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Apricot: Title and New Videos


The Apricot team needs your help choosing a name, and Margreet has posted two new video showing off some new features!

That's right, the Apricot team is holding a vote via to choose a name for the project. Just head on over the site and vote now.

BlenderArtists Thread:

Also, Margreet has posted two videos showing the new water shaders for Apricot, and the piranha level.

Download them from the post Here in OGG format or watch the Vimeo streams below.

Apricot: Crystal Space Water Simulation from Pablo Vazquez on Vimeo.

Apricot Demonstration: Piranha's Level from Pablo Vazquez on Vimeo.


  1. Well ,that's my idea about the game on that 2 videos .
    and about the Big Buck Bunny ...
    [Im a brazilian ,so about the english....]

    Apricot : "Frankie's flight high revenge " (Blender Adventure)

    After the episode with the Bunny ,
    Frankie feel its war at the sky with a dirty caught .

    Frankie with so many angry ,set the line on fire with
    a try to get that bird ..
    completely with the hate and madness for a revenge ,
    Frenkie fall's down from sky showing your best ability
    with a deadly glide that almost that the Big Bunny ears off .

    At the war ,Frankie backs's to its secret base ,
    there your friends are resting with seriously and comic way
    for healt all that pain .

    The start for plain a revenge was started .

    first level and other levels ,,,
    the rodents must to colect items ,just like the Bunny .
    for build a cage or someting to get the Bird and The Bunny .
    The plain is to torture they to horible death that only those rodents
    are able to do .

    all the Butterfly's atack frankie like a airplains or something .
    and at the ground a variety of lizards come from everywere with attacks .

    All the levels must be full of traps that the bunny set all over the lands .

    The last boss is to face 3x2 with buterfly and lizard attacks on a war ,

    player can use the help from the other 2 rodents that fire things on everyone.
    (that's a tip for other games).

    well ......

  2. I posted on the thread my idea I had awhile ago for it: Frankie Goes Nuts!
    This game is going te be really great.

  3. May I suggest...

    Fists of Fur
    Furious Frank
    Fist of Frank
    Frank's Fist Fury
    Frankies Furious Fists
    Furious Frank's Fistycuffs

  4. wow, I couldn't even finish watching the first video SOOOOOOO BORING. It was shameful to post it unedited on such a renowned site as blendernation. delete the first 3 minutes and it might be passable. I mean really, a grey cube...ohh wait, just wait, look!!! ANOTHER CUBE. woooooow. sheesh that hurt. And worse yet, since there was nothing to show, suddenly the camera is looking a a guy waving his hands trying to explain what was SUPPOSED to be the demonstration. I have been with blendernation since before elephants dream, and I have never seen such a disappointing video posted. pitiful. sorry.

  5. It can't be called Frank Unleashed because he was never on a leash in the first place.

    I think the story concepts for both the movie and the game are really crass / crap. First a movie that's about little more than violent revenge and then a game based around bullying. And both in a style appealing to young people. If nothing else it show's a lack of imagination.

    Anyway, how about...

    Wrath of the Rodent

    Rodent Rampage

  6. Well, I don't know...I've been with Blender since the first windows version years ago, and the development is absolutely amazing, but after seeing the Apricot videos and trying the demo, I relly think the devs should drop this whole "game engine" stuff completely. What's the point? It runs slower and looks worse than the Quake2 engine!!! There are no practical applications of this whatsoever...maybe keeping just a part of it in blender that could be used for simulations, architectural walkthroughs and similar would be good, but trying to make it a full blown game engine is doomed to failure. And no, this is not trolling, just a realistic view...I'm really afraid that the prestige Blender has gained with BBB will be lost with this fiasco.

  7. So when is somebody going to test this thing?

    I've been playing around with the playable demo and can walk through the walls all the time.
    Not even mentioning the 7fps framerate on my monster machine at work I use to create my Maya projects...

  8. Sure ,
    must never lost the focus on the 3D for movies end scenes ..

    But there is the thing about Game Engine ,
    to bring it to life ,that the player can control it ,,
    building cinematicts for the game too .

    And what ??? Its Open Source or not ??
    For what i see theres only a few that create something ,
    what about the world and all humans on it ?

    I cannot do anything but ideas ,because im not able
    to create all of it yet .

    I guess everyone can start create a project that it will be a
    Blender Foundation thing .
    the only thing is that it should not stop for make it official .

    So everyone will be focused on that you like most .

  9. @Igi - This is NOT the BGE (Blender Game Engine). It's a collaboration with the Crystal Space project. And the point is: Blender will gain many improvements due to the project, as well as proving that it can be integrated into a game development workflow.

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