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1700 Preorders for Durian


PreordersIn the past 6 weeks there have been an amazing 1700 preorders for the Durian project DVD, 300 short of the goal, but a record amount for any Blender Foundation project so far and a great effort by the community!

Ton writes:

Whoa! We're all totally happy with the level of support we've had the past 6 weeks. A whopping 1700 people have signed up to become our first batch of movie investors, and get a credit in the film scroll! Thanks a lot!

The full blog post is here.

Congratulations to everyone who preordered and who now have their names in the Durian movie credits forever!



  1. I wonder if the high level of pending payments is due mostly to PayPal's useless service? I ordered Durian and only after completing the PayPal screen they sent an email telling me it would be 7-9 working days to transfer the payment! Direct from my bank account that is already registered with PayPal. Why does it take 3 days for every other business, and 9 days for PayPal?

  2. "... a record amount for any Blender Foundation project so far..."

    This shows the respect and admiration of the community through work and dedication of Blender Foundation. I believe this record will be broken with each new project!

    Congratulations! I am proud to have collaborated with so many others!

  3. @Reaction:
    I don't think it's just a PayPal problem... I ordered mine on August 7, and got confirmation emails from both the e-shop and PayPal saying the payment was recieved, both on August 7. It may have to do with where you live, what kind of currency you're trying to use, what the exchange rates are, and/or how well your bank works with PayPal.

  4. Irowebot;

    I agree with you. As an investor, I want to know too. :)


    It's great to sse that lots of eyes are on Blender. I hope the professional use of it increase after the Durian's release. It will be nice. :)



  5. "I have confidence we will get much more than it's worth." - no kidding.

    This was seriously worth the investment. I have been looking at some of the advances in 2.5 and thinking how many *valuable* hours I have wasted without them. (The 16-materials-per-object limit has stung me bad in the past when I joined too many objects. My understanding is that as of 2.5 it will be a thing of the past.) If $50 now causes even one small improvement in blender via the Durian project, it could save me hours of tedious work in the future.

  6. @irowebot & Still:
    I hate spoilers, I hate spoilers, I HATE SPOILERS!
    Especially for a video that's only a few minutes long. I'm more than willing and happy to let the team keep us in the dark regarding anything that could potentially spoil even the slightest aspect of the story for anybody. I trust that my money will be used wisely. I've already spent the money; if it somehow turns out bad (yeah, right), I'd prefer to find that out at the end, and make the decision to not pre-order the next project. Either way, I don't want to know what's going to happen in Durian until I watch the final product.

    That doesn't mean I don't want news about the project. The BBB blog was pretty good about keeping people posted without giving away too much of the plot. I think the Durian blog should keep us updated on the status of the project, the status of Blender, and show us some of the artwork, characters, etc. during production. But the last thing I want "as an investor" are spoilers. Spoiler = bad.

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