However in some parts of the world (principally the US, but not just there) Apple and Microsoft hold Intellectual property rights over quicktime and wmv respectively. They have the right to block or demand arbitrary sums of money for 3rd party implementations of that technology.

    Even MP4 which is a comparitively open format requires something to the tune of 80 cents per person for any player that has more than 100,000 users. Because Open Source doesn't an cannot limit the right to redistribute the actual number of users cannot be assesed, the patent owners could realistically ask the capped price for mp4 implementation (5 million dollars a year). This is why firefox for instance will not support mp4.
    I personally wouldn't mind paying paying a small sum to be able to play these media formats as I se fit - but so far nobody has made movements to allow that.

    Regardless of what the industry has "standardised" on I would like video in a format I can legally play. In the case of WMV and Quicktime that means those computers blessed by microsoft and apple respectively.

  24. @Visitor

    Again I plead with people to understand I have no problem at all with Linux in fact I commend people who use it. If I felt more confident in my computer knowledge I would probably be using it. Also The Statements I made earlier are not in the slightest intended to be argumentative but rather informative and objective (my views on the situation).
    Now, why should Debalie release them for download? So people can host them in other places and dwindle the traffic to their site causing them less revenue? I myself cannot watch them decently so I have only seen about 40 secs of Tons introduction, should I be mad that the videos aren't optimized for slower internet connections? No, and I am not, it is purely my fault If I wanted to watch them so badly I can either A. Visit a friends house with a faster connection or B. Pay for faster Internet. I don't blame Debalie, The Blender Foundation, or even my ISP when I cant control a situation.

    P.S. Also I am truly not a Fan Boy If I could I would throw this junk of a machine in the trash and get a Mac. But due to the fact that I cant afford that and I unfortunately don't feel knowledgeable enough to run Linux.

  25. Thanks for the news Bart!

    Like most, I do wish they were downloadable, as they are useless to me otherwise. I sadly only have access to hi-speed internet on occasion, so I could never have time to watch such lengthy videos unless they are downloadable. I devoured all 512MB of the video from the Durian presentation, ( ) and I would relish the rest of the videos too. It seems the debalie site offers the ability to download them if I were to buy Quicktime Pro. It might be worth it to me, but first I must ask - has this worked for anyone?

    Of course, I would much rather find them downloadable somewhere free ;-)

    So to repeat Christopher's question: "Could someone let us know what the license on the recordings are? In other words, if someone downloads and converts them will they be allowed to provide them for others to download?"

    Gotta go - a Penguin just flew through my Window and landed in my Apple pie.

  26. i have quickiime installed and running but these still do not work even the rstp lines, please someone put these as actual .mov files please, i really want to see thew 2.5 presentation as the stream on the night was terrible :(

  27. Way late P.S.
    Also I am not at all saying that I don't want this to be downloadable or that it shouldn't be but If the company hosting them doesn't want to no one should be angry with them because they probably own the content (which I'm pretty sure they do).
    I would kill to watch this I am extra stoked about the Blender to-do's one!

  28. @TheGrayK
    Well, if it is so, then we can say it's not a smart choice for the Blender Foundation to give the rights of the conference's videos to a company that doesn't release them to the public in a form viewable for all the blender's users, that's people using Win, Mac and Linux as well.
    Frankly I'm rather disappointed about it.

  29. VLC is able to record and save streams. I tried it and it worked. But i have not the time at the moment to let VLC run for hours and record the streams.

    I have the german version of VLC and there it is accesible via "media - > konvertieren/speichern" (media -> konvert/save)

  30. Gray, It just seems odd they'd prefer to use that codec. I'm building a game and converting all the mp3's (Thanks Bart, for the Opengameart site) to ogg so I can redistribute to... the majority of people that will be playing the game. If I could download them, from anywhere, I'd convert them in 30 minutes and in another 20 I could have them up somewhere. But, I don't know if A) it's possible for someone to download them or B) if it's legal for me to do so. Bart? Bart? Anybody?

  31. I'll try to get more information from De Balie today and see if we can host these files somewhere else and convert them, maybe on a site like so people can help translating them?

  32. Thanks Bart it'd be great :)
    Anyway I could host some of those videos on my website i f needed, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to do that :)

  33. Thank you SebastianErler. I can indeed save the stream in VLC (as Ogg/Theorta format). the aspect ratio is not correct, but i can fix that during playback in mplayer...
    Note that this problem has most likely nothing to do with codecs, De Balie seems to use a new (and incompatible) rtsp server to stream over http. I think I read something about adding support for this in Mplayer SVN, but who knows when Ubuntu will include that :-)

  34. Awsome!
    The 2.5 overview was really nice.

    p.s I must be phsycic, I have been thinking about a radial menu for blender for a while, and
    then I see the have plans for one already! :)

  35. I wouldn't worry to much guys, I'm sure someone will have the guts to just grab the bull by the horns and download them with an streaming video downloader and put it in a torrent... not suggesting anything illegal, just sayin I'm sure it will happen one way or another...

    Just a poorly designed site...

    For the record, I tried to watch one of the videos and it crashed Firefox for me, same for explorer and chrome and safari and by the way I'm on Windows XP

  36. @Kernon - Thank you for the response! Now I can rule out buying Quicktime Pro as a solution.

    @Bart - Thank you also (especially for putting up with all of us!)
    I can't wait to hear what you find out, whether good, bad, or ugly.

    @Masked Lurker - Too true! But it would be sooo much more wonderful to have them legal.

  37. I don't know how this isn't working, but I've tried Windows XP and even Windows Vista at work with the latest Quicktime / Firefox and still no dice.

    Anyone in Australia having luck using any software / system / type of internet connection?

    Thanks to De Baile for providing the service! :) I know that the Blender community is putting your system through its paces for a bit. Much appreciated as we all work out our various issues.

  38. the links that Erwin coumans provided doesn't seem to work for me, I've tried to use the link with VLC but that doesn't really seem to work either...

  39. Hi,

    Using VLC using File/Export Streaming Wizard seems to work fine with the RTSP streams, within the .mov links I posted on Snow Leopard. Here is the Blender 2.5 architecture overview video, 256Mb:

    I don't have the bandwidth to export all those videos, perhaps someone else can try it with the RTSP links?

    Blender 2.5 architecture overview and project to-dos

    Blender Conference closing session

    Blender Conference, friday afternoon 2

    Blender Conference, friday afternoon 3

    Blender Conference, sunday afternoon

    Blender Conference: Content Management, Immersive Worlds

    Blender Conference: immersive domes

    Blender for iPhones, Digital Puppetry

    Keynote and Tube presentation

    Open Stage: Artist Challenge


  40. Erwin,

    I have received a reply from De Balie - these files are published under a CC-noncommercial license. It would be a good idea to upload them to - this file allows the community to collaborate on the translation, opening them up to other communities around the world. Any chance you could do that? If not, I'd be happy to do the uploading, but I'm afraid I don't have time to do all the conversions..



  41. Hi Bart,

    That is great news, thanks for getting this information.
    I'm pretty busy as well, and although I might eventually find time to do it, let's hope someone else can find the time to upload them to

    Anyone volunteers?

  42. :-)
    Thank you Bart for hunting down the legal info and Erwin for the links. I wish I had the know-how to do the rest of the work, but I am poorly skilled at video conversion and not yet familiar with how Dotsub works. Still, it is great that the tools are all in place for this to happen! (once, I assume, everyone has had time to play with the new Blender 2.5 alpha 0)

  43. Thanks Bart for getting these wonderful news :-) and Erwin for collecting the links. Unfortunatly they do not seem to work for me in VLC, either opening the rtsp directly in vlc as stream nor using the http link and opening them in browser or via the totem-menu to vlc.

    The audio of the dotsub video is great but the video-image is garbled and not fitting to the timeframe, both online and after grabbing it.

    But thanks to you really for the work you put into this!

  44. Wow! Thank you Erwin for taking time and helping out!

    The video jumping isn't really that much of a problem since you can still understand it.

  45. I have finally figured out how to use the VLC wizard to download the rstp links. It will take me a few visits to my local WiFi place, but at least I am able to download the videos now one at a time.

    Again, Thank you Erwin!

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