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Architectural Walk Throughs


Here are some amazing architectural walk throughs by Yorik and Maria from Brazil.

"This is a big work Maíra and me just finished... It is a series of 7 walkthrough animations for shopping mall is in Brazil. We made the whole job in about 1 month and a half, mainly because many things are repetitive and
could be copied from one to the next one, but also because we used Respower for rendering, and we were able to optimize much each animations so rendering was blazing fast.

By optimizing, I mean principally using as much billboarding as we could, setting all raytrace bounce depths to 1, and tune the octree setting to its best value (depends on the model size). That last thing can sometimes, in an animation, cut your rendering times by 2.

As a result, the smallest animations rendered in about 4 or 5 hours, the biggest one in about 12 hours. So we were able to render several times, and correct (almost) all small errors...

Ah, in case you need, my site is here below, and Maíra's site is Anything you may need (more text, etc...) don't hesitate to ask!"

Yorik van Havre


  1. very nice! congratulations!

    got 2 questions here:
    how intensively do you rely on available models (furniture, cars etc) when you do such a job?

    what was the basis of the building? a blueprint or some CAD-model you could import and pimp?

    thx :)

  2. Hi zapman
    Actually we made a list of everything we would need before beginning (banks, chairs, streetlamps, etc...) and we built a small collection from those places on the net where you can find free models. A couple of them we modeled ourselves too. This gave about 20-30 models, not more.
    The basis, in most case, the clients gave us a project in CAD format. In some of them, we even got lucky to receive a basic 3D model that the architect made for study. In other cases, the project was almost non existent and we ended up "inventing" much of it. But since this is all very repetitive, it was quite easy to "fill in" the missing parts with pieces of the others!

  3. Francisco Ortiz on

    And Btw, Maira and Yorik does an extensive use of baked textures to achieve such a nice result in super ultra fast time. Don't forget that this animations were done by only two persons! :P

  4. Yorik... Yorik... isn't he known more like the brain behind some of the most famous novelas in history of Brazil ?
    Like the fabulous story of Maupassy ?

    Anyway, very good job as usual !
    Just the two of you and one month for those 7 different walkthroughs... I'm jealous of your productivity.

    Chirz !

  5. @Fobsta,
    Most of them are from a pretty old commercial Marlin cd. We also took some from a couple of rare pages on the net that have free samples, and I've also just mounted an experimental-home-made-artisanal bluescreen that works fairly well (using the "bluebox" feature of the gimp animation package is very easy), so next time I hope we can renew the whole stock (and animate them!). And of course, I'll try to find a way to share them around!

    Appear! We desesperately need you with the new Maupassy!

  6. Yorik and Maira, I am very impressed with the speed of your work. They are always enjoyable to watch with your style. Thanks for letting us all see your work and gain inspiration.

  7. I am Glad to see persons whose are leading the way to a wide use of Blender in architetural works here in Brazil, with work speed records over other softwares as a plus !
    This is a great notice to us at, because some of the newbies arent´t really knowing what Blender can really do. Let´s show them !
    What I liked most was the shopping modeling and rendering.

    Thank´s !

  8. Respower is a renderfarm ( ). The guys there are big blender fans and they make very, very low prices for blender users. (starts around $20 for a full month use I think). The speed is excellent too, Really it made things very different for us, we did the whole work on our 2 notebooks, and didn't have to care about how we would render all this. So, I hope this work is also a bit of publicity for them!

  9. *Dies from details*
    very nicely done there are some American walk through that lack this kind of attention to details and lighting
    theres some shadow geometry in some that are alittle too strong but since you had a time limit its perfect ^^
    this is why i started using blender for vis. ^^

  10. Yorik --

    Impressive work!

    A question: As a newbe at 3D in general and walkthroughs in particular, I need to know a formula I can use to price the fees for my work as an architectural walkthrough artist for prospective clients. Do you have such a thing, and would you be willing to share it? I don't need exact figures, like how much you pay yourself, etc., but some way of determining how long a project might take and how to calculate what costs will be involved (such as using a render farm).

    This may be too personal for you to answer, and if so, OK, but I had to ask.


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