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Got a Question for the Apricot Team?


I'll be visiting the Blender Institute later today and I hope I'll have a chance to talk to some of the people in the Apricot team. As they're in the last days of the project I'm sure they'll be busy enough, but I might just be able to squeeze a few minutes of attention out of them. What are your burning questions for them?

Update: thanks for all your input! I'll try to get the video up later today.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Thanks for the great work guys, bringing the community more fun and new blender features!

    Question: Are you satisfied with the results of the Apricot project?

  2. Pass on HUGE thanks to the Apricot team - I think they have changed the view of the GE both to the outside community, and more importantly internally within the Blender core. I'm sure everyone has been surprised as to what the GE is capable of, and I'm sure the next game project will be as much of a jump of the back of this, as BBB was off the back of ED.

    Can't think of a good Q, so I'll make one up :) Why use sheep ( new characters to the BBB universe ), instead of for example young bunny rabbits ( which could be tied into the storyline as being some of BBBs many children - the horny devil ).

  3. Do you think blender will one day handle realtime video mixing, real time bpm sync , realtime audioreactive parameters ?

    I mean i love visuals,processing vjing music, midi ,audio, will blender can be sync to a audio host like ableton live or cubase ?

    Thanx !

  4. will multitexture materials be supported alongside with the glsl changes? currently the system got quite broken in apricot branch.

    TweakingKnobs - did you check my uber-old BlenderVJ software? it was a set of scripts and content built on the game engine. also, there are video plugins for blender already, check ash on forums.

  5. Are nodes gonna be used in the game engine as is used for compositing images/video ?

    Will there be multi-layers for compositing?

  6. Question: Will there be another Open Game project from the Blender Foundation (the pre-sale DVD campaign didn't went as good as expected respectively as good as the BBB campaign, as far as I know).


  7. -If you would have to make a new commercial game right now, what engine would you prefer; BGE or CS?
    -Would you like to have more time to invest in yofrankie? What would you do if you had more time?

  8. Blendin 4 Jesus on

    Were you able to complete the project faster already having the characters modeled or would modeling new characters stood in your way

  9. 1)What are the effects that you thought would be good to add ,but couldnt because of the difficulty in implementation?

    2)what are the Features differences between a modern game engine and BE/Crystal space?

    3)What all platforms will this game be ported other than PC?Will it be available for Sony PSP?(homebrew game)

    4)What is the most time consuming part in game development?

    5)Will this game be included by default in any Linux distribution?( ubuntu?)

  10. I noticed the Teen rating logo on the pic on the sidebar of Does this mean that the game will have content that is inappropriate for younger children?

  11. 1) I had heard talk of Ogre being integrated into Blender. Using CrystalSpace seems to countermand this idea. Is it possible that elements of Ogre, or even the Source Engine would find their way into the BGE in the future?

    2) Did any of you have a background with gaming beyond standard playing or maybe modding? How much of a learning curve did each member experience?

    3) With all of Blender's features growing and changing rapidly and a wildfire explosion of documentation and tutorials, are there plans in the works to centralize and index any of this? Currently there are SO many places to look that a new Blenderhead (<me) doesn't know where all to look.

    4) The articles in 3d World and other publications has surely drawn attention. Has there been any attention from professional studios?

  12. I hope the fact that no one has asked this yet doesn't mean I've just missed the answer...

    Crystal Space has to be compiled from source, right? Will there be "compiling Crystal Space for dummies" info in the documentation?

    (Blender binaries FTW)

  13. first of all, a big thank you to all oft them!
    my question: how stable will the reworked GE be? is now serious game production possible?

  14. EmailMeForMore on

    Hey i got some questions! :/

    1)How many gallons of lava were spent in that river?
    2)Where is the sound effect's girl? And What happened to Margreet "our talking female"?
    3)and most most important:


  15. What are your plans for the Durian Project? Is it aimed to use live action and CG compositing, with a heavy focus on FX? I hope so, because many companies would savor the idea of having a quality 3D modeling and compositing package capable of their 3D effects needs.

    Thanks for all your work, best wishes and hope to meet you all someday! God bless.

    Benjamin Bailey

  16. Oops, good thought... this is the Apricot Team, not the Peach Team, so asking game related questions would be a big plus. ;D

    Are there big additions to the game engine for 2.50? How about a new physics engine (more advanced, similar to Half-Life 2 or Oblivion,) and a greater implementation between the code and the game. (i.e, CrystalBlend or the like.) Basically adding more features to Blender to make it more intuitive to create beautiful, fun, and challenging games. The tool aids the artist.

    Thanks for the upcoming game, guys! Bravo!

  17. I second what nate said. Will JC/ Big Buck be in the game?
    What sort of effects/ VFX/ FX/ is in this game and will u produce any tutorials on how to do them? \
    How old is Frankie and Mandy
    Will all the data available on the DVD be available on the web?
    What Blender release will all the Apricot Features be implemanted in? 2.47 Official, Expected 2.48, Mybe 2.49, or 2.5?

  18. @BBjma

    The approximate answer to that is 0.27369729

    Seems like Bart have been there already, so I won't bother with any questions.

  19. Ton thinking about the next game project?
    If yes, the next game project focus on the blender game engine and not just create a prototype game? (i.e. If cs guys worked on and helping BGE we have lod, occlusions, portals, decals, water reflect/refract, hdri and more yet. Supporting an external application is a risk that will stopped or discontinued and will not valuable for Blender community.
    Btw im pleased with Apricot project and with the new BGE features thanks for All !

  20. How much did you deviate from the original game design document?, How important did you feel this document was to the overall project?

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