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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Darn... I wished I found that sooner, would have saved me making mine.

    changing the icon is easy:
    1. Select the blender folder press clover-i.
    2. Select the downloaded icon folder ( after unzipping ) and press clover-i.
    3. Select the little top icon and press clover-c.
    4. Select the little top icon in the blender folder info window and press clover-v.

  2. @lyndon
    Why is that?
    My brain doctor told me I was fine. I just have to get rid of the voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me I should run naked in the streets.

    Oh it also tells me to ditch Blender and mortgage my house to buy 20 licences for Maya Ultimate, but even I recognize it is a silly idea :)

    I still give a big hand to joeri for using some of his free time for the community.

  3. Hijack!
    Thread hijack!
    On the subject of icons in os x - does anyone know how to change the icon set within Blender on os x?
    I've tried looking in package contents, and putting the new icon set in there, but it never shows up (under icon sets) in Blender.
    Has anyone successfully changed icon sets in os x, or is it just not possible?

  4. @Slowboy:
    Definitely possible. You're on the right track...
    Right click (or control-click) the Blender icon;
    choose "Show package contents;"
    open "Contents" folder;
    open "Resources" folder;
    replace the "blender icon.icns" file with your new blender icon image file.

    Note: The file you replace the icon with has to also be named "blender icon.icns," and it has to actually be in the .icns file format. The Apple Developer Tools CD that came with my mac has a nice utility called "Icon Composer," the sole purpose of which is to convert images to OS X icon files. If you didn't get a Developer Tools disc, try Google.

  5. Brilliant, thanks Gryph! I've tried a few times and ended up coming to the conclusion that Mac users must be happy leaving the icons as they are :]
    Thanks for your help, I'll try it asap!
    Hijack over. You're all free to go.

  6. @slowboy: You can change all your folders in an ordely fashion with "candybar".

    "needs more margin between logo and folder border"
    @web: No it doesnt.

  7. > "needs more margin between logo and folder border"
    > @web: No it doesnt.
    I must agree with web here, the blender logo should be shifted down a pixel or two.

  8. I am sorry, but cosmetically, there are many differences between this icon and the standard Mac OS X Icons. I personally don't think that Blender should adopt Apple's style of stylizing icons, John Siracusa has a good critique of the design issues:

    Excellent initiative, Joeri Kassenaar. However, I have created my own version. Please download the icon here: (I have also included the Photoshop file for further modifications)

  9. There are loads of things wrong with osx gui.
    So what?

    Type "blender folder icon" in google and you get this post.
    Meaning that dispite all the designs out there google cant find it.

    Saying that the logo should be 2 pixels lower is just... euh... taste.
    Does the 2 pixels mean its an ugly folder that stands out from the rest? Voila, mission accomplished.

    I think Tiger "3d" look is sooo 80 where sgi had vector based isometric folders.
    And I think low contrast is good. I'm not *that* interested in what folder it is I might mistake it for an app.
    I'm more a "position" guy. The pos of the icon tells me what it is, alas modern gui likes to place icons whatever it feels like. In alphabeth order, and even reverse order if there is no space, forcing me to read the bloody text next to the icon to see where the hell I am in a list or grid of icons...
    Fix That! :)

    btw. yours is way better than mine, thanks!
    Can you make one in the style?

  10. After what I see from the builds available at Graphicall, there won't be a need for a blender folder icon when 2.50 comes out, as the entire application appears to be bundled in a .app file.

  11. @Gryphon:
    Sorry Gryph, I've had no luck with that :L I've tried it several ways, obviously always going back to your way, by the letter, but to no avail. The only icon I do manage to change, now and again, and by mistake, is the Blender app icon! Every now and then I've managed to make the app into the whole icon set!!
    Could it be that the file needs to be a different name? It seems strange, because even when completely replacing an older set of icons with the new (inside) the package, the old still appear in Blender - where are they coming from? How are they still there? Where are my new ones??
    The only thing I may have possibly not done by the letter is in Icon Composer - I only dropped the icons image into the 512 slot, then saved that as a icns. Should I have dropped it into all the smaller slots as well?

  12. @Joeri67:
    The two pixels are not a matter of taste but to avoid a tangent, which is a basic principle of human sight. That the resolving distance in this case would seem to be quite small is just a consequence of the resolution of the picture and the little space available for the logo given its size.

    Also, I do not think the creator of the icon attempted something ugly. nor did he accomplish this, in my opinion. Apart from the near tangent, this icon is actually rather well executed.

    By the way, thank you for the instructions on changing the logo :-)

  13. "to avoid a tangent"
    The tangent makes it stand out. Which can be a purpose.

    osGUIs tent to think that all apps are created equal. Which, offcourse, they are not.
    Showing the icons in equal sizes ( and not, say, by hours of use ) is a design flaw. :P

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