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Don't give up!


pepeland.jpgAre you just beginning the craft of animation? Struggling with learning Blender hotkeys?

Don't be afraid. Everyone has to start somewhere. =)

You may have heard about Daniel Martinez Lara, also known as Pepeland. Long before producing cool animations, making tutorials and founding his own school, he did make some low quality work.

He was kind and brave enough to put on his website a secret link to a video compilation of his worst works. It is actually very good to motivate who is on his/her early steps to not give up.

Take a little time and search for it. After all, to quote him: "everybody's got a hidden past".

About the Author

Avatar image for Virgilio Vasconcelos
Virgilio Vasconcelos

Brazilian animator who uses Blender since 2003. Professor of 3D (with Blender, of course) and Digital 2D animation at UFMG (Federal University, Minas Gerais' state), Brazil. Writer of Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook, from Packt Publishing. Has a MFA degree with a research involving tools for free character deformation in 3D and is now performing a PhD research on distributed creation of media and animation.


  1. Not that web developer did really help... Still wondering how this is hidden, I guess some server rewrite or checking for referrer "magic".

    However, found it ;-)

  2. I still cannot find it.... but thanks for the url so I was able to watch the animation. :P Maybe later, I'll seek again, I'm still curious how it is hidden. Either I am simply stupid or it is very well hidden.

  3. "Not that web developer did really help… Still wondering how this is hidden, I guess some server rewrite or checking for referrer "magic"."

    Heh, check the URLs :)
    Hiding within is pretty standard though. What would've been cool is if he hid it via a CSS page (change link colour), then did added a PHP script in the CSS files to hide the code from everybody but himself. Then, he could use mod_rewrite to change the URL itself to make it seem less obvious. Heck, with CSS he could've even avoided the tag.

    :) just my two cents.

    "I found it! I'm so happy! =D"

    If you're talking about the location, you worry me :)

    Oh, and Virgilio, you made a typo. Look:
    "Take a little time and search for it. After all, to quote him: "everybody's got a hidden past"."
    He actually wrote "everyboby".

  4. I kinda cheated to find it...
    I hit TAB until it highlighted the spot. Very clever hiding spot...

    BTW, his worst animations are still mostly better than mine. ;)

  5. LOL! I found it! Whew! Now that's well hidden. I had to also cheat to find it with tab. Thank you for the idea. I would never ever find it without your both hints. :O

    Conclusion: My brain has a very, very low I.Q.

    Nice animation... brings back a lot of my old memories with Blender! It's nothing to be embarrassed/ashamed about, we all had to start somewhere! ;) Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your past! :D

  6. whats bad about it? It seems as if you had reasonable knowledge of Blender but couldn't combine all of the effects you knew about to create a complex scene that incorporates all of
    your Blender knowledge(hard to do). you should try to remake a scene and see how much better it looks to measure your progress as a CG artist. just an idea, don't listen to me I'm a noob. Or at least thats what blender makes me feel like. It seems like there is always more to learn. Thanks to Blender Developers. nice video.

  7. This is very true - when I took up drawing (or e-painting as some like to call it), I'd keep versions of the image along the way. One or two of them I completely redid from scratch. The difference is quite noticeable. I've always found it enlightening and motivating to look back at where I was, how far I've come, and where I need to go. The message is always there - you CAN get where you need to go...just keep at it.

  8. That link is really small. I tried the spot multiple times before finding it. And that stuff was better than my own. I don't really do animation...yet.

  9. That was pretty good stuff, i agree. I found it in about 3 seconds. There are other hidden spots too if you just press tab throughout the page.

  10. Yea thanks alot. All of that is really good for a beginner (or more) in the early 90's. I have a hard time seeing how anyone here could say they did much better back then. Practically all the deficiencies in those animations were a result of simpler software and much much much slower hardware of the time. Thanks for nothing.. my ego still is crap. ;p

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