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First Blender 2.48 testing build available


The Blender developers need your help with testing the upcoming 2.48 build! 2.48 will have a good list of new features such as realtime GLSL materials, atmosphere rendering, colored shadows, the soft-body bullet update, and more!

From the announcement:

This release will reward all development for the Apricot Open Game project, a lot of new features for realtime shader editing, game logic, animation and physics.

But that's not all, check below the (growing) list of goodies for 2.48. ETA is early october! Hopefully this will be the release to keep everyone happy for a while, so we can move back to work on Blender 2.5!


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    oh heck to the yeah yall!!!

    happy for a while! yeah, this build is the best blender evar!!! And it almost feels bad to say that cuz i love all the other builds so much too!!! Oh no I'm torn between my love for blender and my love... for blender!!

    Oh wellz, while I work this out I'll get right on that testing thing

    thanks guys!!

  2. I'm on Linux, I have an Nvidia GT7600 card, and I can't get the realtime GLSL materials to work. Anybody has precise instructions on how to do that?

  3. Michael_GR
    have you enabled "Blender GLSL Materials" in the "Game" menu?

    Olle Jonsson
    the "static" version have OpenGL "inside", so, not using the "accelerated" version that the driver of your graphics card install.
    It's better ( for performance) to use the other one.

  4. TO the developers: WHEN new builds are out (upgrades/updates)could you upload seperate builds only containing the updated blender.exe without the suppourt dlls for users who have a low bandwidth please that would make life more easier thnks

  5. How do you get real-time shadows to appear?

    There only seems to be specularity and diffuse shader support.



  6. @Patrick

    Enable GLSL through the "Game" menu, place a spot lamp in your scene, and set the shadow type to Buffered.
    Remember to turn the BIAS value down.

    Thanks to the developers of Blender!

  7. Remember, there is 2.49 release in Nov and DEC or early in Jan 2009 the 2.50 release.let give these developer
    time to make extra improvement.

  8. OTO: yes, this is what it said on the release notes, but it doesn't work for me. If I apply a texture to a cube and turn it on and I'm on textured view, all I get is a white cube.

  9. This is really nice (loads more features), but... is there any chance that file formats between native and experimental branches collide? So far so good, but I though it would be nice to know before I do anything dangerous. Oh, and also, everything looks solid and very functional. Thanks to the whole team!

  10. I get a massive slow down in performance with a file that works fine in 2.47. It takes about 10 seconds for a menu to roll out, any button click takes ages to respond. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Scene open 247.9
    - Simplistic almost useless benchmark:

    Redrawing all areas 10 times took 37.8394 seconds.

    Empty scene 247.9
    - Simplistic almost useless benchmark:

    Redrawing all areas 10 times took 0.1481 seconds.

    Empty scene 247
    - Simplistic almost useless benchmark:

    Redrawing all areas 10 times took 0.1563 seconds.

    Same scene as above
    - Simplistic almost useless benchmark:

    Redrawing all areas 10 times took 0.1821 seconds.

    - Renderer: Quadro FX 560/PCI/SSE2
    - O/S: XP

    Still, it looks like a good update. Kudos to the devs.

  11. So... I got the build, installed it (over the current install - no worries), and before I got any further I had to say - What?

    First, it's all tagged 2.47 - that I already have, but that's OK.

    Second, The first thing I see on the screen due to my default project setup, is a sphere with a flattened (blank) quarter on a textured sphere, that shifts (quadrant) depending on the last "acton" (mouse move).

    This doesn't affect the output, just the display; and it only seems to affect the basic meshes.

    Previously saved projects, with poly-shapes, display and render as base shapes. To be clearer, I used a sphere to create "heart" that is now displayed, and rendered (slowly) as a sphere. The lighting, transparency, and other effects are applied correctly but the form is lost.

    On to work out further details, sorry for messing up this post, I'll head off to the thread for further comment.

  12. It works great. Just starting to play around. Anyway, a few silly things that happened to me:

    On newly installed Windows XP SP2

    The installer had me download vcredist_x86
    I had to download and install msvcr71.dll manually after error message upon opening blender (I did not notice warnings of missing dll during the checking dll part of installation)
    Did not find Python 2.6
    Installer sais its 2.7

  13. The only quirks I've seen with 2.48pre are that the panels in the buttons window keep moving around. I collapse the panel, move the title bar to where I want it and reopen the panel. Then I switch from materials to textures (basically any other set of panels) and back again, and the panels have moved out of position (usually down and to the left). Using Linux/Dynamic/32bit/Ubuntu/Hardy/Gnome.
    Please reply if you need more information.

  14. in linux there is a change(bug?) on the bevel curve from another curve where now if it isn't 3d it won't bevel the curve...
    also there seems to be missing the yafray rendering option? (in my own yesterday build it's still there though)

  15. Was trying to make simple clouds. Using both blender internal and yaffray (yaffray needs 2.5 times as much light, but thats always been). Changing colors in the 'map to' panel (right beside sky/atmosphere) doesn't. It starts out as purple, and stays purple. You can click on the color and the pallet comes up and you can change it to white (I wanted clouds to be white), but when you let go of the mouse it all snaps back to purple. The rgb color sliders also snap back to purple. Also the shadow button stays off. Clicking it on does nothing (it stays off). Also, clicking on both sky and atmosphere gives me purple sky, clicking them off gives me black sky. If anyone wants me to try anything else, please reply, etc. I'm running Linux/dynamic/32bit/Hardy/Gnome.

  16. Hello.
    Personally I feel some issues abount GLSL preview on 2.48RC.

    a) In 3D View, simply I place 1 lamp, 1 cube on the first layer, and 1 cube on the second layer.
    then turn the second layer only visible, cube on the second layer does't receive lighting.
    And also in 'Buttons window', 'Shading' > 'Lamp buttons' panel setting about lamp,
    'Layer' button does't affected.
    It seems Apricot build version resolved better about these behavior.

    b) Can't previewing material keyframe animation, about RGB, Alpha and so on..

    I would appreciate if developers would take into account.
    Best regards.

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