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  1. Sweet, just found out the wave modifier has a normal option in 2.4x!
    I thought It was only in 2.5x

    Wish I knew how you did the cracks; it was a nice animation.

  2. Love it too!
    Great sounds, great animation, so funny!
    I really like the twisted design and all unusual things inserted (especially the banana :-D ).

  3. Sweet... I liked it!

    Say, the Vimeo link isn't correct... I got another video altogether... not sure about the other links as I haven't checked them out.


  4. Very good animation and models. The timing is very well done.
    Some of the camera angles and cuts seem distracting, though. Reminds me of some of my works from University. I also got a few cuts wrong sometimes :D

    The animation itself work so good, though ... love it ^^

  5. What is the tittle of the ending song? It sounds very much like the ending song of "Ratatouille" from Pixar. I like that song.

    Cute animation though does not seem to end well. Same as Alex. Some shift of views are distracting. Still very good. Make me wonder how to do that.

  6. Thanks for all the kind comments! Camera angles was one of the things I had most trouble with (how to make the change of angles work well) The other thing that took me a while to figure out was animating the cracks, but once I figured it out it was really easy. I will make a tutorial when I have some time. The song is calle 'Le Festin' by Camille, and it is indeed used in Ratatouille at the end.

  7. C'est tres bien fait - Bravo !
    I really like the "black humour", the funny details. the sounds that fit the animation well with adjusted volume to camera view, the very expressive detailed animation.
    One thing though. Personally I would prefer if the toony style was swapped with a more dusty old fashioned textured look like a more "social-realistic" older movie. It would go well with the "black humour".
    Regards, Anders Otte

  8. Looks good. This sort of thing is very hard to animate so kudos. There were a couple of parts where the character stretched when it would've made more sense to squash etc... or it was pushed past what looks good visually, you could have rocked the barrel more or had it jump and hang in the air for simpler effect. ... the timing was a little drawn out in a few places as well... more in reference to pacing than anything. Some of that could have been helped by adding a little more energy and cutting out the actions that don't aid the story.

    The sound, layout, character/prop design, and effects were all good! The color scheme was especially impressive.

    As far as the liquid pumping... having the entire piece warp was a little was hard to understand what it was supposed to be doing/what it was. Try keeping the metal part rigid and the organic pumping part can move.

  9. Great animation! Wasn't that last song from Ratatouille? (I LOVES that movie)

    Anyway, my thoughts:

    -too many sound effects?
    -story didn't really go anywhere, but it was amusing, I guess.

    So, in general, everything LOOKED great, it just needed substance.

  10. Very nice short, I just love the animation and the design. I think you did a very good work! Love the music too!
    However, the story ends in a way I don't really understand, but once again, well done!

  11. very neat, sound effects added a nice touch, however, I agree they might have been over used. Love the Ratatouille credit song!

  12. Um, strange, but definitely an excellent piece of work. I don't agree there's too many sound effects. Sound is too often overlooked by animators and filmakers alike.

  13. Extremely well done! I love all the subtle follow through movements. The sounds and music really accentuate the animation.

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