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Blender Foundation and BBB At SIGGRAPH 2008


Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Foundation has just announced that he will be attending along with Andy Goralczyk and Nathan Vegdahl, the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference.

It's finally on the official published program.

We got a 90 minute slot to show the movie and do a full making of for BBB. Expect to see at least Sacha Goedegebure, Andy Goralczyk, Nathan Vegdahl and myself. We unfortunately are not in the Competition, submission deadline was too early (6 weeks before we completed).

Other Blender Foundation Siggraph events will be:

- Monday, two afternoon BoF sessions (we want to show artwork from attendees too, please contact me if you want to reserve a 5-10 minute slot).

- Although we don't have our own booth, we've been offered a permanent demo station on the HP booth. They will also showcase new printing technology with BBB graphics there. So, that'll be our tradeshow hangout spot then!


From the SIGGRAPH 2008 website:

"The Making of "Big Buck Bunny": An Open-Source Evolution
Wednesday, 13 August, 8:30 - 10:15 am
Petree Hall C

In May 2008, the Blender Foundation released their second open-movie project: "Big Buck Bunny," a funny and furry 3D short about a giant rabbit who gets even with bullying rodents. This session brings together the key people who created the movie and presents all the aspects of an open-source and open-content-based animation studio, and how this affects the creative process. The panelists showcase project files from the studio, and even recreate parts of the film on demand! This 90 minute session starts with a screening the 10-minute film and ends with a 15-minute Q&A with the audience."


  1. Nice!

    This will give some cool exposure to the "indie wannabes" out there and give hope
    for those with a limited budget that it CAN be done, and has been done.

    Of course - it still needs the talent (Like those of the Peach & Orange team) ;)

  2. any movie less than 2 hours isnt a movie so tehre fore bbb aint a movie its just a freakin trailor get over your selves and try making a real movie and please stop calling a 10minute demo a freakin movie coz it aint

  3. "At Siggraph 2008 will be released Blender 2.47 (not only a bug fix version, imho)… ;)"

    That would seem to be a good idea, any change lists anywhere? I've not updated from SVN for a while but I have grabbed the ocean sim texture plugin version from Graphicall and that itself is a real nice addition.

  4. "any movie less than 2 hours isnt a movie so tehre fore bbb aint a movie its just a freakin trailor get over your selves and try making a real movie and please stop calling a 10minute demo a freakin movie coz it aint"

    unless you can do better, stop complaining. I think BBB and ED are very good considering how little time thay took to make.

  5. Very cool! When is Siggraph?

    "- Monday, two afternoon BoF sessions (we want to show artwork from attendees too, please contact me if you want to reserve a 5-10 minute slot)."

    I am working on a short film made with Blender...but I don't know if it will be done in time.

  6. I really hope they get a proper speaker.

    Some of the stuff on the BBB DVD was painful.

    Harsh I know. But seriously, it's a 3D industry yes, but the audience is still human. So don't be afraid to crack a joke or a smile once in a while.

    Best of luck!

  7. It is a pity that the deadline passed while BBB was in production (however there is the award to look forward to next year;). I'm about 2800 km away so its too far for me also (that and I would need a passport, I think and it would take too long to get). Still, BBB is a fine movie. It would surely be in the running against other shorts (short films). By the way, the European definition of a 'short' is 1 to 15 minutes, the North American definition of a 'short' is 20 to 40 minutes, but especially in animation, they are much closer to the European definition. Most films made by Mack Sennett were 1 reel shorts. 1 reel is 1000 feet of 35mm film and at 24 frames per second lasts about 11 minutes. BBB is 10 minutes. Its the classic length of a 'short'.

  8. to me 10 mins aint a movie thats final sorry but 20 minutes and 40 minutes arnt movies for me i call them episode lenght so according to me 10 minutes =demo 20-40mins= episode lenght ok if you say bbb is ashort movie i totally believe you for the sake of faireness but tell me how would you like to pay $10 or$5 to watch a 10 min movie at a theater with your family of girlfriend or wife -to me thats outrageous you know how wiered would that be "oh hunny lets go for a familly outing watch a movie "imagine alll movies were 10mins "once at theater or cinema pay $20 for two tickets "after 10 mins movie over what the hell we do now oh well outings over return back home back to prision " wow that was a great outing wasnt it too the movies very enjoyable ayy paying $20 +traveling costs just to watch for 10minutes (oh great times )
    grown up example)>>
    saying that your satisfied watching a 10 min movie is saying that your satisfied with sex in 1 second and that after that u cant perform belive me most people are satisfied in 5 mins or longer no ones satisfied in less than a second similarly for movies 10 mins aint satisfaction however 2hours -3 hours s and thats how an why i say bbb aint a movie

  9. tyy
    From the Merriam Webster Dictionary

    moving picture
    Date: 1911

    1: motion picture
    2plural : a showing of a motion picture
    3plural : the motion-picture medium or industry

    motion picture

    1 : a series of pictures projected on a screen in rapid succession with objects shown in successive positions slightly changed so as to produce the optical effect of a continuous picture in which the objects move 2 : a representation (as of a story) by means of motion pictures : movie

  10. yeah i always speak from experience ,anothony lol i can go all night with my girlfriend have to satisfy her and yes am not satisfied in a second probably 15 mins to an hour where most people go only for 30 seconds .
    @timf i define movies by satisfaction logic practicality and not by definition (spending $10 to watch 10 mins at a movie theater isn't satisfactory or practical)its outrageous thats why its a demo for me (tell me that its practicle to watch 10 min at the theater as a family outing)and ill call bbb a movie

  11. Ever heard of a 55 word short? These some publishing company that collects stories that 55 words or less that show an adequate beginning, middle, end, and stands alone. If I can do that, five minutes is more than enough for a short.

    Besides, how many two hour movies could you watch there?

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