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Inkscape 0.46 released


Version 0.46 of the open-source vector application has been released, and it has a pretty strong set of new features. I've used this program a fair deal myself, and I have to say that this update (or application in general) is a must-have. Do take your time to download and experience inkscape for the first time if you haven't used it before, or enjoy the new features if you're a more experienced user.

Quote from

The Inkscape community today is announcing the release of the newest version of its open source vector graphics editor. Inkscape 0.46 is a major update that introduces native PDF support. The implementation of PDF support in Inkscape provides an easy, open source solution to editing PDF documents.

Tons of new features and performance improvements are included in this release. Dialogs now have the ability to be docked to the editing window. Gradients can be edited completely on-canvas. The new Paint Bucket Tool fills bounded areas with color. A new 3D Box tool helps create perspective-correct drawings. A new Tweak tool provides an intuitive method for editing paths and painting objects. The new Live Path Effects feature can create "brushes" and various organic effects on paths. Improvements to color management include support for color spaces other than sRGB. Most SVG filters are now implemented, and a new powerful UI is provided for editing filter stacks.

Download inkscape 0.46 from

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  1. Since I develop for Blender sometimes, am I even allowed to say that "I'm an industry pro (Illustrator 10+ years and Freehand for just as long), but the Inkscape interface sent me screaming. I just can't use it."

    True, but a bit ironic, seeing as that's what lots of folks about the Big Orange B. ;)

  2. There have been a number of interface improvements in the last couple of versions. The docked panels have made it a lot more usable for me. They make some improvements to the interface every release so you should probably check it out again!

  3. I am very good with inkscape and have no issues with it's interface. I guess that is what you get for not expecting it to be another app that it is not.

  4. blendercross on

    ...any Interface need some training and time.
    ( ...took a long time till i find my way in to the blender interface...)
    But - stay on!!
    An new version - great news ...downloading!

  5. I've been using the beta of 0.46 since it was released and I love the new docking panels. I wasn't a fan of the interface at first, but it does continue to get better.

  6. The filter effects still seem a bit buggy on Windows sometimes they seem to have no effect. Other times the same settings do what I think they should. The docking is good but the panels are very big compared to Blender. I'd love to see Inkscape running but with the Blender 2.5 interface (and common keys for short cuts). I enjoy Inkscape for working with curves and I use it loads.

  7. The docking panels are great, but some of them are unnecessary big. If you could scale them so they would be more slim it would be cool.

  8. Guardian 452 on

    Ok, I tried Inkscape because it came on the DVD with Tony Mullen's book. It looks like it holds amazing promise, but I really don't know where to start with it! Has anyone found any online tutorials like Blender has, or are there any books I should look at?

    The one "tutorial" I found for it was actually part of an eBook and the guy was giving away the first couple of chapters as a preview...

  9. What about a Debian .deb file?

    On the site, there's a "Link," to an autopackage file, but the link just goes to the sourceforge page for Inkscape, and there is no autopackage file in the list.

    And the newest version isn't in the repositories for Ubuntu yet, either.

  10. Since i currently must use Inkscape for a project I'm very positive impressed. But looks like with a german keyboard some Shortcuts don't work and i can't find a button for those functions :>

  11. As a professional user of illustrator I find many of the common features in inkscape to be amazingly intuitive. This is a great piece of open source software. I'm almost tempted to try and do an assignment or a freelance project with it just to be like, yeah, I did this with free software.

    If you're already good with illustrator don't overlook inkscape, my instincts are telling me that Adobe will take notice of the features that inkscape has and will implement them in CS4, or whatever they're going to call the next version.

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