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The webserver has been down for over a day. Planet Blender reports.

From the administrators:

The last few days the website of Blender 3D has been down. The site has been very slow and unresponsive quite a bit, but we are investigating as to what causes this problem.

The latest guestimate is that it might be a hardware problem. Rest assured that we're trying to get it all back online as soon as possible. Unfortunately until then there's nothing much you can do but wait.

Well, that's not cool. Let's just hope everything works out alright!


(No, that's not really the webserver or one of the admins. The pic is by Qfamily under a CC license form Flickr ;-)

Update: something is seriously wrong with the server. After a few remote powercycles it's now no longer responding - someone will check it out tomorrow. For now, the BF put a temporary page in place so you can at least download Blender.

Update 2: Marco replaced 4GB of faulty RAM in the server and it's been up ever since. Looks like that solved the problem!

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  1. Looks like the site has been Siggraph-ised or some other pun relating to the rush to the server after siggraph. Ton and the gang must have impressed em out there!

  2. Yeah I was wondering........It's been like this for 3\2 days! I tried to get to Wiki earlier, on thursday or wednesday, but the server was down!

  3. If it happens again they should get a secondary host and mirror, and have a piece of script randomly refer users to that host to share load.
    Hopefully it has nothing to do with an attack.
    I think TX_RX might be right :-)

  4. Drat. I just wiped my hard drive and said "well, no worries about Blender, I'll just go get the latest copy from" Lousy timing.

  5. @Tallguy,
    this thing is free and open source, just graph a copy from graphicall, or ask someone in any forum to upload a copy for you..

  6. I hope that problems with server will not afect work on Apricot, right now developers are
    short on time(less that 20 days and so much work to do).

  7. Sounds like a hardware issue like they suggested. Most likely a bad hard drive or something, those are usually the first thing to fail. Best of luck getting it back online!

  8. Firefox says Connecting…; the site is loading too slow and you don′t get an Connection has timed out message. So today, websitenotworking dot com′s website name is misspelled as websitenotwroking dot com is checking website name.
    (Note: You′re going to stop texturization by writing ′prime′ character.)

  9. The websites take too long to load for a second (but you live in South Korea!). How do you stop texturization (converting straight quotes to curly quotes, hyphens to en/em dashes, three dots to ellipsis) by installing a plugin for WordPress? Note that you′re going to avoid texturization by writing ′prime′ instead of straight quotes.

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