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Durian update



We've bundled a few Durian updates for your reading pleasure today.

Project name revealed

During the Blender Conference, the Durian team already revealed the name of their (working) title: Sintel.

Ben explains the name of the movie:

When Martin Lodewijk was writing some of the earlier treatments of the story, he wrote the hero characters name as Sintel, which in Dutch translates to ember, or as he intended it ‘Cinder'. Seeing as she has been quite a fiery character type in all versions of the script since including the one we are working with, we have kept the name.

Teaser video

Colin prepared this video to kick off his presentation at the Blender conference (and forgot to include his own name in the artists lineup ;-)

First-first minute

The team has decided to not keep the community in the dark about their progress, but instead open the first minute of the movie. It'll still not spoil the end result, but everyone will get an excellent impression of what's going on. The first minute has been published (starts at 4:30):


Epic fighting animation test!

Lee shows the different steps in creating a fighting scene in this test:

Lee writes:

So this is my first blog post for the project and finally I have something to show! In the previous post you have seen the original first minute which took up a lot of my time in the second production week.

Last week before Blender Conference I was experimenting with action animation, basically to get into the groove of what will be needed. Luckily I got enough done to show it at the conference, and now here!


Blender Conference Durian session available for download

Thomas Dinges has recorded and encoded the entire Durian presentation at the Blender conference. It's a whopper to download but then again, it's 80 minutes of video.

Thomas writes:

Hey Bart,

I have recorded the whole Durian Presentation on Sunday at the Blender conference.

512MB, Resolution: 512x288, 1h 20 minutes, XVID

Download (right-click+save):

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About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. hi buddies ... gr8 animation ..dnt take me wrong guys .. but just askin? is there ltl prob in her run cycle .. .. and awsome work man.. i gat many ideas .. thnks .. c yaa

  2. Looks good. Just an idear on the animatic. If you add noses on the models - you can see what way they are looking in closeups.

  3. Not a fan of the name at first glance, makes me think of a telecoms company. Knowing what it means makes all the difference though.

    Confidence in Sintel seems higher than in previous open movie projects. Their desire to keep the community informed is great for the project and essential for the open development of 2.5.

    Keep it coming!!

  4. Sintel sounds like the name of a mobile phone. "Hey, have you seen my new Sintel?"

    I think serious brainstorming is needed.

  5. Hi guys and girls!
    How a surprise this morning! i am impressed. You have to work very hard but the results could be amazing. I like the concepts ,good job David. good colouring schemes and lot of detail on the sketches. 3d aspects are ok for me too lovely character and poses. i want more Angela. very good work, nice and fluid. you will give them "life"

    Tittle:I don´t like too much the title becouse the phone resemblances but who knows lets give it a try, the project have to go further.
    waiting for more updates ,thanks to all Durian team. Respects

  6. This is going to be great for Blender and Blender users, the amount of talent and effort that are going to revert to the comunity will make Blender a reference software and leave behind forever the "that 3d free program" label.

    I don't like the name at all, I too think it sounds too much like a telecom company, wish is really weird for an epic-fantasy-whatever film.

    Epic fantasy yet again? I'm not a fan of epic fantasy nor dragons, orcs, goblins, etc. but much less these days when the genre seems to me waaaaay overdone.

    "First the explosion and then we'll find a couple of days to make the story" seems to be the motto of today's hollywood films. I'm hoping this is not the case with Durian. I know they have already written adraft of the script, but I remember they were making the story around the technical intended achievements (which is it's purppose, I know and understand). I only expect a compelling story and not just a compelling fight.

    Although the drawings are good, I don't like the character's design, it just look very very unoriginal (sorry for sounding a little to harsh here, but I don't know a better way for saying it)

    All in all, with the talented people working in it, I'm sure it will be great, but sometimes a little criticism is more constructive than writing just "OMG!"

  7. I love the preconceived notions about what a name ought to mean.

    I do agree that the genre is typified. It all seems really D&D based, like something happened in the early 90's and now the leeway in the genre is narrow. Where there's dragons, one expects an elf to come on screen sooner or later.
    and I hate elves. The only elves I want to see are wearing stockings, are two feet tall, and are alcoholics with arrest records!

  8. no...... movie will b good enough .. it will gonna rock coz they know how to gat final good looking output as we saw in big buck .. and this time animation will be better then big buck and ya guys .. movie name sounds like intel .. airtel celltell .. hehe but quite good .. it gives remind of sindbad .. gr8 work guys

  9. I am excited as to the tools this movie will bring to our disposal. Not to mention how interesting it is to see the production steps--I hope you will be very transparent with this production.

    And as a side note: that cook really wants that lizard...

    Oh, and Sintel sounds like a phone sex company.

  10. How about calling her sinbel or sinbelle (like sin belle) :) ..doesn't relate so much to telecompanies and everyone loves beautiful sins:P

    Anyway been very excited about all the news! The animation test are cool and the dotblend of the fighting is awesome to play around with:)
    Big thanks to Thomas who recorded the durian presentation! I really apreciate it since the livestream was too choppy for me to watch:(
    Best reagards to the whole team!

  11. Nice, Nathan, Nice...


    Anyway, I'm not too big on the title myself. It really does sound like a phone company or something.
    However, the team is incredible and this movie is going to be fantastic, no matter what the title is.

  12. Hey cool, someone recorded the presentation!
    It was definately the highlight of the conference for me. The quality of work they produced is amazing and has greatly inspired me to keep improving my own!

    By the way, does anyone know the name of the person that recorded the presentations in the smaller room? He had a tripod and sat up the back near the door. If you do, please shoot me an email at [email protected].

    I have loads of free webspace so I could host them for him.


  13. Hey guys, keep in mind that it's a *working* title anyway. I'm not in love with it, but I'm also not anxious to find the perfect title just yet. But yes, I think a number of us expect it will change.


  14. The working title doesn't do much for me, either. I think leaving the character's name as Sintel is fine, but insert it into the title as a sub-line. For example, "Dragon Duel: The Revenge of Sintel" or something like that. (Yes, that name sucks, but you get the idea)

    On the other hand, "Star Wars" is a pretty crappy title, come to think of it.

    Hopefully the team will spend 99.9% of their time and talent on the story and its realization. The title, while important, is the last thing they need to be thinking about right now.

  15. I thought Wii was a stupid name when it was announced, but it was wildly successful. ;-) I think Sintel is a lovely character name, and could be a good movie title as well, but perhaps you guys will find a title that'll instantly click with a greater number of people. Not "Dragon Duel: The Revenge of Sintel", please. ;-) Really excited to see the work being shared openly and I'm truly looking forward to what you'll come up with.

  16. The only problem I have with the name Sintel is that it sounds like it's a cross between Sinbad and Intel. (Also, since it means Cinder, it sounds like it has something to do with Cinderella... I assume it does not.)

  17. Can't this time, have a several sugestions (from Colin and community) and use a vote pool ? Last time the title Big Buck Bunny.. was kinda a "not that great". But well, do your best, if its Sentinel, its ok! It's better then Big Buck Bunny. Why not use a Arabic name or something =D You could even use that cool characters

  18. In a way it is a shame that the hype around the name "Durian" results in a film called something else and that way the obvious connection between the in-production-hype and the product-hype is lost.

    From a marketing viewpoint that's is not advised. ;-)

  19. NICE! I am loving the animatic. I can't wait to see the actual thing. It looks like fun.

    Can't say I'm a fan of the name, but hey, the movie still looks awesome.

  20. love these!!
    maybe that Durian's Team Project is making a film named "Sintel" and the storyline would be incredible styles film action like Final Fantasy XIII(14)!!
    WOW Incredible!!! COOL!!! Thanks For ALL DURIAN TEAM MEMBERS!!!

    WAITING FOR THE FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Film should be about an hour or 2 hour long!! because it is the best!!

  21. love these!!
    maybe that Durian's Team Project is making a film named "Sintel" and the storyline would be incredible styles film action like Final Fantasy XIII(14)!!
    WOW Incredible!!! COOL!!! Thanks For ALL DURIAN TEAM MEMBERS!!!

    WAITING FOR THE FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Film should be about an hour or 2 hour long!! because it is the best!!

    1 more,
    Sintel, comfirm the movie name??
    more people does'nt like the "Sintel" name!!
    u made a good film, so u also should make the movie tile cool and better than "Sintel" name!! And also make a official game that made in blender!! like "Yo Frankie" and its film was "Big Buck Bunny"!!

  22. innocentmaboshe on

    Hi Ton,

    Are you guys editing with Blender Alpha 0 in production? It seems to be the only one actually capable of handling realtime playback (at least for a few seconds). The new additions for 3 way color corrections are fine but the package is useless unless you can reliably see what you are editing. It could be the dual view on the editing panel that's messing everything up. Alpha 0 is beautiful to work with and if you add a brightness slider which goes over 1 as well as your gamma and contrast for every color wheel, i'll will start to be a seriously alternative to premiere and final cut pro.

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