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High Poly Girl Released Under CC License


junabetasmall"I'm releasing a high poly model of a stylized girl (Juna) under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license for educational purposes."

"Everyone is free to do whatever they want with it (animations rigging, re-model, make variations) as long you don't use it for commercial purposes.

All the textures were hand made, stitch by stitch using Inkscape and Gimp."

The Base textures samples are from CGTextures

Please take good care of her ;)

The Blenderartists thread (Download Links)

My blog:




  1. Are you sure this here isn't commercial use? I mean BlenderNation uses this picture of this model to generate more views on the commercial advertisement of ShapeWays and Arroway Textures. Is just all for the money... ;-)

  2. @chrisx and saverio:
    I thank you for the positive response and no welcome ;)

    That may happen :)
    But she will be living there as long exists ...or until I find a better host (not anytime soon I think), so if the bandwidth keeps low, please wait a little longer and then try again.

    LOL :D
    Funny! The picture is pretty much "public domain" only the model and textures are non commercial ;)

  3. @saverio:
    Yeah, it is :) Thank you very much, makes me very happy to know that you liked it ;)

    That would be excellent :D My account can't handle it now.
    Thank you very much!

    No welcome ;) I'm curious to see where she will be going from here on :)

  4. This raise an interesting question for me (because I also work on realistic female figures).

    What if somebody took your model and made adult (read pr0n) material?

    I think it's a question that one should ask itself. Especially with Durian approaching... What would the Durian developpers think if someone used the Durian character for... well... Stuffs.

    As a female figure modeler myself, I don't know if I would feel comfortable with the idea... Even if in the principle, if I released the model for public use perhaps its partly because I would have moved to something else...

    Do you know if there is a thread in BA where it has been discussed? Or if not, do you think a thread should be started to discuss about that?

    I would like to know what other people think of this subject...

  5. @aws357:
    Well, of course there is that possibility [although I think that kind of "movies for adults" are usually intended to be commercial :)]

    I'm only letting a pen on top of a table :) I leave to the ones that pick it up the choice of writing good or bad things with it ;)

    I think this discussion may have been raised already in BA but don't know the exact thread.

    I'm looking for solutions for hosting it, all bandwidth of is dry for the entire month :(...
    Temporary link for download Juna.blend:

    If anyone that already has the files can share them again or can inform me about a place with higher bandwidth to upload them, I'll be much appreciated. This temp will also run out in no time :s

  6. Kinda has a Rosie O'Donnell/Christina Ricci thing going on. And not sure about the Gungan feet. Otherwise, not bad.

  7. Anonymous Coward on

    @aws357: Don't worry about it too much. If the mancandy rig didn't cause an inflow of adult material, I don't think Juna will have to worry about personal hygiene so much in the future. ;) However, I'd bet somebody creates a more voluptuous sister for Juna, wanting to experiment the pleasures of this world just for the fun of it. Perhaps you can see her someday in the second life as well. ;)

  8. :) I guess you are right people.

    But unless you have strange tastes you won't see mancandy pr0n or big buck bunny pr0n right? (there is nothing wrong with furryphilia... or candyphilia... who am I kidding, if you thought about it seriously : You. Are. Pervs. :D)

    I guess it will happen. Perhaps not in the blender community. But, you see, if a dude can take Blender and morph it into 3DMagix and ask people to pay for it, nothing stops the same dude to use Juna and morph it into Mistress Magix and charge bucks for people to look at it...

    I also would be very curious to see where this goes to be honest :)

    And before I forget, nice model, and you are very brave to give it away. I wouldn't have the gut for that ;)

  9. wow looks great!

    I'm working on a project for school and I need a girl/woman in it. But since I'm really bad at making humans in Blender and time is just limited I started searching the internet for a free model. So could I use this model in my project? I allready discussed this with my teacher and he said it was allright if i'd use a model that wasn't made by me due the lack of time. So I'm not really sure if this is commercial or non-commercial so I thought I'd better just ask ^^

    well I really like it so thnx anyways!!

  10. @Torksu:
    School is all right, fell free to use it as you like ;)

    @rgd... (Man! That's a complicated name :D)
    I'm already trying to do that and if anyone that have download the files want to do it also, please do (please post here the link for others), I'll be thankful ;)

    Charge bucks no, that would make me very sad ;)
    Thanks! There's always a time when little birds need to leave their nest :P

    @Anonymous Coward:
    My friend girls already where complaining that she was too much voluptuous like she is now :D

    @Sam Sandoval:
    Gungan feet :D

  11. Wow very pretty model. Thank you very much. It would be a great study material. Nothing is better to study than an actual model itself.

  12. I think she's ugly ;-) I don't like the license but she isn't a software so I don't see her fit better in other licenses.
    What I really don't like about CC is there are too many CC, that's one of reasons why I choose WTFPL over CCZ
    for my released models. Just mention that so may be the subject could be altered better.

  13. More an alternative for downloading the textures (mediafire) on the blog:

    I thank you ;) I agree

    @a user:
    This license satisfied my needs quite well, so it will note change... but I'll google for the one you mentioned. Thanks!

  14. Hi,

    My name is Daniel, i live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and now i have to do a homework of animation in blender, my school teacher ask me to do something simple but have to be an anamitation in blender. The problem is that beginning to learn and I do not know how to do it, I've seen some videos and I saw some tutorials.

    Will you help me, sending me something ready for animation in Blender....

    Will you help me doing a good deed and perhaps getting more adept at blender.. :)

    Tchau -- bye

  15. ive had a serious problem opening & Rendering this avatar, it wouldnt render after 5 mins then my computer shut-down & hasnt switched on since. I dont think it was a graphics card problem as i have a new 1 gig card & my comp is 6Ghz with 4 gig Ram. The lights are on at the front but the comp wont start up-any ideas would be good as it is a fairly new computer & now im back on this old slow one :-(

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