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Hunting Grounds


Eric Bilodeau, a producer/director from Canada and his team, have just finished the Sci-Fi / Horror feature film, Hunting Ground, in which they used Blender, as the software for all thier 3D effects.

"We also use a lot of traditional effects as well. We are preparing a small article on the use of blender and the other elements in order to create the final composites. We should post the article soon, but we wanted to create awareness of the project through the Blender Community before we post the article. "

We also have a website but the actual website is an old site we used to give complementary informations to the people involved in the project. The french side of the website is much more "up-to-date" as the people working on it where mostly french speaking. The official website should be online in a few weeks.

Integration of Blender in our Workflow, PART2

The film will be screened In Oklahoma on april 26th as a part of the Bare Bones Film Festival

Film movie poster


  1. Great!

    Going to head over and check everything out tomorrow. I'm working on a short movie and trying to learn blender (I'm a traditional FX guy) for a bunch of stuff in it as well. As things progress a bit more in that department I'm sure I'll be over at the BAF with info.

    It's great to see blender being used more and more and I wish you all the best with the movie.

  2. :p Boy I sure hope the headshots and splurting zombie brains were done with blender... No way it could be real brain right? 0:)

    Just playing stupid. :)

    Looks nice. Just another year and Blendernation might announce "Stargate production uses Blender"

  3. Though, so far, though there are some good camera work, nice visuals, and I love the Russian accented man - I wouldn't recommend it... ehh!

  4. Haven't we seen enough zombie movies? I mean, really, it's been done to death. Oh, they are dead. Never mind.

    So when will it be out on DVD?

  5. Personally the trailer seemed to lack a lot. It didnt make me want to absolutely see this film. It was more of an reel of effects you've done for the film. The sounds seemed uneven somehow, which is common in the level of stuff i am used to do but if one is to aim high it must be more tidy.
    Only reason i figure i want to see this film is the fact that Blender has been used to make it. Which is good. Oh and i am sorry if i am bit hars, but my back hurts and it is hard to be nice with it.

  6. I totally agree with Eradicor - it's nice to see Blender in action, but let's face it - the movie trailer looks bad, the story seems to be pretty obvious, dialogues are horrible... It won't be a hit, it doesn't look even promising.

  7. I said it before on BN and I'll say it again, sound is just as important as the visuals. You know you have great sound when you don't notice it... same goes for visual effects. Nevertheless, I imagine this is a indie production and I'm well aware of the technical & financial limitations this places on the film makers; so good effort and best of luck in Oklahoma.

  8. Definately check out their website. The trailer on front page is a LOT better.

    I think maybe they sent BlenderNation an old cut of the trailer by mistake? Because the trailer is kinda the same, but it has a voiceover instead of the long empty spaces with no sound.

    But yeah, zombies have been done to death. However this looks expertly filmed, and the effects look very decent. So I'll check it out.

  9. Thanks for all the comments guys and thanks for the add Tim :)

    Yes, it is an indie production with a micro-budget, hope the film will not be judged only by the Trailer though ;)

    The film is certainly not perfect but we managed to make it and, believe me, it's a miracle on it's own. Blender was used in parts of the film when 3D was needed. We all have full time jobs and the film was shot during weekends, you know the rest... Anyway, don't hesitate to ask questions or to make comments, it's appreciated, after all, films are made to be seen right?

    Oh, by the way, the second trailer is more accurately describing the film witch is a Sci-fi film mainly. It can be seen both on youtube and on our website.


  10. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette on

    Roofoo: instead of seeing it as 'another zombie movie', why don't you see it as a fricking feature filmed done by a couple guy without any big investor backing them? These guys had the guts to start a project, and finish it. A project this big, whatever the subject is, should get some recognition instead of bs comments like you wrote.

    I know the guys, and I did a couple models for them during their production. These guys put an enormous amount of time and money into this, and even if it ain't perfect, you should respect them for the effort they put and the motivation they had to bring it from beginning to final.

    Great job guys, can't wait to see the whole thing!

  11. Wow ! Très belle intégration de la 3D avec les scènes réelles !
    Le gars avec la chemise carreautée me dit quelque chose...

    Enfin, bon travail et je suis bien content que ce soit de chez nous !

  12. i would actually like to know what is made with Blender here.

    The laser gun flashes ??? cough cough ...

    So which specialFX do they talk about?

    Maybe the FX alone look good without the trailer.

    I am not sure if bad work is good for Blenders reputation.

  13. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette on

    cekuhnen, check the link at the end of the post. They started writting an article about how blender was used.

  14. For the stuff that was made using blender, you should go and see the articles (Integration of Blender in our Workflow, PART2) linked.

    Problem is, the first trailer (the one embedded up there) does not contain much Blender work and is almost a year old, the second trailer is closer to the actual film and contains more Blender made material, you can check it on our website. the link is also there in case you missed it :)

  15. @cekuhnen: That is it exactly!!
    It seems nobody has seen a fanfilm before! But there are better fanfilms than this!

  16. Fanfilm? I hear the strangest comments online. Quote from wikipedia:A fan film is a film or video inspired by a film, television program, comic book or a similar source, created by fans rather than by the source's copyright holders or creators.

    I worked on 2 fanfilms before, one about Wolverine and Punisher and one about Star Wars. Nothing to do with Hunting Grounds. A fanfilm portrays not a general genre but a known copyrighted subject.

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