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Blender 2.47 RC1 available to download


No official announcements yet, but seems like Blender 2.47 RC1 is available to download. This is mostly a bug fix release, so don't expect to find new tools.

Visit this link to download, and don`t forget to report any bugs. Have fun!

Update: Yes! There are new features in this release. You will find all BGE improvements, except GLSL shaders. Thanks to ZanQdo and venomgfx for the warning.


  1. DJ_Boxer, you forget about all the Apricot advancements, and the GSoC (Google Summer of Code).

    This is AWESOME!!! Too bad I'm going off to church camp later today, and won't have any good quality testing time until later.

  2. Yes, no new features. Sucks.

    So are ya'll saying 2.47 won't have the fluid control thingy and stuff done by peach?

  3. Yes, no new features. Sucks.

    So are ya'll saying 2.47 won't have the fluid control thingy and stuff done by apricot?

  4. It would be good to have a Linux build that works under Ubuntu 8.04 (32-Bit). Those currently available don't work for me (nothing happens when I try to open them). BTW I (still) have the same problem with all the automated builds from (I might have a couple of minor bugs for the VSE - but need to test if they are still there in 2.47.) Or is there maybe a how-to page for getting those builds to work on my system? Thanks.

  5. indiworks: You need a 32-bit build with python 2.5 for linux... it haven't been released yet, so have patience or build it yourself (isn't that hard)

  6. I can understand how some might be underwhelmed by a bug fix release but I am really happy to see this. While new features are nice, stability allows me to get my work done without slow downs from Blender crashing or not functioning correctly. I'm really glad to see the Blender team acknowledging the importance of putting out a stable product. Thanks!

  7. The Blender 2.47 is a bugfix release to stabilize the "Bunny release", serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them, but also a couple of goddies:

    - Better snapping tools
    - Better Game Engine Logic

    Along with this, the Blender 2.47 include bugfix in the following areas:

    - Python Scripts
    - Animation System
    - Particle System
    - Sequence Editor
    - Fluid System

  8. paul,

    Great approach man I never thought to insult everyone!

    We do get sun sky and I think the ocean shader. I thought audio branch was making it into this as well.

    All and all I don't really care I always run svn.

    Enjoy! :)

  9. @Alexander Ewering

    I wouldn't necessarily say it indicates the average level of professionalism...

    After all, the people with bad attitudes who complain all the time tend to attract more attention than the ones who don't (I know that there are many exceptions to this, but it's mostly true).

    Maybe I'm just an optimist, but to the people who have such an attitude, a new bug fix version can't possibly be a BAD thing. People seem to treat new tools as a necessity rather than a perk. New tools are just a nice treat for me. I'm just glad there's a modeler with the diverse features of 3DS/Maya without the $3500-6000 price-tag! :)

  10. Some people are under age like 17-16 or 18 so it is usual to is the age and experience than professionalism

    So Alexander think more before you pop up on the window!

    Waiting for the version with Freestyle integration overall other functions that are in development still...but promising.

  11. yay bug fixes. i have to say while i love the new features when they do come out i agree that the bug fix releases are still awesome. and very important, keeps things from crashing as often and in my book thats a good thing :-) keep up the good work blender devs :-)

  12. Bug fixes FTW.
    When I was making my latest animation I suffered grately do to some weird bug with vista and cloth/hair cash file premitions, so bug fixes FTW :)
    Go devs!

  13. @Alexander Ewering

    As far as I can see, only one person complained in a rude manner. No need to insult the whole community for the actions of one person or even a few. I guess you are free to say what you want. However, I'd suggest more diplomacy and professionalism in your comments. ;)

    Really happy about this new release. :)

    As for the 2.5 release, I'm really curious to see how much the interface will change. Will Bmesh make it in 2.5?

  14. Y'all know that blender release are in this fashion for every update fix.It is important to support blender and tested to it limit.That how we get stable version of, please appreciate our developer and keep a clean atmosphere on this form.


  15. @Numarul7: I find it rather insulting that you automatically associate under-18s as being the source of complaints. Branding us like that so stereotypically is rather rude, rather as branding the whole community for one person's comment is rather rude (dear Alexander Ewering)
    I happen to personally know several Blender users below the age of 18, myself included, who are rather well-mannered and polite. This includes our ever-great coder Aligorith who, I point out, is also under 18.
    To classify the complaints as being down to age and experience (or lack thereof) is wrong - in fact I suspect a number of complaints come from the 18-25 age bracket as well; therefore I ask, in future, that you think before you post. I don not deny that SOME of the unpleasant comments come from under-18s, but I find it extremely unfair that you would generalize and apparently say ALL the comments come from under-18s.

    On a lighter note: Excellent! A new release! And only about two months since the last one, too - my, the coders have been hard at work (as if they were ever anything else)!

  16. I really appreciate bug squashing releases like 2.45 and the forthcoming 2.47! I remember for years, users begging Macromedia to do a serious bug fix release for Director (but they never did). I won't even mention another 3d program that is popular but a nightmare for stability.

    One of the things I love about Blender is it is as stable as Photoshop for me. That is no small feat. I depend on the stability of a program, especially where deadlines are involved! Fixing bugs might not be the most glamorous work, but I'd rather have a stable product before moving on to new features.

    Thanks again!

  17. A bugfix release is great right now! Blender did have some stability issues in 2.46 and it was because of the overwhelming amount of new features introduced in that version. So for people complaining about no new features:
    1) think about it like 2.47 = 2.46a.
    2) stop complaining and learn how to compile blender from svn. Right now there you can find all the new features you want, but they are unstable. Two cool things i can think of right now are GLSL shaders, Grease Pencil.

    I won't post links to howto compile blender. Use freaking google!

  18. wha.. what? no new features? what do you think we've been doing in Apricot the last few months?! :) All the logic improvements, state machine, logicbricks, etc, are in 2.47, among all the bugfixes.

    If you really want new features, then -as alxarch says- you can compile or get from a lot of branches, fluidcontrol, harmonic-skeleton, lightcuts, freestyle integration, *very* nice text editor improvements, and I'm missing a lot.

    The patch tracker is full of patches with new features as well.

    As said, Blender Game Engine is now full of performance improvements and new features, it doesn't looks to me like "just" a bugfix release (I mean "just" because this kind of releases are often bigger than the full-of-new-features ones).

  19. To update my earlier post: I expect bugfixes through the release candidates and when the full 2.47 is released to the public there might be a few features that have been announced for upcoming versions post 2.46. There are new features in new releases which will then lead to the bugfixes to stabilise the new features.

  20. @carlinhos: There should be more news after Siggraph 2008 and the stable version of 2.47. Otherwise I just don't know.

  21. What! Game engine disabled for windows. I am starting to feel paranoid about Blender and Windows... have they fallen out?

    I guess I'll have to reload 2.46. With this and the hatred to ATI cards I guess Blender isnt for us plebs anymore (shame Ive been with it since it first went (semi) public)

  22. Blender 2.50 had been dated to 2008 Christmas,or Jan,2009 ,because it will be unlike to previous blender released.
    It will equal to Maya performance it will have newer added features and have more than two render engine,after it release
    The next blender after 2.50 will only be title " Blender pro".. Will? I hope.

  23. @denshidan,

    The Apricot builds work fine for windows, so I assume that the disabled game engine in this build was a mistake. I've already contacted the build maintainer.

  24. Will anyone be compiling an OS X with python 2.4? I've an older machine and no permission to update python.
    Thanks to developers and anyone who may answer,

  25. Amar Ashworth on

    Snapping is totally not working in the 2.47.1 build, or I am missing somthing about it, but the apricot branch snapping is fine and works the same as far as I can tell so I'm guessing that 2.47.1 is actually a bug introduction build rather than a bugfix build, the fixing will prolly be done in 2.47.3 so for now I would reccommend keeping your 2.46 build for projects that have to work and using the apricot branch stuff from graphicall, if you need snapping to work. This build, as it stands, is not an improvement on much. Good Direction though and I trust the blender dudes will get this build up to par by the final.

  26. One thing I haven't seen mentioned here yet, though I may have missed it.

    I downloaded the Windows version of Blender 2.47 RC1, and tried it on Windows 98SE. It launches without incident and seems to work fine, though I haven't done in-depth testing. It looks like the RC was built to use MSVCR71.DLL .

    Hallelujah! Blender is working in Windows 98 again, at least for the moment. Here's hoping that the final release of 2.47 will also work with Win98.

    A HUGE thank you to the devs for considering the poor people who still have to suffer with
    Win98! :)

  27. @Amar Ashworth

    At least on OSX snapping works fine!

    There was written that 2.47 has actually no new features.
    This is not true! Snapping to edges and faces and the align rotation feature
    are probably not as spectacular as other stuff, but indeed new important

  28. anomalous_underdog on


    kinda odd that you branded Alexander as the insulting one, and not mention kinduun, who was the one who was more rude.

    >No need to insult the whole community for the actions of one person or even a few.

    He did say "among Blender users" and not "among all Blender users". I don't think he was referring to the whole community. We may merely have varying (mis)interpretations on his statement though.

    Not taking any sides, just my observation.

    >So Alexander think more before you pop up on the window!

    While I can garner some meaning out of context, I'm curious to know what this exactly means.

  29. Great to see a bugfix release...I found some rather annoying quirks in 2.46 that I hope are squashed...
    Why complain about a better blender...I see it as if the complainers are just spoiled children who forget that sometimes the best gifts don't have a bunch of blinking lights and beeping noises...maybe some of them are just cranky because the time between 2.45 and 2.46 seemed to last forever...

  30. Hubert the Oboe Nerd on

    Oooooh, looks nice. Yay. Bugfix.

    It would be nice to see some new features, but right now I'm happy with the Bunny release.

  31. just installed 2.47 and notice that closing the "Render Current Frame" window (after rendering completed) using the Windows Cross icon crashes the program. Esc works fine as normal. Anyone else with this problem ? 2.46 works OK with both ways ..
    [using Windows XP SP2]

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