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Las Letricas / The little Letters


Here's a crazy animation by Antonio Ruiz Mateos and Jonatan García Bellés that has made me chuckle all day.

They write:

Can you imagine if your world were subtitled? And, if was with wrong subtitles? Welcome to a literal translation world like automatic translator style. My new crazy-sense short-film. Made In blender. Rendered With Yafray. I hope You Like. Music by Lee Maddeford

A HD Version is also available (switch to Full-screen before watching).

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. I always thought you were male, Bart. Vimeo seems to be insisting on 'she'...
    Nice style btw, i just don't get the joke

  2. I have to admit I don't speak Spanish either, but I think the joke is that their conversation is being translated into horrible English.

    @Rattle: she? eh? I don't get it..

  3. I understood the joke, and I don't even speak spanish. Also, it's explained in the top post by the guys who sent it in.

    Anyway, that's a pretty cool animation style.

  4. I can't stop laughing as that is the type of English I hear everyday here in Japan. LOL... Bassam I couldn't agree more.

  5. ZanQdo, I wonder why or what you don't understand... Perhaps the spanish argot spoken where you live is not like that... but is simply a joke about literal translations of this argot. "No tener ni puta idea" = to don't know a shit about = (to do)n't (know) even prostitute idea = "Ni puta idea"... I think my explanation is just too complicated :-D, jokes must be taken on the fly, isn't?

    At least i've practiced the hard issue of explaining a joke in other language :-)

  6. I understand it fully, for more than a reason.

    Wouldn't be surprised if I even know that spanish guy...heh.
    blender users , or 3d people at all ,here ,is such an amazing minority...

    Is spoken in 'andalusian', how it's spoken in a region(my region) of Spain... (and not other spanish speaking country)

    Basically, is more a laugh about how ppl from my country speak really bad english, ..I smell also a sort of feel of nostalgy after so much invasion of strange words and language (english), in the way it's seen by a big number of people there, who can't speak or understand a word of English. Is a very literal traslation, word to word, or spanish sayings... In that special region of Spain(well, specially, as in rest of Spain, happens also,but not so much), the swearing is not taken so seriously. Usually. they don't actually mean to be rude or anything. :) . Son of often used to give u some cumpliment...yap...crazy. But got personality ;)

    What I am amazed is how they took all the work to do just that.... XDD
    One way or the other, is a nice technical use of Blender.

    kudos to any art expression exporting culture...hehehe.
    I found it funny and charming, but I admit is very "closed scope/range" humor...

  7. Po ya vé = Since already you see

    Big LOL.

    In that one the went past the limit....

    Pues ya ves. Too much lost in traslation, hehe.

  8. Po ya vé = Since already you see

    Big LOL.

    In that one they went past the limit....

    Pues ya ves. Too much lost in traslation, hehe.

  9. I was about to say exactly what oin said.

    Also, the correct translation would be something like this:

    - What's up?/how are you?
    - What's up?/you see
    - Whoa, have you seen that?
    - What?
    - The little letters
    - Holy shit/WTF
    - But, it seems it's in english
    - I have no f*cking idea
    - This is awesome/crazy/unbelievable
    - You bet

    This slang is very southern spain specific, but it's also easily understood in the rest of spain, not so in south america it seems...

  10. ^_^ Simple but efficient.
    This short reminds me the movies that pass here; some of them have this kind of quality subtitles :P
    Muy buena ;)

  11. Thanks a lot again BartV. I am very happy to see my short-film in Blendernation. Thanks a lot to all the people that explained this joke with his translations. Sorry for my english is not so bad than "las letricas" english, but isn't very good. Greetings from Valencia :D

  12. Bart, you chuckled all day? Well I guess you must have been there :)

    I would have guessed Big Buck(s) Bunny would have you chuckling all week...

    Reminds me of that cartoon: a ruler says to a rock "You rock", the rock replies; "You rule".

  13. The joke is that when you translate word by word the expressions or idioms, they don't have any sense in English, nor in other languages, but they can be funny.

    PD. Tienen más acento de gitano que de andaluz

  14. yep, I know...but I heard it really fast ...and online videos do have too much compression....gnarl, they were faking my accent (noticed later, too much "Ss"... It's a problem the rest of the world all pronounce final "S"...)... Well, the way that gitanos speak is very similar to what we all speak in my area, heh....El valenciano is way much more different..

    Indeedy, first sentence is practically same tone and accent than the one used by the guy with dark hair of Gomaespuma, surely inspired in their "english classes" humor gags on Tv and radio...

  15. Rubén R. A. on

    Don't analize, only see (and heart). It's so funny. Congratulations for this work.

    Some place where download ?

  16. hi Ruben, if you are login in the vimeo web, you can see a link to download. i recomend you, that download the non-hd version, because actually is a hd version without the black sides, but vimeo only permits the hd for widescreen size.
    Hola Ruben, Si estas logado en la pagina de vimeo, puedes ver un enlace de descarga, Te recominedo que bajes la version que no es hd, por que realmente lo es, pero sin las barras oscuras laterales. Vimeo solo activa el hd para los tamaños panoramicos.

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