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Rapid Fire


Cleaning up the pipes for another week of Blender goodness!

Dario Caffoni wrote:

Blender-tutorial is available in Italian but has more than 20 video tutorial made using the blender in English and without sound, are therefore understand by all users of blender. I had already responded saying that not insert the news because the language is Italian, but I see that often put article about other nations and then as I said before the video tutorials are with the programme in English and without audio. In blender tutorial is also a rich collection of textures in high resolution, even these easily usable by all. Check yourselves, I leave you the link.

Videotutorial series: 'Inside Blender'

Allan Chief writes:

The newest Blender tutorial is posted and I would like to start getting feedback from the Blender community as far as the quality is concerned. In the future we will be focusing on Blender as it would be incorporated into a working pipeline for small studios.

They are available now at

Two animations for

Francois "CoyHot" Grassard wrote:

Here are two jingles i made for the WebTV, a website dedicated to
Demoscene created with friends and I years ago. There are entirely made with open source softwares :

  • Modeling, Animation, fluids, particles, rendering, compositing and editing made with Blender
  • Texture and vector graphics made with Gimp and Inkscape
  • Audio tweaking made with Audacity:

Jingle made for the Assembly 2008 Demoparty [WMV file]
Jingle made for the NVScene 2008 Demoparty [WMF file]

"Snapshot report" is a very quick report about each activity of the party, made by the team during the party and put online on the website.

Modest Blender model repository from Mexico

Luis Alvarez  wrote:

Hi I from mexico, in my blog im trying to do my own objetc repository, in this moment i have a logos houses and more.


Hamsterhill Videotutorials

Hamsterhill wrote:

Hi I've recently been working on a few tutorials for the blender community. They are videos and so are easier for some people to follow then traditional text tutorials. They can be found on youtube under my user name hamsterhill.

Here is a link

Paper Brain made with Blender

Here (article in German)

INSCAPE storytelling

"INSCAPE is a unique integrating collaborative tool supporting a wide range of devices and media formats to enable digital content creators to plan, build, experience and publish interactive multimedia stories"


Spanish Blender IRC channel

Imanol wrote:

Some days ago we launched a new spanish irc channel, you can find us at on server, feel free to join.

Freestyle animation sample

An early test render using the new Freestyle rendering engine.

Link (Quicktime Video)

Image by Marion Doss, via Flickr (CC license)

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Thanks for the links.

    Just a question: but is INSCAPE free as Blender ?
    I have found no information, but it seems really funny and I'd like to give it a look, but only if it's free.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Great idea those rapid fire sessions Bart.
    Blender is bound for quite a surge in development and recognition in the few next years. I wonder how we will all be able to keep with the news that will be coming out of the Community at large.
    You'll need Ireporters like CNN LOL


  3. Thanks a lot Bart to publish links to my jingles !
    This Rapid Fire sessions is a really great idea, giving a chance for our news proposals to be published quickly. Thanks again for that ... so, i'm going to post another one in 5 minutes. ;o)

  4. Thanks Bart,

    I think BlenderNation is now faster than before on posting news,
    keep up like this i need to buy faster internet!
    just in a day i did more than 70 MBs of download on (BN) !
    keep it up.

  5. Hi Bart,
    When I click on the link for "The modest model repository from mexico", it takes me to the demoscene tv page.
    Have a nice day,

  6. @thinkinmonkey: I believe you can sign up to the INSCAPE open source community and there try a beta version (perhaps to help them bug test?)

    "Become a member of our Open Community and get access to INSCAPE Beta."

    You will find at the bottom of the page this info:

    Join us!

    If you wish to be a member of the INSCAPE open Community and gain access to our forum, please fill in the electronic form below:

    INSCAPE Open Community and Forum application form

    Please allow some delay for us to validate your application form and to email your user name.

    If you know other people who would be interested, you can download, print and share our invitation to join the INSCAPE community:

    INSCAPE Open Community Invitation Flyer

    @Omar Modesto: yes, you're right. But Inkscape is awesome!
    @Bart: btw, I love the Rapid Fire!


  7. @banor: I know it is. I use it all the time :)

    So, another Spanish Blender channel ... there's already #blender-es (which I occasionally visit, being an operator and all), and #blenderadictos3d. Neither of which has ever had a significant amount of users. I hope this one will work out.

  8. From what can be read on their site, there is nothing "open" about the INSCAPE open community >_< it's just a different name for a public beta test -_-'

  9. Thanks to all for your answers

    @billy: Yeap, I know Inkscape is free... I'm using it, of course !:D
    @banor: I've read that, but I wasn't sure Inscape is free because it's written only about beta version ! So, you're right, also for me it looks a commercial product and it's strange to think of it now that I'm using Blender: it does funny and wonderful things, but it's free ! Now, when I look a program, I think no more: if it does great things, surely it wiil cost !
    @paul: yeap, you're right... using the terms "OPEN community" has been a trap for me !!!
    @ysvry: ahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

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