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Sequence Made for TV Show Klaas Vaak


ScreenShot007We recently delivered a 3d sequence made in Blender for a new TV show on Dutch television for the Eftleng Efteling (a large Dutch theme park).

Our work was a 30sec and 10sec 3d sequence created 100% in Blender for the intro and outro sequence of a live action TV show called Klaas Vaak, about a wizard who draws in sand.

The marketing spot was aired over last weekend and the show will begin in November on several European stations.

Matt Ebb did all the light/shading and rendering, while Jeremy Davidson rigged and animated with some help from Luke Sullivan. Matt and Jeremy each shared the modeling and fur and feather work and production was over a 2 month period among other jobs.

James Neale

We've also done an Owl spin around to show a bit more of the detail we put into it.



  1. Wow the level of work being done in Blender is going through the roof!
    Awesome work guys.. Great inspiration!

    It would be great if from time to time you guys could start a screen recording while working.. I love watching timelapse videos just to see the process, no voice over necessary.

  2. Wow. That is very impressive work.

    As I side note I'd like to say that the sand images drawn on the light-table look awesome.

    How long does it take to model and rig and animate such a great owl ? I tried a bat some time ago but gave up because of the rigging.

  3. Really an amazing work, especially in the same time with other ones.
    I like the style and design of the owl and the wizard, especially the rendering is very nice.
    The only things I don't like are:
    - how the feathers are connected to the rear part of the owl (as seen in the owl turntable)
    - the water in the wide shot when the wizard is reaching the tower: very bad if compared to water of the previous sequences
    Anyway, five stars!

  4. WOW, i mean really wow, amazing effort and result there. I want to be a kid again and watch the series now cause it looks so fun.

    Also love the music and the "doodle doot doot doot doo doo" lol.

  5. Flawless! Little details really does bring it to life. The shaking of the owl's head after the landing, the wonderful night time lighting.

  6. Is this pure Blender work? Including the characters?
    Amazing quality!!

    But why does the efteling hire australians to do it? Why not the blender institute..

  7. It was done with the current release of blender,not 2.50...
    love the work look very professional ! I hope it will be pick in the USA soon.

  8. WOW, CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Two of my favorite hobbies in 1. Blender and Efteling. You should see me smile right now!

    Great work guys. I'm looking forward to see this on the big screen in november (netherlands)!


  9. I'd paused while waiting for it to download, then came in halfway through. Impossible, I thought; then I read the intro and discovered only the first 30secs was Blender ;-)

    Very good.

  10. Well, I take my words back a little...
    It's almost flawless. The dismount from the owl looks a little bit iffy. It's like the character is only being translated to the ground after the jump.

  11. I love it! I think he is more than just any wizard, De Sprookjes van Klaas Vaak translated (via google) is Tales of The Sandman. I would guess that the enchanting drawings would then be dreams sketched into the sands of time. If the opening is anything to go by, I would love to see this show.

  12. The beginning of the scene really bring back a lot of my good childhood memories.
    please do a behind making of the scene in youtube.

    Cheer! thanks: Matt Ebb,and Jeremy Davidson and others.

  13. Wonderful animation. But as I watch it, with an eye toward 3D as a career, I can't help but wonder what that cost to commission. I'm not asking the guys who made this specifically. I'm just wondering generally, what is the going rate for 3D animations? Does anyone have any idea? In all the blender updates, tutorials and documentation I've never seen it mentioned.

  14. I love the first 32 seconds! I think the live action scenes would scare
    the hell out of me if I was a kid, with the nonstop terrifying sand drawings :D
    That guy should find stuff in the sand on the ground, with his feet, like he lives in a bottomless pit of eerie sand, and every once in a while he finds something he lost, constantly searching with his bare feet.
    That was great animation, rendering and compositing, I love the atmosphere.

  15. lol, I think the Blender sequence looked more like live action than the film (that's more of a comment on the makeup and costume than anything else)! great work! Wonderful quality animation... very natural. Also the modeling and colors were well chosen, great composition and all... fantastic!

  16. The animation was perfect. They pulled through with a really nice high quality production look, that leaves a lasting impression.

    The live action on the other hand actually made me physically uncomfortable :S Maybe it's a dutch thing, but it rubbed off the wrong way on me.

    Still, the parts made in Blender made up for it. Brilliant work by all involved.

  17. I liked the animation, model, almost everything :-) . But just the colors are all a bit dark. Maybe that's such a new tendency. Most modern films are made in dark hues also (to spend less money on details, I guess). But here is another situation. All details are good, but a bit dark ...

  18. Very very good. The live action was a tad too long I thought. But the intro sequence was just great! =]

    The only thing I would say, is don't watch it twice. Once you've seen the live action, if you then go back and watch the intro sequence, it's clear that it's not quite the same character. (it's the eyes, and the 'weight' in his movement)

    Still. Impressive. =]

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