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Apricot: *Massive* Feature Request List


ApricotDid you check out the Apricot Blog lately? If you didn`t, you should take a look at a small massive list of features, requested for the project.

The list has features for both Blender and Crystal Space. You can take a look at the list here. After all the new tools developed for the Peach project, we can expect a lot more to come! While we wait for these new features, the best way to help the project is pre-order the Apricot DVD. ;-)


  1. "correct handling of transparent textures in the viewport (options for back to front sorted drawing and for alpha testing)"

    Yes please!

  2. List looks gr8! I only got one question:
    Why are there improvements for the Blender logic? Does that means that we'll be able to 'build' the game using Blender and use GS as a 'render' engine? (Holds mouse cursor over the preorder button)
    Don't get me wrong; I've got nothing against GS and I will support this project cause it's good for Blender (and Blender is good for us) but I think that all I (and many other BGE lovers out there I guess) want is to be able to make a cool game for fun without having to use code for the whole thing. I love working with the BGE logic (it is a game on it's own!) and I would really like to keep on using it. Here comes the question: Are these good news (I'm a bit dumb I guess...)?
    Sorry for my English...

  3. What I'd most like to see:
    "Factory list for instancing assets," which I'd also love to have for animation;
    "Material Garbage Collector," and also for animation;
    Everything on the community list under "Blender Game Engine;"
    And absolutely, yes please thank you, animation constraints (IK, CopyTransform, Stretch/Track/Clamp To, etc) in GE, at least for armatures.

    What a tiny "definite" list, and what a massive "maybe" list. Perhaps Durian will have a game project too?

  4. @samran: A form of serialization, ergo think of christmas-tree-decoration-lights; lights, holders, wires, plug -> GGG(make one thread && apply on tree X)

  5. @Melnoy:
    It looks like a little of both; the top of the list is what the dev team has asked for, and there's a section near the bottom that lists stuff the team definitely wants, out of what the community has asked for (some of which is already in place). At least, that's what it looks like.

    Or /looked/ like, before it contracted BlenderNationitis.

  6. Still no simple networking (beside BZOO) i would love to see some culling and geometery managment, or a way to simplfly rendered faces in the BGE, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE DirectX but blender should stay multiplatform but maybe a update for Echo and BlendX would be nice. A LOD would be a nice solution to alot of issues i have with the BGE now along with a texture render/culling and WTF is OVERHEAD?! i would like a more detailed API and DOc's for the game engine and a BGE that would look like blendX not nessaryly play like it but the logic block set up is sweet.

  7. woah! if all of these features are actually coded during apricot then blender is going to be making one INSANE step up...

    i'm not into game dev but the sculpting / painting features look mad!

  8. @logan, actually it's not missing. This project is to get the ball rolling in that area. First by proving it can be done with crystal space (baby steps brother), and then later other engines can start implementing their own engine based on the results and documentation gathered from this project.

    That is Tons vision for this project, to show how blender can be integrated into any pipeline.

    The list looks a bit too over ambitious and some things appear (to me at least) to be doubled up. To be fair on the devs and the community, I was hoping this thread would have been simplified to give real indication on what to expect to be developed through this project. Don't get me wrong I would love everything mentioned to get done. But 6 months to get all those features plus actual work on the game sets this list to be a bit more like a dream than a reality.

    However, I definitely support these projects and hope that they can get done what they need to get done. Not forgetting that 2.50 is scheduled to be released by the end of this project.

  9. This list looks like a true Elephants Dream:DDDD..if you know what I mean...

    Maybe it was done to build more excitement in community or so, but more or less the list is not realistic, having in mind that there will be about 2-3 true recruited developers (lommel, barton and richter i guess and sometimes Ton, but I think he will be very busy with 2.5 and management) who can spend a whole days for developing..then maybe + 7-10 active "outside" benevolent developers (like genscher, "jahka", briggs, aligorith, schlaile, bishop, broken, theeth...) + some amount of not so active (but that not means that they are bit worse:)..definetly no) developers...yes it's quite big (even LARGE) team of active developers for a open souce application, but still to develop even half of that list in 6 monthes it needs about 30-40 developers i think...cause developing is not such rapid process if you want not only features, but also quality features, not full of bugs...(that thing about quality is also every time mentioned by ton:)).and also you must be considered that more or less quite much part of the those "outside" developers will be also engaged in blender 2.5 development, that needs much attentio too ..and it seems also that some features mentioned in the list are a bit not related with the projects needs...for example: sculpting tools, some modeling tools and others...but maybe i'm wrong and everything is very useful for project and will be used in project..:)then correct me..

    but i'm happy that Apricot team is very optimistical:D


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