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The Making of Pigeon: Impossible


Lucas Martell has been working for a long time now on a 6 minute short called Pigeon: Impossible. Hes recently been posting a video blog which gives and interesting and humorous insight into the making of the animation.

Lucas writes:

"The short isn't finished yet. There will be a few months where its only on the festival circuit, but I'll be releasing it online after a couple of the big festivals. Until then, I'll be doing one podcast a week so I'll post them up here as I finish them!"

You can view the podcast on Lucas's youtube channel or on the Pigeon: Impossible site. There is also a Blenderartists thread where you can leave feedback etc.

Great work Lucas, I'm sure the Blender community is greatly anticapating the release of the finished animation!


  1. Dude I have to give you major props! This looks amazing! Did you do everything except the music? I have much respect for you.
    Best of wishes,

  2. That is a great behind the scenes video. I know I've been working on my animated short for at least that long if not longer. Though its also not been a priority at times to work on. Life gets in the way when its not your real job. :D Can't wait to see more!

  3. The pipeline is all XSI and Combustion NO BLENDER AT ALL. FYI.

    The point is that it's about the production of animation and the details of such. This blog does not need to be about Blender all the time. Lucas is trying to make the podcasts software agnostic.

  4. Man he should use Blender and it's compositor to avoid all that crazy manual pass creation for lighting. Great blog but it seems XSI lacks in the renderpass area.

  5. Man! Those podcasts are great!

    Yeah... seems that XSI may lack something on the passes, but I have to admit there are some VERY cool things, like the ability to record a script with your actions.

    By the podcasts I also must say I found the interface somewhat familiar for who is used to Blender.

    There are some great tips there, and that guy is not afraid to share what he has been learning during these 4 years. That is pure gold, IMHO.

    Instead of taking another 4 years in a personal short to learn that you can just watch his podcasts. =)

  6. I see that not everything has to do with Blender, and I agree. But then again, this is not a general 3D Graphics blog either. I would at least appreciate it, if someone stated clearly how this relates to blender in the post.

  7. quoted from Lucas Martell on blender artist :

    "Hey everyone, I've been doing a bunch of making-of podcasts for my short film "Pigeon: Impossible." I'm actually an XSI guy but the podcasts cover more general 3D techniques that aren't XSI specific. I've actually gotten a pretty huge response from the Blender community so I figured I'd start posting them up here to see if you find them useful. I'd love to hear any feedback you have!"

    I think that explain why this is there.

  8. @ pustulax - Thats right.

    And yes, i should have made it more clear in the post that its not made using Blender, and that Lucas has been getting a response from the community. His podcasts and general techniques are a handy insight for any 3D application.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  9. @ Bataraza: I had similar problems a few weeks ago watching flash vids - slow, jittery or crash. I was on FF3. The solution was to upgrade your flash player to version 10 beta. Its stable as.

  10. With all this talk about render passes. The animator is using version 5.x of SoftImage and looks like he's not using the latest 6.5 which allow easy renderpasses.

    Also the animator does vfx work as a full time job and uses XSI for that. So saying "Use Blender" is not a real option when one has to learn another package which doe nothing to help in his day job.

  11. Dude, I am extremely impressed. Thanks to this Blender's gonna get another huge boost in interest from people who have been told by seasoned Maya hacks that Blender's not good enough to do Pixar-style animation with...

    Of course,we all know better;)

    I cannot wait to see the finished film - are DVD pre-orders going to be available?

  12. great podcasts , you get a nice insight how hes making a short. Most technics can aply to blender too ofcourse.
    Luckily i just won a free 6.5 license for xsi at cgnet ;)

  13. come on you people going on about it not being blender!
    The things he tells about are general to all cg packages.
    It doesn't matter what he uses.

    I think many of the podcasts are very useful!
    Thanks for posting them

  14. well guys it mustn't be by blender before it should be accepted by any community whatsoever. let's remember we became fans of blender because it was cool so the point is, if you find a much cooler software then go for it. it's about you right? let's not get trapped by some illusions leading us into thinking misplaced ideas.In short, you cannot make anything do what it isn't or less capable of doing by saying it can. they only way- just make it so or go for C4D or maya after all "maya" means illusion maybe it would set you free but keep your blender intact for it's free and can be blended with something a little better- this does not make me a blender hater. love. pls post a reply if you concur or don't

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