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Infinite Jest - video by Manuel Quiñones


Check out "Infinite Jest," a video by Manuel Quiñones [manuq.]  I asked him a few questions over e-mail about his animation:

Banor Thank you for your submission!  I have a few questions about it:

Quiñones Hello, thanks for the interest in the film!!

Banor What software (besides Blender) did you use to create Infinite Jest?

Quiñones I did the last editing using the non-linear editor Cinelerra. There I added the sound and mounted the 3d renders and the photographies. Because besides 3d in blender, I used another animation technique, sand animation. Actually, it is cornmeal not sand :)

Banor How long did it take you to complete the project?

Quiñones It was made in about one week, for the montage II class I attended at my film institute this semester.

Banor What were some inspirations for the film?

Quiñones It is vaguely inspired in the short story called Las líneas de la mano (The Lines Of The Hand), from the writer Julio Cortázar.

The title is a cite from Hamlet.

Banor What did you learn from the project?  Did you conquer any big hurdle during the project that helped you to gain more knowledge about Blender, other software you used, or film making in general?

Quiñones I wanted to go one step further in my knowledge about blender, doing an animation with more than one take, using libraries for the models, sets, and actions. Then I opted to do super-simple characters and tried to keep everything simple, only two lights, a minimalistic environment.

Thanks again for your attention :)

About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. I liked it. The animation of the 3D characters wasn't that strong but this could be intentional because it's a minimalistic film.
    The 2D animation was frightening. Especially the first part where I was able to recognize a scary face.
    The story is a bit vague though. I didn't really get the message either.
    The first character walks to the second one and the second character takes over his body?
    If this isn't what the second character did, please tell me what he actually did.


    - AniCator

  2. You know, I really should have asked Manuel Quiñones what the meaning was... :) I can still contact him. I can try to give my own idea of what the film means, but I may just ask Manuel Quiñones and get the answer from him. :D

  3. I liked the "Botero" feeling in the characters and the 2D part is awesome. Only thing that I'd tweak is walkcycle since it is distracting my eyes and breaking the enchantment of the short. Other than that, it's very nice.

  4. (I didn't change the link tho, I don't want to mess up anyone's linking to it, etc., though it's probably fine to change it at this point)

  5. thanks to all for watching, and for the critics and comments :)

    about the meaning, actually is more a felling what I tried to express. I'ts about the remembrance of the path followed by two persons, it's relationship, when one of the two leaves. but please don't overlook the film, it started just as a test, being inspired in a short story that tells something similar. It's obvious that I didn't put much effort in the animations and models, I was in a hurry to end something and to accomplish with a deadline for my class.

  6. @manuq: thanks for the interpretation! Glad to know your thoughts behind it. ;D Yeah, I know, deadlines are a blessing and yet something hard to deal with... they can either push your results higher or squash them into an ugly mess, but I'm glad for such pushes... they help work to come out faster, and to give me a time to say "enough's enough, that's good enough!"

  7. Thanks for the explanation. I found your work visually creative, I just couldn't follow the premise. Many artworks are this way (just look at Elephant's Dream! LOL), so don't feel too bad if people like myself don't "get it". You've done a good piece, regardless of whether it's low-poly or whatever. Good luck with your work.

  8. kinda freaky... though the story is kinda splintered, but maybe it was supposed to be that way? The 2D part was kinda trippy as well, not sure what the meaning of that was... or was there meant to be no meaning? =S if I know art, art isn't supposed to be understood the first time you see it. =_=

  9. Very abstract, but kind of interesting. The first time I tried to view the video; however, it said that the video no longer existed. Worked all right the second time, tho.

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