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3 Commercials made with Blender


Michael Krupa writes to us about three commercials made with Blender. I've finally gathered some materials on youtube and here they are:

They've been made about a year ago when me and my friend Peter Kosmala were both working in Odeon Film Studio ( All 3d animation in those spots has been created in Blender while compositing and 2d animation has been made with After Effects.


  1. We already knew Blender could do marvels eh?

    But it is soooo nice to hear about it all over again, and again, and again :D

    They really look professional.

    Does Blender integrate well in the workflow? :)

  2. Think its the first time ive been thinking 'wow' over the commercials that has been posted. These are very very good! Great great stuff!

  3. For those not concerned with language of these commercials:P I think that you do not want to know what was about the last one:P

  4. slightly strange that last one, but it's good to see Blender now being used so much in the commercial market!

  5. Good stuff.

    What I'd love to see more though is Blender or other GNU programs user more in these kind of productions and the commercial ones less. I'm AE user myself, but whenever there's a change, I try Blender first. There is still quite big gap between the programs when it comes to compositing, but in some cases I already like Blender more. The nodes are already quite brilliant in Blender.

  6. antistollman on

    Congrats to everyone that more and more people are making money without investing some part of them to developers. Long live Stollman! And lets all developers code for free, because many corporations need software to make more money and they will gladly never pay for it.

  7. Nice to see Blender being used, although personally I think there's way too much going on in these commercials, it's almost like what you'd see on an LSD trip. My brain is still buzzing.... I always prefer simpler, less chaotic commercials....

  8. @antistollman ... O-K ... are you referring to Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU project? And what was the point of your mini-rant? That we should stop supporting free/open-source software because companies might be using it to make money?

  9. I don't get it either what would be good about people using only blender instead of commercial software. It wouldn't make blender better or something, it would just cost the jobs of good developers in the commercial sector and slow down the development of commercial software. Is this what we want ???

  10. These are really professional spots. The last one is really surrealistic, but at the same time the best... its a pity you cant understand what its said there. Just for you to know that its the advertisement of a brand that produces cloths. Polska !!!! :)

  11. Sorry to get on sidetrack, but..

    What's up with these comments about it would be a bad thing if Blender (or any other one with GNU) gets so much better? Don't you like open source in general or do you mean that open source shouldn't ever be as good as commercial ones??

    I think there is pretty much of things in the world that hasn't been coded yet, and what companies need = lots of jobs for developers.

  12. My posts starts to be close to spam for this news, but, I just came back, read my first comment and now I think what was a bit wrong there: "..and the commercial ones less." That sentence probably was too much for some, sorry for that.

    What I meant to say was, I'd like to see _more Blendernation news_ of these kind of things made with _GNU software only_, since Blendernation is focused on open source software, Blender. I don't want the usage of commercial software be any less, I want more people to have the possibility to learn and create this kind of stuff legally, without massive starting costs. There is always someone among them who is going to want more and goes to check the alternative possibilities, open source or commercial.

    Like I said, I'm commercial software user myself (3dsmax/Adobe's Production Studio) but learning Blender has given me so much more possibilities already.

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  14. It looks great though, but that had to be a tough project,
    pitching red pepper chips to children! :D

  15. i cant see anything. nothing! not a single movie. just blank white space... and your milkshape tutorial doesnt work either! all pictures just show a red X, please fix it! i need to learn to animate weapons!

  16. Fruitfly eine biere on

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