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Short Animation: Orion Tear


oriontearposterfinalpx1.jpgRogério Perdiz is an animator from Portugal. After 19 months and 7 days of work on his animation 'Orion Tear', he has now published it. It's an impressive piece of work, and even more so if you realise this was all done by one man.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Wow. So really cool and amazing.. 19 months.. hm... guess i'll just have to start then ;) So really cool and the effects and animations are really nice. And the story was good too. A fine way of moving camera, small effects like his hand shaking when he got the heart attack or at least when he said "i'm dying". Oh well. Anyways. Greeeeaaat work for one person.!!


  2. Gabriel Gherman on

    Wow!!! PERFECT!!!
    I hope to make some animation as good as this one 'till the end of this year!!
    (Maybe Blender 2.50 will make things a little easier, hehehe)

  3. The choreography is just awesome, besides the really fluid animation the lighting-quality is also great.
    Well done. And that you did it all alone is quite impressive, thats true. Really good work.
    Rogério Perdiz, you really earned it being in the news of blendernation.

  4. Amazing animation! Absolute really cool! Nice job!
    Only one thing... I think the sound effects could be al little better, but the animation is great.
    I Love the one-shot-fighting-scene! Two thumbs up for Rogério Perdiz!

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments ;)

    I want to mention that I made everything you see, everything you hear is made by Mr.Telmo Cavaleiro, a local musician, without his voluntary help this would be a silent film :P

    @ DingTo :
    Next month I'll try to upload a better encoded Pal resolution version.

    @ thondal:
    I'm impressed, not even some of my friends that have the DVD version noted the hand shaking ^_^

  6. Great job. I would love to see how long that 10 min. short took to render...

    All thumbs up for me...very original.

  7. It really is impressive. mission accomplished. it just seems like you're on meth or something. is all the cloth hand animated? thanks for making blender look good and entertaining us a while (funny, I was just thinking about dying a couple hours ago, I guess I saw the black guy on my screen so that means Im probably about to d...afjlaewfjalefd-

  8. @ ttracing2:
    It took 5 months to render, more week less week :)
    There's a makingOf in Blenderart magazine issue 14.

    This story is all made up, any semelhance with reality is pure coincidence :P
    The boy jacket and the Angel hood use a softbodie to help a little, but even so, it had to be manual adjusted in all shots, everything else like sleaves, belts, etc it's hand animated.

  9. Just thought I would say congratulations, very impressive! - I've been waiting for the final release ever since the BlenderArt article :D.


  10. Very well done, it is really something when you can have an idea and the tools to be able to make a dream into a reality. Congrats.

  11. "Impressive considering it was all done by one man?" Please. This is just impressive. I don't care if ten guys spent two years on it. Congratulations, Rogério. I always knew this would be killer. Hehe... no pun intended... :p

    And thanks again to Bart. You (and Sandra Gilbert) really called this one.

  12. A lot of work. Thank you for persevering to make something like this into a reality. However, the voice acting needs much help, wording of the lines and text could be much more powerful, and the animation some more realism. Some good work to keep the whole thing going with the animation during the fight sequence and all ... good work, the journey's not over and there are always more things to improve. Music could be better, too. Thanks.

  13. A lot of work. Thank you for persevering to make something like this into a reality. However, the voice acting needs much help, wording of the lines and text could be much more powerful, and the animation some more realism. Some good work to keep the whole thing going with the animation during the fight sequence and all ... good work, the journey's not over and there are always more things to improve. Music could be better, too. Models were somewhat cartoonish in shape, the environment needs better models and texturing... Thanks.

  14. @Gryphon: you're misquoting me. I said "It's an impressive piece of work, AND EVEN MORE SO if you realise this was all done by one man."

  15. @Bart again: And forgive my double-post, but _I_ said "you really called this one." That is, you were able to tell this was a great work waaayy before it was done... back when it was still toon-shaded, even! Bravo, man, bravo!

  16. Enrique Arceo on

    Hey, hey hey Rogério, I received your mail of this animation being finished, but unfortunately I wasn´t able to look at it, due to firewall problemsm, until now... congrats!!!!
    Really cool, It took a lot of effort, it can be seen...
    The animation stuff in "solo" is hard isnt it?
    "very proud you should be"... as Yoda might say :P

  17. Absolutely brilliant! The art and the modeling was awesome! The background is insanely detailed, great job. I have to ask if the artistic direction was inspired by Kingdom Hearts, it looks very similar.

    @Gryphon: I agree. Even though an outstanding accomplishment, a one man operation isn't impossible, as has been shown.

  18. I have seen lots of "great animation" posts here. But a lot of them did get me to finnish them of.
    They just didn´t appeal me enough. But this one really did, great work!!!

    I think "ArtIsLight" comment was a bit harsh, dot listen to it to much. this is amazing!
    Of course one can always work more on animations, a animation is never finished!
    Love the lightning by the way it looks great I wish I could be as good as that!!

    The only thing I didn´t understand, was the ending. The caracter said:
    - I still can´t let to cry
    Is that proper english, or is it just me that doesn´t get it???

    Now I really feel bad to give you that critic, but I thought you might want to change it (if it is wrong)
    Any way, top of the line animation! This is the stuff that will show how powerful blender is!


  19. @Robin:
    When I consider that I made a great job in one of my movies, that will be my last one... because I can’t improve it any more. Fortunately Orion Tear has allot to Improve ;)

    “I still can’t let to cry” - !^_^ herrgg … I think this was my bigger screw up in this movie, the actor that gave the voice also found that something was fishy…

    So I’ll explain:
    The Angel of Death has a crucial task to perform (ending the physical existence of beings); it’s a required task for the preservation of global life… but he still feels sorrow for all the individual ones that must die so others can live.

    So, I think it translates better to:
    “But… Even so, I still can’t stop to cry for all the ones that live and must die.”

    My Bad!

    I’m a great follower of the final fantasy series and my favorite character designer is Tetsuya Nomura, the kingdom Hearts director.The scenery, for ex., is 50% based in my home place 40% invented and 10% inspired by my favorite film makers (Tetsuya Nomura, Jhon Woo, Tim Burton, etc.)

    @ Enrique Arceo:
    I'm glad you like it man! You bet it's hard, and like you mentioned the interaction between the 2 characters is quite a pain :)
    Looking forword to see also IceQ here ;)

    Most of the shots are totaly impossible to make in real life :P
    I had to animate most of the set, If you look "from outside" it's hilarious, is like all the objects in the set run away from the camera and as soon she passes they return to position ^_^
    This is doe in the same shot the camera had to pass trought the obect in one point and right after you see the object in the place :) ...The ground for instance was always up and down.
    ^_^ I had allot of real fun with the camera moves, everything else was tedius work :P

    @ rexprime:
    Heart and Soul :P

    @ David Revoy ( Deevad ):
    To make them I had to use 32*32 tiles, witch slow down render times quite substantially, but I guess that ultimatly it looks coll, so...

    @ Matro:
    This was only possible doe Blender, Gimp, Inkscape and all the amasing persons that continualy develop them ;)

    Thanks everyone for such good comments! ...And Thanks Bart for showing OT here ;)
    The ones I didn't reply is because I totaly agree and/or don't have nothing more to add, you guys said it all ^_~ Thanks!

  20. Ludovic (Flagus) on

    Wow really great job. The the whole of it is great. But particularly appreciated the texturing, lighting and after production work. Quite surprise by the amount of time it took you, not that I'll do it in less time than you but I just see how long is the road before me to attain your level and even then the investment needed to get the work done. Hope to see more of your work in the futiure, keep the pace.

  21. Hi guys,
    I have gnash installed and hence can't watch the video. Can somebody give me a link I can download and watch the same.

    Thanx in advance.

  22. @ shirish:
    It should be download-able from the vimeo page:
    But for some reason doesn't work for me :(

    @ gauravanim:
    ^_^ Mr. Telmo Cavaleiro will jump of hapiness in his chair :P
    I bealive he will be very famous some day and then you can buy his CD ^_~

    To explain the only reason I was able to make this some more master Yoda stile words:
    When for a Bike ride you go...
    Arrive to your desteny you eventually will...
    if pedaling you keep :P

    Thanks guys ^_~

  23. bem... 19 meses! Sem dúvida! Já tinha visto imagens da personagem, mas como foi há tanto tempo já nem me lembrava... Excelente trabalho sim senhor!

    O rotativo tá MT bem feito. E a cena em q ele é atirado para cima do moinho... UI!
    Só não fiquei mt convencido com as vozes... Demasiado monotónicas.

    Espero que concorras ao Animatu com esta curta, mereces o pódio
    Comprimentos de um Tuga.

    Parabens! =)

  24. Thanks for all that work. You have created a masterpiece that is a great inspiration. It is easy to get discouraged when something takes such a long time, but you did not give up! Congratulations on a wonderful video! I will forward this link to many friends as an example of what Blender and one person can do.

  25. Can I play the devil's advocate for once? This was full of mistakes that bothered me so I had a hard time enjoying it. The music, especially, didn't match the pacing. The pacing was absurd with it's long unnecessary pauses. In the time that there was dead air he could have explained what was going on instead of having to put a slide of text at the beginning.

    I really admire the super long shot with the barrel distortion. It was good. The poses need to be more natural though.. The characters freeze their positions and it's awkward.

    Above all, I'm really happy for Rogério. Congrats on the big accomplishment. On a team of animators, you'll do well, but I just hope that he realizes that it was crap and that some day he'll look back and say "I'm proud of what I accomplished, but it could have been better".

    Be honest, folks.

  26. @ Bmud:
    :) So you didn't like my pacing ha!
    I realize that I still have allot to learn and improve indead...
    Orion TEAR was finished 17 November 2007. I look, now, back and I realize that I gave my very best, explored to the limit the available resorces and expanded my one knowloge to a level I thought I would never reach. Even if no one liked it I can't possibly ever consider it crap.
    Orion Tear was my university ;)

    @ Byron Kindig:
    It's realy more what I can do... Blender can do much more :)

    I didn't know about Animatu, I will apply ;)


  27. @Bmud

    Actually I would disagree to an extent on your thoughts on the interpretation of the music. I think there were some good choices in there, however there was still work to be done. Not necessarily as much on the choices of the music, but on the overall mix of the piece. It did not have a steady flow, in some cases this came from two different pieces of music close to one another, that sounded to different, but in most cases I think this came form the overall mix of the music and sounds that were availiable.

    Examples might be, in the first scene, with the 'hero' of the piece, I assume he was listening to the music? It tended to cut in and out very suddenly for no visual motivation, it would have been better to have it smoothly fade I think. Or in cases where you ahd some entry music playing on the death angel's entrance, it cut suddenly, again with no real motivation behind it I don't believe.

    Of course this is all opinion, so take it as you will;) I did very much enjoy the visual aspects of it, I agree that I was particularly enjoying some of the camera work.


  28. So my music video for 'Woodpecker from Mars' by Faith No More is going to take at least 19 months! Maybe I can take a sabatical and finish it earlier. (Working title 'God Mode').

    I'm going to restrict my comments to the action sequences only. Overall I was very impressed, I liked the martial arts moves and the fluidity of the moves by the characters when they were performing them. The only critique I have is that the ferocity of the attack didn't seem to come across when the other character was hit (there was a notable exception when Dark took a knee lunge that backed him to the fencing, but it was still not as sharp as it, in my opinion, should have been). Note for next time, sharpen the body recoils from the character being hit to get a better feel for the severity of the situation. It looked like two kittens fitghting instead of a man fighting for his life!

    Hopefully in 19 months you'll be able to critique my work and tell me how I could have done better. Although I think it will take me a lot longer.

    All that being said, WOW! Fantastic! Can't wait to see more!

    I could pick at it some more, but until I've completed my own project and put it out there for everyone to tare apart, it just wouldn't be right. Thanks for setting the bar.

  29. @ Thomas Vecchione:
    Yes, in that scene when the loudness reduces the idea was to insinuate that the sound is coming from the phones. Your critic is very good ;)
    There were allot of limitations relative to the sound, being the biggest Time and money(zero€ :P)
    I'm a very bad producer ^_^

    @ Paul:
    I agree 100% with you :/ It realy laks the ferocity... that's one thing that I need to study a litle more. In fact, iniatialy, was even worst, I had to add (already in post-production) some particles to simulate dust gags that kind explode when they are hit enhancing the impact a litle, but still it's very week :( In the fight scene this was my biggest problem.

    I'll be all eyes here waiting for your music video then; and hope to be able to write such a good and well fundamented critic as yours ;)

    Thanks ^_~

  30. parabens pelo teu trabalho !

    That was a kicking ass fighting,and a nice style,i also liked the english with a portuguese accent.

    For me it´s 5 stars

  31. Incroyable, un vrai petit film d'animation. Une histoire, des personnages, des plans audacieux... Il faut reconnaître que Blender est un fantastique logiciel d'animation 3D, mais Blender ne fait pas tout, il faut aussi beaucoup de talent derrière pour en arrriver là...
    Bravo, super, fantastique...

  32. @ Goeland:
    Je suis très contente que vous avez aimé mon petit film ^_^
    Et je suis également heureux de savoir qu'elle a atteindre l'un des pays de langue française ^_^
    Merci beaucoup!

    @ Henrique Zorzan; Master Danix:
    Obrigado pessoal, ainda bem que gostaram. O hipotético próximo vai ser falado em Português com dobragem e legendagem para inglês ;)

    Thanks all the other guys for your positive comments, I'm happy ^_~

  33. Thanks to the Digital Azul audiovisual studios from Lisbon, Portugal
    that converted it to the Betacam SP and Digital Betacam tapes, Orion Tear is sceduled to be shown 22 May 2008 at 22:00h on the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente
    There are 773 places to fill and the ticketes are free.
    Finaly Orion Tear Is gone be shown in the Giant Screen ^_^

  34. Sorry, forgot to mention, the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente is located in the city of Coimbra, Portugal :P

  35. kotakotakota on

    Are you selling a dvd version? If not, you should. You could email Ton, and ask him about the process. I am sure he would love to help.

  36. kotakotakota on

    Oh yeah, and also, the animation was wicked good. I like the camera movement especially. I could never do anything of this degree. Nice job

  37. @kotakotakota:
    Thanks, the thing that woried me most, before the release, was that no one would like the camera movement :P ...but lots of people liked it, so I must be doing it good, so more of that will come in future projects... improved ofcourse :)

    Well, Yea, I would like to sell a DVD version (I do want very much to make another movie), I'm just not sure that someone would want to buy it do ^_^ ...and it's true that I don't know nothing about the process :P Make them digitaly was easy:

    One thing I can tell, if Orion Tear ever gets to the DVD distribution I'll give a percentage of the incomings to the Blender Foundation.

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