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TopMod is pretty slick and complete open source modeling application with a unique workflow. It is officially available for Windows and OSX. But a Linux version is available. Quite a few tutorials are available. I recommend taking a look at the video tutorials.

Quote from the TopMod website:

TopMod3d is a free, open source, portable, platform independent topological mesh modeling system that allows users to create high genus 2-manifold (watertight) meshes.

Visit the TopMod website for more details including where to download. Use the link above to locate how to install a Linux version.  Definitely a good companion application with Blender for specific modeling tasks.


  1. For me this has always been a bit of a gimmick program(a great to way to make a slightly complex model for testing out renderers and lighting), but once you figure it out, it really is pretty fantastic.

    I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it. You'll really need to take a look at the available tutorial vids, but they're well worth the time.

  2. I've been using it since one of the first versions were released. I really recommend it. You can create some interesting sculptures with it.

  3. campbell barton on

    Are there any examples of models made that don't look so procedural? - Also couldn't find anywhere to submit patches.

  4. As one of the developers of the more recent version of TopMod3d, I just wanted to say thank you for the comments, and for featuring TopMod on

    We are currently working on a new more robust and stable version of TopMod, outside of the google code repository, since it is quite different from the old one. Here is a quick preview of some shapes that can be easily made with some Scherk Collins modeling features of the new version (I'm confused as to how to spell Scherk, so the url is spelled differently):

    Let me know what you guys think. If you're wondering how I painted the faces, download the source code from Google code and compile it and try out the paintbucket icon on the right side of the menu bar...


    p.s. email patches directly to me and i'll put them in for now. unless you want to become a developer, or if there's some feature of google code that I don't know about that allows users to submit patches...

  5. artistic_kelly on

    Why is this posted here on Blender Nation? Blender is our 3D modeller here. And why post something where the tag line or opening paragraph on the product's download page says "...and it will definitely crash a lot!" ???

  6. Artists need to be open.
    Creativity is not about "mine tool is the best, keep the other off".

    It would feel strange to have people with closed minds playing with an open source software.

    This program might interest people who wish to make complex procedural meshes.

    Don't think of it as a rival, but as a friend :D

    I for one salute this initiative !

  7. artistic_kelly on

    You are probably right to a certain degree aws357. That being said; I always get turned off when a product is "set to sail" and it's not finished or cannot be utilized effectively without crashes in the operation of the said product. I use all sorts of tools to get things done but at the same time, Blender (which I love) is capable of doing what TopMod supposedly does.

  8. djallalnamri on

    *well topmod is interesting (i mean the version that i have tried a while ago as i did not use a recent one if there's any) although it doesn't seem to have the same purpose as blender:really we cannot compare topmode to blender and vice versa but topmode can be a great blender's module

  9. Thanks for the updates about happenings within the open source world of digital 3D graphics. Topmod3D is definitely an interesting tool, and one that I was not aware of. It is also very complementary to Blender.

  10. smokebox46and2 on

    not to take away any importance from TopMod as a stand-alone application, but i think integration of this kind of procedural mesh creation would be a welcome addition in Blender. I'll post the idea on and see how it's received.

  11. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    If it ain't blender I ain't even concerned about it.



    Actually in *theory* Hexagon 2 is the most powerful 3d modeling app in existence. However it's just a theory seeing as the program is so buggy to the point of being almost unusable.

    This program looks cool from the videos, but of course I will have to try it to see. I think this would be great for inorganic modeling until blender adds some onsite tesselation and N-gons and Alpha masking for displacment and bump brushes.


    I'll sign my name here again in case anyone forgot.


  12. Sory to sound negative, but I don't see TopMod as being anything other than "Cool". Perhaps if you're making molecules for an animation or modern art, but this is not something I could see myself using for anything meaningful. (<note: usually when someone says this, the product they're talking about becomes successful and then someone quotes them to say neener neener...)

  13. I agree with artistic Kelly,
    @ aws256 "Artists need to be open" I think you are mixing up 2 professions here. Im an artist and am a chauvinistic pig as much as i like. :P

  14. sweet i just downloaded TopMod and it has some really excellent modeling tools that make modeling complex yet strange looking objects a breeze, definitely a useful program that complements blender quite well.

  15. what are all these negative comments all about? Incredible... topmod is one of the FEW 3D applications that INNOVATE instead of just building on a stoneageold core and copying features from other applications. Its FREE and ubereasy to use. Narrowminded people make me so sick...

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