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Yo Frankie!: A Furry Vendetta


After a lot of votes from the Blender community the Apricot team has decided on a final name for the Apricot game.

Its official title is 'Yo Frankie!' and the game episode is entitled 'A Furry Vendetta'

The two parts of the title come from the highest voted names for the game decided in this previous thread on Blenderartists. So congratulations to Ton and Sago for coming up with the winning names!

venomgfx explains:

"Yo Frankie! the main name, and “A Furry Vendetta” as the name of this episode, now is your time to start thinking/making the next episodes :)  Yo Frankie: “Point Blank Frank”, or “The Rise Of Frank” are the most voted, pick which one is going to be the name of your own level (s)!"

With the release of the name also comes the official game logo with true Apricot style.

There's several versions of the logo to download and more information on the post at the Apricot site.


  1. Very cool!

    Pablo, this looks like one of your creations or at least you were a big influence
    on the team. :)

  2. MeneerDePeer on

    I don't think the logo is Peach-style! It's Pablo-style!

    Fortunately, that's not necessarily a bad thing! ;)

    I do start to wonder why he puts an exlamation mark after every sentence and title he makes up, though! :P
    (in case someone's going to say that about me, I'm doing it on purpose now! :P)

  3. """Its official title is 'Yo Frankie!' and the game episode is entitled 'A Furry Vendetta'""""""

    There is two things I like right now. The two best titles from BA and the word "EPISODE".

    Does it means there will be moar?

  4. @ aws357, of course!, at least "A Furry Vendetta" will be the BGE version, CS will use another name, but both using Yo Frankie!, as main name.

    @ Bmud, hah not even close :P, "A furry vendetta" all alone wouldn't be very extensible, is an open game!, so we prefer "Yo Frankie!" as main name, and then use subtitles, like "A Furry Vendetta" for apricot BGE version, then another one for CS (so people identify the versions more easily), and let the community expand this game with their own adventures, like "Furry Funny Frankie", "The Rise of Frank", all under the name "Yo Frankie!".

    I think that makes sense.. somehow. :)

  5. Lucas Da Costa Dantas on

    That's a cool logo .
    Just don't thing it have anything to do with the game ,
    but to the people it self .
    Perhaps if they make the game based on that logo .

    Kind of undeground style .... so here is the idea for a game with that name ::::
    (for a EPISODE 2 ,later then that idea i give before)...

    Preview and cinematics::
    ..So Frankie was with a big war in that forest ..

    But what they did't know ,at that world for small creatures ..
    is that a forest was a garden inside a mansion of a big gangster ,

    the guy(need a name) on the mansion listen to all that sounds from outside
    that the gangs thinks they was caught by the cops ,
    but at the window they just see Frankie crazy out there ,
    so they think ,, "wow" ,lets take that squirrel .

    Cinematic Intro "the Yo thing"::
    Frankie afraid of that big guys with guns ,
    just see the deadly revenge when they asked Frankie to join to they gang ..

    The bunny out there remember that they see all that place before ,
    when that face comes again ,the bunny run to the streets for call the police ...

    For sure that Frankie must to delivery and take strange package's over the city ,
    there a new adventure begins .

    Levels ideas,enemies,..:::

    The levels must be dirty ,day and night levels ,and inside places .

    at the end of levels Frankie must to take or deliver packages for strange people .

    The bunny appears everywere ,
    and lots of new characters is on the game for investigation purposes .

    The enemyes is other gangs squirrels,rats and worms,insects.
    For its a more adult content ,the traps must to be all a conpiracy that is party
    os a full history that is tell over the levels .

    at the end ,Frankie gets angry again by find that the "jobs" was for helping
    community peoples that the bunny becomes hero to involve the cops
    that expose the criminal behind all of it ,
    and put Frankie to a danger animal control list and arrested all other underground "sick"animals that Frankie was with into for the gangs .

    At the story tells ,that the Frankie lost itself on that world and even loose
    it focus for that revenge by being nice for rise it status for the criminals .
    The idiot bunny that doens't really know all that Frankie ben trought ,
    only shows that that underground scene only promote the violence that charge
    from others the experience that it makes .

    So i don't think its a good name for the game ,only for kinf of last episode .
    But sure it can be keep going that way ........

    And at it says opensource ,what about my ideas ?
    Even if its not for the game ,thats a truth that someone else could make money
    by witting a book or something .

    So as the Blender ,but everyone knows what it is ,then what is the money ?

    At the last ,who make it with others ideas ?

    If Blender is free ,what about the content made with ?

    And for what is all for ,if not by display a name ?

    Its a team of strangers that only the product counts ,so other can have fun with too .

    But who made it is the question when someone else come to charge you for something like ..
    food ?

    And thats is what the humans made the world with .

    And what is it ?

  6. Hopefully after Apricot others in the community will build onto the game and create new levels and characters for it. making a multi-player on line version would be sweet too.

  7. @ Alexander Ewering, you really think is thaat unfitting?, i mean, is only "Yo Frankie!", Frankie is the main character, and Yo is like "Hey", just that, it would be the same to call it Hi Frankie, Hey Frankie, etc, is just a short name to be able to fit with subtitles for other episodes like i explained before, which in our case is A furry vendetta, and in case of CS will be another one.

    I don't see it extremely unfitting, is just like "Hey Frankie!", just that, also Yo Frankie! in spanish means: "I Frankie!" which fits i think, you don't haveto tell the entire story about what the game is about, don't know about other languages.

  8. URGENT: Change the name before it's too late.

    Yo Frankie! is cliched, old fashioned, tacky, boring, uncool, unimaginative, and misrepresentative of the game content.

    If this game is going to be an ambassador for Blender in the gaming realm then its name will have a significant effect on people's perception of everything and anything to do with Blender.

  9. @ venomgfx

    If you think Yo! is just the same as Hey! or Hi! then you are not really discerning enough to make naming decisions.

    It's meaning is unimportant. It's the connotations that matter.

    Most people will get a 'Boyz n the hood' or 'Sopranos' vibe from Yo Frankie! ... which is not good.

  10. I dont really see an issue with the name.
    Theres much more important things anyway, like the actual game itself.

    I think the thread on blenderartists proved that a majority like the name, as it was the second highest voted. As with most things though, you cant make everyone happy...

  11. @ Jon, I didn't make the naming decisions:

    I just show my point of view about such a discussion (all this only because of a name)?
    It's an *open game!* thats why we made an *open poll*, 50 people agreed in Yo Frankie, and 100 agreed in "A Furry Vendetta". Ok we are making the game, but we have to respect people's choice, that's why we decided to use the 2 names, as only "A Furry Vendetta" didn't fit and wasn't expandable or to make versions of it, like BGE or CS and o thers (we hope people will expand the game once is released).

    @ AntonG, really? It's not that complicated, could make it into a tutorial for the DVD.

  12. @ venomgfx: If "Yo" is the same as "Hi" and there is no connection to Ghetto style at all, then why the hell does Frankie do the "yo yo st00pid biatchez" sign in the Apricot blog header?

    I know that this decision has been made 'democratically', however, I'm a strong opponent of democracy and as you can see here, it doesn't work very well. Without any intention of offending anyone, the BGE community is full of 14 year old ghetto kids who can barely type or spell, which is clearly visible from the various BGE dedicated forums, a few shining exceptions (Endi, you, and a few others). It isn't representative for a 'frontpage' project, thus the elections done through won't be, either.

    I agree with others - change the title quick. However, you are not going to do that, and yes, for ME, the content is more important than the title. But that's because I've spent half of my life with Blender and I'm not prejudiced against it ;-) - others are.

  13. @ venomgfx, respecto al significado del titulo en espanol: Si, YO (jaj) se que "Yo" significa "I" en espanol, pero bueno, como estamos ofreciendo el Open Game a una comunidad de la que a lo mejor un 95% no sabe espanol, no veo como esto pueda ser mas que una excusa desesperada ;)

  14. @ Alexander Ewering, la comunidad de habla hispana es mucho mas grande de lo que parece, :)

    you can't be serious about the header, is just a pose! sheesh..
    the only different thing about that pose is the fingers, which you can interpret this as a Yo gangsta, I interpret this as just horns with the hands:
    which is used for referring to metal music, or to something awesome, or thousands of interpretations out there.

    There is not much to talk about this anymore..
    But if you still want to leave your thoughts about something that ain't gonna change, please do it in the proper post in our blog.

  15. I must agree that is not really cool but i think isn't really bad too. What I think is that i too venomgfx-ish. I think that venom-gfx has a strong style/identity, and it knows how to apply this as a guideline. But I think his strenghts are also his weakness (as in the whole world...).

    IMHO, venomgfx isn't yet completely free as an artist, because it keeps closed always in the same types of titles, lightings, stylish and humour sense resources. My english is so bad so i cannot explain me better than this. Mine isn't only envy (that is, too ;-)). Is the apreciation that characters from venomgfx seems all seen having only seen once. This title is too much title and too less meaning, i think.

    Do you know that there are people working only in the area of naming? perhaps useless but also funny.

    Only IMHO, i hope to be constructive. Even the most capable blenderheads have something to learn, isn't?

  16. @Lucas Da Costa Dantas

    Dude, no one reads that much...:)

    venomgfx@ I would also looove to see the setup for the titel. Really well done!:)

  17. What's wrong with it having a Sopranos feel? Frankie *is* the leader of a gang of thugs, after all. Sure, they live in the forest, rather than New York, but so what? (Or is it Central Park? They have squirrels there, and that would explain why he's hanging around with a chinchilla, which would be an escaped pet.)

  18. Oh, I just remembered Frankie is a flying squirrel, so that kinda rules out him being a Central Park squirrel. Nevermind! :)

  19. "What's wrong with it having a Sopranos feel?" well every thing that serie sucked mondo!
    mixing neighbours with the goth father didnt do it for me, well frankie yo the hussling getho squirel seems to be ok then for a childerens platformer.

  20. ??? Can someone translate ysvry's post for me?

    I've never seen the Sopranos, but I do know that everyone around me who could grab me for five minutes felt compelled to tell me how, except for the terrible ending, the Sopranos was a marathon of awesome, and I was a total Philistine for not watching it.

    Well, I'm off to work. See you folks.

  21. I don't know if any find this, but for the ones who didn't I tell you. When you go on the Apricot website look at the top right-side coner you will find a sheep and wihen you click on it you will a hidden image.

  22. Alexander, the title Yo Frankie! is really not representative of that primitive subculture in any official way. Having a bit of fun emulating a thug is like having a bit of fun pretending to be a monkey. I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to take that behavior seriously. Ok it wasn't good that we made that connection so strongly when first releasing the name, but the original intent was for it to be a high spirited title, and that's still the real feeling behind it. The thug thing was just a gag, so shouldn't be taken too seriously by anyone.

  23. yo frankie, straight thuggin.. chillin wit tha homies in tha hood, watchin tv eatin mc'Ds
    str8 up homie!

  24. @blengine...

    In your post above you say...

    "The thug thing was just a gag, so shouldn't be taken too seriously by anyone."

    But on blenderartists voting tread you said...

    "the game is a bullying game where the final objective is to run down the rabbit."


    So if the game's gonna be called 'Yo Frankie!' with a vendetta subtitle then you may as well go all the way with a mafia gang theme...

    Give him a New York Italian accent.

    Have some characters that act as woodland Cops/FBI/CIA that Frankie has to evade.

    Give Frankie a boss like a Godfather character who he has to keep happy or he will get 'whacked'.

    etc, etc, etc.

  25. Jon, there was never any connection to any mafia theme. The connection was to illiterate inner city thugs who can't speak without an interpreter. Pretend a classroom of children are screaming Yo Frankie!, and you're getting closer to what it's meant to be, although it's tainted forever now. Frank is like a schoolyard bully, not a "gangsta" or a gangster.

  26. Jon, seriously, you're talking just for talking.

    I'm a 21 years old. Far from being a gansta boyz like you call them. Or a mafia member for that matter, and I use the word "yo" often. Maybe not daily, but quite often. And guess what, most of the time, it's just a 'funny' way to say hi to someone.

  27. @Jean-Sébastien Guillemette

    Thanks for your brilliantly insightful assessment of my comments.

    Having worked as a brand identity designer for the last 8 years I misguidedly thought I was contributing a relatively informed and objective view point.

    The way in which you personally use the word 'yo' in a conversational context is not relevant. Have you ever considered that the reason it's 'funny' when you use it is partly due to incongruity? I doubt it.

    The word 'yo' may be perceived differently in France, but in the UK, and I believe for the majority of native English speakers, the word is primarily assocated with African American street gangs or Italian American mafia.

    Commercial product naming and branding is dependent upon exactly those kind of prejudices; however subtle or crass they may be.

    But, hey, as some people keep saying, when it suits them, it's only a name, it's not important, chill out, forget it.

    BTW, why are you talking?

  28. Yes, Mantar, that surprised me as well. And I thought this comment was worrying and laughable in equal measure...

    "The connection was to illiterate inner city thugs who can't speak without an interpreter ... although it's tainted forever now."

    And that's coming from a creator of a game that will be played by impressionable children. No wonder the games industry gets blamed for a deterioration in youth culture.

    It's a real shame that the Apricot game is not going to have an original or imaginative or intelligent or ethical storyline. They should have asked the Blender community to submit plot ideas instead of just a name.

  29. eh, impulsive people say whatever sounds right, then end up defining right and wrong by how many idiots agree. If you understood the subculture I'm referring to, and what it does to the impressionable youth you're pretending to care about, it might have sparked an independent thought instead of that echo of other people's uninformed judgments. I don't care for your politically correct nonsense, I can get that from anyone with a 60 iq, there's no shortage of it. A behavior worth condemning should be, unless of course your living depends on callously making money off of it, while disregarding its consequences. And you talk about ethics?

    Maybe there's a miscommunication somewhere. It's so unbelievably nonsensical to pretentiously talk about "deterioration of youth culture" then promote such a behavior that encourages it on every imaginable level, that a miscommunication is the only thing that can explain this ridiculous discussion.

  30. I would've just taken the title lightly, but I don't think it's a good idea to call it that either - If you want people to take the GAMEPLAY lightly, you should have a serious TITLE, and vice versa - the combination of gangsta title and bullying gameplay will attract those sorts of people to the game and give them the wrong idea. It would have been better off with a less conspicuous title and as light a gameplay as possible!...

    Does anyone remember the platformer Jazz Jack Rabbit? I personally loved that game as a kid, (and still do! :P) the plot is just madly zapping everything in sight but it's very humorous - Apricot reminds me a bit of that. If that's the kind of game your aiming for, make the music mad, the characters insane, the animation ridiculous, and go with a more subtle title... ;)

    ~epat. =]

  31. Politically correct nonsense? I'm sorry, but comparing black people to monkeys doesn't lead me to believe you care about them.

  32. Someone says "Yo" and you immediately think "violent thugs?" Oh well, that makes it all better! ... Not.

    You seem to be under the mistaken impression that people will continue listening after you basically hang a big flashing red sign under your neck that says "GIANT BIGOT - PLZ IGNORE".
    Comparing black people to animals (particularly monkeys) and complaining about their savage, primitive, violent ways has been a mainstay of flat-out racists for CENTURIES. If you don't want to be mistaken for one of them, you should be more careful in how you phrase things. By the time you're done shouting about how those monkeys need to turn their goddamn jungle music down, the only people still listening to anything you say are the guys at

    Let me ask you something: If you're in a department store, and someone's kids are misbehaving, do you march right up to their parents and begin lecturing them on how to raise their children? If you honestly answer no, then it's kind of funny that you do consider yourself fit to lecture black people on what's wrong with their kids. If you honestly answer yes, you DO march right up to strangers and call them bad parents, then I apologize if I mistook you for a racist, when you're really just an obnoxious mini-tyrant who demands that nobody ever make him uncomfortable.

  33. "A behavior worth condemning should be, unless of course your living depends on callously making money off of it, while disregarding its consequences."

    What absolute twaddle. If there is miscommunication here then a large part of it comes from you're inability to express yourself coherently. So much of what you have said simply doesn't make sense even on a basic grammatical level.

    Maybe we are all getting overheated beacause of a lack of information. No doubt the Apricot team are working very hard to produce a brilliant game. But based on the little information we have...

    "the game is a bullying game where the final objective is to run down the rabbit"

    ...some of us in the community feel that the gameplay and storyline could be better. Is there a more detailed outline of the gameplay and plot anywhere? Maybe the community could contribute ideas to develop it further.

    And please don't say that if we don't like it we can create our own episodes of the game. A poor first impression will spoil the game and Blender's reputation in the wider gaming world forever. I'm sure all of us here want what's best for Blender.

  34. campbell barton on

    Just remember the apricot team come from different countries we are not necessarily familiar with gangster terms/words. I'm from Au and never made that connection before somebody else mentioned it, but I also don't watch much TV.

  35. Mantar, you're on a witch hunt, and skewing what I'm saying for the sake of rallying up a consensus to hang people in the name of. What I'm talking about is stemming from all of the comments and feedback that I'm aware of, and the association to a particularly offensive and violent culture. So this is a miscommunication on my part.

  36. "miscommunication on my part."


    "skewing what I'm saying"

    Hardly. Look up the phrase "loaded term" sometime. If you use phrases with a century+ of racist baggage, don't expect people to hear what you're saying minus that baggage.

  37. Well I certainly wouldn't expect someone whose opinion is totally consensus driven to hear what I'm saying minus the prejudices inherent in him. I'll pass on the trendy contemporary vocab lesson you're trying to use as a rationalization for your own lapse in intelligence. Claiming a term like 'thug' is a racist term is pure insanity, and racist in itself.

  38. Witchfinder General on

    Oh dear... the eternal sound of arrogant idiots quarreling for the high ground.

    You should both just stop now. Each post has only served to expose your own ignorance and prejudice.

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