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Blender theme for WordPress


blender-themeFrom the department of Blender-related-oddities: a WordPress theme styled completely after Blender. I must say, Blender's UI on a website in this way is shockingly ugly ;-) The announcement is in German, but you can grab a download here.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. I'd say that's about as ugly as Blender to start with. Don't mean to be a troll. Blenders got lots of goodness. Just that its UI does not win any beauty contest. (Learning to mimic system themes well would be sweet, but lots of effort. Ask Firefox or Swing. Firefox does okay, though.)

  2. Blender gui looks like crap, the most thing i'll like in 2.5 is the new GUI.

    The WordPress theme didn't actually needed useless blender buttons in it... the style was more than enough...

  3. I must say, Blender's UI on a website in this way is shockingly ugly ;-)

    or in other words: Blender's UI could be way better. ;)

  4. @exavolt: don't twist my words please ;-) I think the UI is fine for a 3D app, but a website has some quite different requirements..

  5. No offense, but the theme REALLY needs a lot of work. It's like a screenshot that was pasted in with some alien content that came from nowhere.
    I really like the blender ui, but it just doesn't fit for a site theme.

  6. The menus and buttons don't make sense... I imagine they don't do anything? What does a wordpress site need with "Add" and "Render" menus?
    Isn't an important rule of GUI design to avoid using buttons or control elements as dummy decorations?

    It's always cool to see a little more of Blender. It'd be even cooler if it made sense.

  7. My hat's off for the attempt!

    At least it is not the... 2.0 or 1.69 GUI... imagine THAT!

    Although I do think the dotted transparency is too much, it is a OpenGL GUI, we don't do dotted transparency!


  8. i love it !
    but wouldn it be nice if you can make the website with Blender.
    I am trying something like cutting up my renders with the node-editor and place them in an image map.
    With corresponding names in a simple html-template also edited in the blender text-editor!
    Now i make the whole website in Blender, But i have to manually insert the absolute xy-postions in the html for all images. Python script can solve this problem i think. But i cannot do python scripting....

  9. Eek! No offense to the creators, but I think this is an eyesore and a case of bad design. It makes the whole thing look like something out of the nineties, with all the gray and all of the desaturated colors. I think a good balance of blue, orange, and grayscale would be a better idea than one color entirely (they fit more in the Blender theme, I think). The buttons are pointless (as mentioned before) and should be deleted, or made usable. The halftones really screw with my eyes, and isn't pleasing at all.

    While I don't like the result, I do enjoy the idea :D I would have made the menu actually functional by using actual text and making a navigational menu out of it (home, about, links, etc.). The rest of the menu could be pretty much cut out. I would also use something like what they have for the footers, but instead of using static images, make some rounded corners for dynamic boxes, and just get rid of all of the contents of the footers (the buttons and such). It would be enough for you to get the point ;) I guess you can repeat what I said for the box footers for the headers. Again, once you see it, you'd still get the feeling of the UI, it just wouldn't be confusing the hell out of you. I do like what they did for the little sections of the page footer :) I wouldn't change that at all. Just needs more color, and more sense to it.

    @Jasper: Oh, didn't you know? Blender is a web development application. It has a text-editor, does it not? Well, you'll spend more time making code, but it's possible to make a small website just with Blender :) Use the text editor for code, and renders for images (have fun with that idea)

  10. Yes, shockingly ugly. Although, I'd have to say, there probably could have been better integration. I mean, to put the menu headers in and not use them as links or anything, is perhaps a less pleasing choice. It just contributes to the visual clutter and confusion. Using them to present content would have been better.

  11. Hi,
    thanks from the team of for all the different feedback.
    The idea for the Blender wordpress theme was just an joke during the morning break.
    So we played with the buttons and colors from Blender inside and found a first version for the theme.
    But we also wait for the next Blender version to create a much more better Bleder wordpress theme version 2!

    So again: Thanks for all the feedback!
    It's good to see how big the Blender community is :)

    Best regards,
    Michael (Leipzig/Germany)

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