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Advanced GLSL 2D Filters


mount1Martinsh has come up with some amazing screenshots of a mountain landscape in the Blender Game Engine, which utilizes some of the new 2D filters being developed. The landscapes are some of the most impressive and detailed pieces of art I've ever seen in the BGE.

Martinsh has been working on integrating a bunch of new GLSL filters, including Chromatic Aberration and SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), among others. The SSAO is particularly impressive (see top right image below), which Mike Pan (mpan3) helped to develop. This demo uses SSAO+sunrays+chromatic_aberration+DoF.

Theres a thread on with full sized pictures detailing each individual component of the realtime rendering, the thread is also good for keeping track of updates and leaving comments/questions.

On a final exciting note - Martinsh has just released the .blends earlier today: Download link - Link(1)

The 'game' controls:

"WASD - move camera
Left/Right arrows - move sun
1 - SSAO only
2 - SSAO + scene
3 - Light scattering
4 - DoF (mousewheel - change focus)
5 - Chromatic abberration
6 - Cross shaped bloom

Of course make sure to realize all of this is very new and requires a very powerful computer to run properly. Martinsh is hoping to optimize the filters more soon, which will be made a lot easier when downsampling gets integrated.


  1. wow, looks nice and runs at 30 fps with everything on. the filter controls are just a bit odd :p
    Would love to see a tutorial on how to do this

  2. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    Ok guys, thanks for the virus alert, I've removed the second link completely as a precaution. The first one works fine either way. Ill let Martinsh know on his forum thread.


  3. This works on Windows on a Mac but not on OS X on the same machine. Both 2.48. The Mac one doesn't enable any effects, I don't know if it's a keyboard numbering thing or to so with the shaders. All effects work as expected on the Windows OS.

    Runs a bit slow for me - 10fps or so - but it looks great.

  4. Usually I see something posted and it fills me with nostalgia for things I've done, or not done right. This time, it's awe and wonder.

  5. This is really nice. If anybody here's ever played Shadow Of The Colossus, you'll know how powerful these sorts of filters can be!! The lighting in that game is amazing, thanks to it's awesome filters. Nice to see Blender getting this sort of stuff in the BGE! =]

  6. Me and a team are working on a game called Present fear. I was wundering if I could have a tutorial.
    We might put it in the game.Also is there a way to lower the quality for lower end users?


  7. AMAZING!!! Looks like a render... maybe even better :P I used to think the GE idea would get dropped, but it just keeps getting more and more awesome! Keep it up

  8. This is just plain awesome. I have some problems with it though.
    1. I have to move the little plane on the camera to see anything, although I don't have to for an actual render.
    2. All I get is very white/greyish color, and close to 50 fps.
    3. When I press 4, Blender crashes.
    5. In a render, the moon's plane stands out instead of blending in with everything.
    6. I can't resize or split views.
    Renders do look great, and take a surprisingly short amount of time.
    I don't know if my problems are just from lack of good hardware, or from the OS, but my hardware is:
    AMD Athlon XP 1.4GHz 1GB DDR RAM
    ATI Alli-in-Wonder Video 128mb
    Running Windows 2000
    (I would have something better, but this is my brother''s computer.)
    My guess is that either my card doesn't support something, or Win2000 is causing problems.
    I'm using 2.48.
    No SVN or anything.

  9. Thanks, guys!

    Im really sorry if the second link caused any problems, it somehow got infected in servers after uploading it. Now looks like all files are deleted.

    here is another link to blend file hosted in trusted server ;)
    (right mouse button and save file as... otherwise it will load it in browser as text)

    there are a lot of values that can be tweaked inside the codes for better performance/lower visual quality. For light Scattering, try lowering the NUM_SAMPLES value. Anyways, unless the downsampling gets integrated in BGE, the 2D Filters like bloom or blur will always be slow.

    no not at the moment, but someone who is more experienced in coding, could hardcode it in Blender and make a SVN build.

    This demo requires powerful system to run properly, also there is incompatibility with ATI graphics cards at the moment, im not sure why.

  10. ahh, i forgot to mention, that this work (2D Filters) is part of a big Blender game Twilight22, though not yet announced.

  11. Are the filters entirely coded in phython? Im just wundering because im learn phython.
    Thanks for working on this,

  12. Please stop using services that limit download speeds and ask to pay money. That's seriously annoying. Try something like Mediafire or even a mirror site with unlimited bandwidth.

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