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Well, I could not resist posting this one. If you are looking for inspiration, watch what these Dolphins can do with air bubbles. It's absolutely amazing how and what these creatures can do. Created without the use of Blender. ;-)


  1. Excuse me for my english, first of all...

    Video is beautiful but i,m agree with ruhroh.

    Time ago i send moderators the new of my free ebook publication

    "Inkscape: Logo a Logo" post about it and they answered me that it was not possible because it is in spanish. Publication of this ebook has been a great hit in vector 2d design linux comunity and all Inkscape users. I,ve received congratulations all over the world an i know it is been traslated to english, portugues and other languajes.


    I know, my engish is horrible

  2. ruhroh wrote:
    So now Blendernation has become a portal for cutesy non-CG youtube vids? What's next, a joke-of-the-day posting?

    Would that really be so bad? I like jokes. I agree that a lot of off-topic articles might compromise Blendernation's integrity, but the occasional inspirational nugget like this can hardly be a bad thing.

    I was never able to finish that old NURBS dolphin tutorial, waaaaayy back when I started learning blender. Now I want to go try it again... and add bubbles!

  3. Well for one thing, Blender has a hard enough time as it is being considered a professional or serious 3D program (at least in the eyes of pro CG companies). So why should we contribute to that impression even more so by unprofessional blog postings such as this? Go to CG Talk and tell me what you see? Cutesy random videos having nothing to do with 3D, or serious 3D news and 3D artwork?

  4. I guess I just found it amazing that a non human could create something so perfect while I struggle to create well timed body movements in CG animation. It's just one more nice surprise that I thought I'd share . Not something I'd normally would post. .

  5. Poetic.

    And... and as far as I can remember, this is the only video of that kind (non-CG/Blender related) so for me it's not a problem.
    But next time maybe it should could be in the Off-Topic Chat section of BlenderArtists ?

  6. OK guys, please no flame war! It's OK to have a opinion. I know that we can't always please everyone all of the time, but I think for the most part, we at BlenderNation give you what you want the majority of the time, and I'm OK with critiquing as long as it's done in a civil manner. I'd rather have comments about our content about our site then none at all. How else would I know what you, the readers, like to see.

  7. madman wrote:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! If anything's going to hurt people's view of Blender or its community, it's comments like that! Please be civilized. Everyone's entitled to an opinion.

  8. Interesting video. I agree with rurhroh that it's best to keep Blendernation at least broadly on topic, especially since now there's so much actual Blender news that there are "rapidfire" editions. Maybe the very occasional link like this might be best for a rapidfire day? In any case, not a big deal, and yeah, the bubbles are amazing.

    @madman, chill. There's no need to address anybody on here in that abusive tone.

  9. that was amazing!!!

    wise nature, dolphin are genius.

    Compare with others have no sense at all, in cg talk i see advertising, is a business, Serious 3d??... for Serious People T_T

  10. Partially agree with ruhroh, and will add that is the more appropriate place for this.

    It doesn't have anything to do with blender despite being a really cool video.

  11. thank you it's good to see other beautiful think's for inpiration..

    It's incredible :-o woooo
    and effectivelly good for creat some effect like this wif blender :-)

    (scuse my ban inglish ;-))

  12. off-topic or not, I could not help but say to myself "HOW'D THEY DO THAT?" and considering we have a fluid sim, i would argue that this is entirely blender-related

  13. I'd love to watch this video on this PC... fortunately, I have another computer I can use to watch, but would rather, for convienience's sake, watch it on this one right now... but, for some weird reason, YouTube just does not work with Windows- XP and Vista- very well this last year... :(

    It seems that Adobe Flash gets "corrupted" for some reason... even with a fresh install of everything, including the OS, Java, etc...

    Has anyone else here had this trouble lately with Windows and YouTube?

    And does anyone know a work-around for it?

  14. nice.
    but this site should be for blender and 3d related NEWS and not anything else. while yeah, there are fluids there... oh look! there's an awesome exploding car video on blenderjobs! way to go particles!!!

    i agree inspirational material is more fitting on blenderartists. this here should be the technical aspect, the creative aspect is that there.

  15. I find it interesting, the strong reaction that some have to this article. I published it because I thought it would inspire people to create as it does for me. No, it's not CG or Blender, but then again, it is animation in a natural state. These creatures are so gifted at controlling their environment, they not only create circles as shown here, but have also been known to create a double helix as long as twenty feet. Me, I struggle to create a character that moves in a fluid and entertaining way, and when I saw this, I was in such awe of thier natural ability that I felt compelled to share it here.

  16. I for one like Blender News AND inspirational posts. However I also like them seperate!

    TimF might I make a suggestion? Perhaps add an inspiration of the week section?

    That would be quite cool =)

  17. Ive seen a video like this before, but it still never ceases to amaze.

    Not only can they make the rings, but its also amazing to see the way they interact and play with them. Its almost human. And I'm sure they are a lot more intelligent than we currently think they are.

    People can also make the rings as well, you just lye on your back underwater and blow a bubble in a certain way. I haven't tried yet, but ive seen it in other videos, gotta give it a go sometime!

  18. Amazing animals and a great video clip!

    TimF, I agree with you, the sometimes strong reactions to this is surprising! I can really see the inspirational aspect to this. This is the sort of clip that can lead to great projects where Blender can be used. I second redbyte's suggestion for a inspirational clip of the week. Why not make a weekly comp based on a clip containing an interesting effect.

  19. I agree with ruhroh.

    First I watched the video and was amazed how cool animations and renderings someone had accomplished with Blender (wishing that I could do something even remotely resembling that quality)... Then I started reading the text. Bah! Nothing to do with Blender! So why is it here? :-/

  20. How to create this effect :
    place a donut object and apply a softbody effect.
    Don't use fluid, because it will take a long time to render ...

    Thanks Mr Dolphins ! :-D

  21. Haha, thanks for posting Tim, even if it's kind of off-topic. I am inspired indeed! Now all I want to do is create beautiful CG dolphins... with bubbles!

    @RedBirdiii - yeah, usually just refreshing the page works.

  22. This frustrates me. I was trying to get an article posted here about an open-collaboration project (DONE IN BLENDER) to hopefully draw some additional modelers/writers or at the very least some encouragement or awareness. Nothing...not even a response... I had a script, Dave (the modeler) had done one of the characters... fully rigged and animated. We just needed some help... To create what could've been the first open-collaboration, open-source, creative-commons short..possibly ever.

    I appreciate that this is interesting to you Tim, but it does make you seem a bit of a child if you ignore the CG related topics to figuratively run off going "ooh pretty dolphins".

    Again... I'm just frustrated... take this with a grain of salt.

  23. Tim, thanks for this video and for all the hard work you do with your site. I personally have no problem with you taking a break from all-Blender all the time with this post. I assume people enjoy Blender because they're creative, visual, and intelligent and would appreciate having their minds opened to new worlds like this.

  24. Thanks for showing this. I have seen it before but I never tire of it. I am always interested in the way that art and creativity come together, not only in the human species, but with the rest of the species we share the planet with. The soundtrack is from the Sondhiem musical "Into the Woods." The song title is "You are not Alone." I don't know if it was intended, but to me it is a reminder that humans are not alone on the planet. There are other forms of intelligence and creativity here with us.

  25. Oh, and for those concerned about what it might have to do with Blender, How about using the video as a guide for more realistic animation of a dolphin character. (Lemons to Lemonade.)

  26. Well, a lot of noise around this topic.

    For me it has been useful, because if I had seen it on an other place, I would have been sure that it was an hoax done in 3D animation ! So, thank you Tim for this informative link. I knew that dolphins are very intelligent, but I had no idea that they were also artists !

    It is not easy to find new informations about 3D each day,and I think that people could understand that.

  27. soooo... we can have an opinion..but if it's not rainbows and sunshine it gets deleted? Riiiight... guess I'm removing this site from my links...

  28. Blender is taken rather seriously my dear anti dolphin friends. Just take the pre-production of spiderman2. The storyboard was created using blender. How many oppertunities did blender provide for famous 3d artists? And, we all need to sit back for a few seconds in our lives, and take a look at things. This inspired TimF. We as artist needs to be motivated or else all we will model is big boobed bimbos and low poly explosions.

  29. What is- when we should think that this is real- but it isn´t :)..

    This are bubbles ya? Why don´t they swim to the top- air does not wight as much as water does --- you know what i mean?

    Hehe- hope i made you thinking about ... crazy lol.


  30. I think that vortex bubbles are cool. I've studied them for about five years. There are also "smoke" cannons, and little guns that fire vortex bubbles.

    That said, the reason that I rely on this site for blender news is that it is just that, Blender News. When I'm interested in "inspirational" videos I go elsewhere. I don't tend to respond to posts, and this was annoying enough to warrant it.

    I'm tired of the "one tech solution fits all" approach to everything. I for one DON'T want the computer/phone/camera/alarm clock/calculator/gaming platform/streaming video device. just like I don't want a website that does EVERYTHING either. I like streamlined this site gives me the information that I want.

    Please don't start down that road. If you do, I hope that someone else starts a news site that actually only focuses on blender. I'll be happy to go there instead.

  31. Beautiful! I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you for sharing it!

    Quite the can of worms got opened about whether this is the right context for such a video. My two cents worth is this: We've enjoyed animations made with 3D Studio MAX and the like here, so why not post animated art made by a different species? Nobody here wants the site to turn into something it's not (specifically, something run-of-the-mill and unfocused) but I enjoyed this very much, and it's not as though it's stealing thunder from more Blender-specific news.

    A post that fills me with child-like wonder is just as much fun as one that leads me to blow an afternoon reading release notes and fiddling with hot new features.

  32. great, movie animal flics are always fun, but these dolphins are amazing.
    its ok to post this here jut put " OT: " before the header so purist can easily skip the non blender articles.

  33. Wow! Didn´t know Dolphins could do such things.

    Hey, if Dolphins can do such things with air, just imagine what we could do
    with such a thing as blender (that is also available for free, like the air we all breath).

    Wow! And yeah, all the people criticizing tim for this post like: Hey we got very important
    stuff to do right here and haven´t got time for this. Let me tell ya somethin.

    If Tim can take a few seconds to watch such things I believe that you guys can
    do it as well. And if you´re busy than you even haven´t got time to post such negative comments. Leave him alone and don´t act like he ows you something.

    Either you go back to your super secret mega project, or
    just be happy that there are people like Tim helping us every day to learn more.

    Tim thanks for every second you spend pushing Blender forward, because
    Blender is the light at the end of the tunnel,

    let it shine on...

  34. Hey MikeL!

    When you´ve deleted the link, next thing you do

    UNINSTALL BLENDER FROM YOUR PC, cuz you´re not worth a SINGLE BYTE of it, okey?

    You have not been helped? Oh I´m so sorry for you little boy!

    Most of us are very grateful what Tim does every da, okey?

    Next time you need help, try to find it in the community, try different ways
    instead of failing at the first time and being frustrated.

    If everyone stopped after being refused once, what would our world look like, häh?

    You still aren´t dead and your project neither, so share it with us, give it a try.
    If it doesn´t work the first time dust yourself of and try again.


  35. Comments good or bad about my articles are OK with me. Really, I don't take it personally. Feedback is good as long as it's civil. That is the beauty of a free and open society! Freedom of speech. I don't delete comments unless they are of a threatening manner, of which then, I will submit those to the appropriate authorities. There has not been any here so far.

    I may bleep a four letter word here or there in a comment that some may consider vulgar (I personally swear as bad as a sailor) but that's about the extent of it. So keep the comments coming, just please, keep them in a civilized tone.

  36. I appreciate that you let us express our opinions, Tim, even if some users get kind of hostile to read an opinion different than theirs.

    Personally, I thought the title of the post, "Dolphi-mation" was somewhat misleading. At first glance it makes it look like this is an animation. So maybe as someone else suggested, next time for off-topic posts could you put "Off Topic" in the title? Just a suggestion.


  37. ruhruh, Yeah, I really didn't think this one through too much, I was just so amazed and inspired that an animal could create and control it's own "animation" that I felt an immediate need to share it with the community.

    We struggle every day to perfect our craft and here these animals do it naturally, and for fun too. I just thought it would be enlightening to some as it was for me. Not something that I'd print very often. :-)

  38. Here we go... apology time.
    Tim... I'm sorry I brought extra un-needed grief into this topic. For whatever reason I wasn't able to see my comment... might've been the firewall where I'm at, but I had seen it and suddenly I didn't. Yes, I do see it now... and feel like even more of an ass than I did after the replies started.

    I'm more than a touch irritable lately, and I'm sorry it spilled over into this community. Hopefully you guys will let me blame this on a slipped disk that wasn't medicated (back injury).

    Blendave... We were recruiting on
    Blenderartists for a while and got a lot of "mm... I'll help" from folks who had no intention of helping. I'm going to be studying animation more in-depth from animation mentor.. maybe then revive the project.

    Consequently Dave, you're also right about the Blender thing. What I love about this community is what I was more or less bashing.

    Once again... I truly am sorry... now I have to go fix everything else I screwed up yesterday...

  39. Hi
    Tim cant resist posting this, LOL
    why not try to do this in blender? after all most of the tools we did not have, we have now.
    And I mast say, some replay on the Tim`s post,
    If Tim really posting Something off topic I don`t think some one have the BALLS to Go say:
    (Tim no good take it off the site) no really, to me personally it is a cool inspiration,
    And yes IF (IF) Tim or any body did post something of topic I will say.

  40. @ RedBirdiii
    it happens with me too, and also with my friends.
    I don`t have a deep info about why some videos give you that error message:
    "We're sorry, this video is no longer available."
    reload the page and it works,
    and if you have time send to youtube about this.

  41. Hello Mike L!!

    You know a was a little bit angry when I wrote the comments, because I thought, how it must be to be in Tim´s position and I realy believe that Tim is a very honest guy and you know how much that is worth in life, well I do.

    My comment really sounded a little bit, let´s say, strong and strict, kinda. After I read it next day I thought, whoo did I realy write that?

    What I realy wanted to communicate was that, instead of immediatly jumping up like angry monkeys (including myself) we should try to learn just thinking positive about others even if they make mistakes.

    I think this community rocks, since I´m using Blender and all the resources offered by you guys (I look up the Blender site almost every day) and I´m always happy to finding knew stuff.

    One last thing for you Mike L.

    I like to draw, and I am doing it as a Hobby for a couple of years know, if that is of any use to you then I´m offering you my help, for free from blenderhead to blenderhead.

    Don´t expect to much, just a small participation. Can´t promise you anything but I´m open for everything

  42. I will never forget when my kids and I did a Dolphin Encounter in Hawaii, and one of the dolphins swam up to me and looked right at me. I waved to here and she looked at me, winked, and waved back with her flipper. I felt like Alien Encounters, right here on earth. We HAVE to learn how to communicate with these creatures!

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