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Yo Frankie! Delay


According the the Yo Frankie site, the game will be delayed 1 week due to a serious bug in the game engine.

The bug will require an update of blender to version 2.48a which they "...want to include this on the DVD...." Therefore the DVD will be delayed 1 Week so the update can be completed.

This was posted at the bottom of Yo Frankie! Blog:DVD Goldmaster ready post.


  1. I think instead of giving us a date, month, etc for the release date, they should just give us a yearly-quarter.

    Bugs happen. It's okay. Also, It's their first game project. They learn from these kinds of things.

    I just hope they have a good and stable business model. I want to see the Blender Foundation around for a long time to come!

    Blender pride,

  2. This is unacceptable why in hell they release the 2.48 not knowing about the bug in the game engine?
    this is Bad PR how can a movie or game company take blender serious in adopting it ,if geico representative hear about this they will make a sketch about blender being program by a caveman.

  3. That's the thing with bugs - you never know if you've found them all. Good job to them for finding it, fixing it, and having the balls to delay the release of the DVD to include it!

    'Unacceptable'? Hah!

  4. Wow RNS... thats harsh, but you will find that all programs have bugs, and bugs are there because they are easy to miss. It isn't easy being a programmer.

  5. OK, a program built on the contributions of countless people, with nearly universal platform support, that is free, has a bug in the VERY area of the program that the project was trying to PUSH development forward in, even if it's a serious bug that delays release for a week and people start to freak out? Wasn't that the entire POINT of apricot?

    chill out a little.

  6. I hope they delay it all they need. I would rather this game be polished and amazing and really push Blender to a new level. Make it as close to perfect as possible. I mean come on, how many huge multi million dollar video game companies delay their releases on occasion? It happens all the time.

    Make it sing, don't send it out before then.

  7. yeah, "shit happens", we r all knew it & experiences it..
    thats ok, glad u guys found it, hope the very best for all of u..
    dont forget to sleep :)

  8. For software slips of weeks or even months is really common, so a slip of week is really nothing. RNS, you also need to look at the larger picture, and that is they developed a game from scratch in less than a year using software that was in constant flux.

    Pretty impressive if you ask me.

  9. RNS: Why didn't you report the bug from your testing of the release candidates? That's unacceptable! How can anyone take you seriously if you don't report all bugs prior to the release?

  10. I've noticed a few new problems with the game engine. I was actually coming on to see if there was any word on what it was. Good to see they found it right away.

    Think about it. Almost all progs come out with bugs. It's a constant thing and there's nothing wrong with it. RNS, have a few shots and chill mate. It's not really that big of a deal.

  11. HeatingFreezer on

    ... And my "really PRO" 3D App of choice (5 fig $$ price, no SRC, no free support) has NO bugs at all !!!
    And besides, I prefer to live with bugs in open software, than having a corp leeching my bucks ! PERIOD.

    (Just my $0.002)

  12. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    Better that they found the bug now, rather than the day after the DVDs are shipped.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of a delay, it just means a better final product to be honest, not to mention a better running version of Blender.

    Good stuff!

  13. a major distributer recently pulled there next major release 1 day before it was to hit the shelves due to some content being deemed offensive to a religous group. So if delaying because of a bug is unacceptable, I wonder what the previously mentioned is.

    How many games or other software constantly has to be patched to fix, then fix the fix of a bug that was there at release.

    Well done for catching it :)

    And thanks for your honesty in letting the community know the reason for the delay.

  14. which would you rather have. a game in your hand with a show stopper bug? or a game that has been delayed a bit but runs smoothly?

  15. @RNS having a bad day?

    Any company will take Blender seriously if they find that Blender fill the needs for the particular production. This is not a showstopper or a particular milestone that defines Blender capacity. I use Maya @ work daily and I tell you that I do crazy lots of incremental saves because you never know when Maya dies on you. The same goes for Houdini that will randomly crash and Sesi is so kind to have an open bug/feature journal so that everyone can follow the development. Actually I wouldn’t say that Blender is more unstable than anything else out there.. so yeah.. chill out dude it will work out just fine you know.

  16. It could be just me... but I read RNS's post as being sarcastic. Of course that is also because I figured noone could be serious when they posted it, but again that just might be my own perception.


  17. Yeah, I think RNS might have been trying to be sarcastic but sarcasm doesn't always translate well in plain text posts. In any case, It's good to hear they caught the bug. It just means we will all get a better version of Blender and Yo Frankie in about a week. Thanks to the Devs for their work, can't wait to finally be able to play around with this.

  18. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    yeah RNS's post was just a bad joke, he probably getting a power trip off of people's uninformed though understandable reactions to it

    that said, congrats on the delay Blender, you are walking in the footsteps of giants, such as Blizzard, and Valve!!

  19. When RNS makes 3 (!) errors in 5 lines of his comments how can he criticize others for theirs in thousands of lines of code ?!
    Campbell & all the other developers, don´t let yourself be irritated by such unfounded & negative responses: the Blender community supports & acknowledges your efforts more than ever ! If the commercially oriented contenders of 3D software would act likewise a lot of headaches & frustration on part of their customers could be spared.

  20. I see worse thing happen in commercial ea game like bf2. You have to know RNS in the first time that this project is free... And if its happen on a commercial project (trust me I seen worse thing also with half life 3) peapol just waiting cause they want a good game for their money...

  21. Well, I know of a certain company (won't have to name it) that's releasing buggy software all the time and is chargin tremendous amounts for it (as well as for the bugfixes).
    So I guess a little delay is allright if we get a better product this way.

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