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Learn Composition from Blue Sky


6.jpgIn the art world, composition is one of the most important elements of an artwork. However, many Blender artists lack formal artistic training, and may not be familiar with either the concept or application of this important aspect of visual imagery. That's where this handy "tutorial" comes in.

Virgilio Vasconcelos, a Blender artist, has used Blue Sky Studios' new "Horton Hears a Who" trailer and used it to create an entertaining and informative introduction to the concepts and application of visual composition. The tutorial encompasses important concepts such as the Rule of Thirds, directing the eye, visual weight, and points of interest. Learning to apply these concepts will improve the effectiveness of your artwork. Also, the whimsical charm of Blue Sky's Dr. Seuss artwork is a pleasure to look at even beyond the lesson! This is a tutorial no one will want to miss. Thanks Virgilio!


  1. Hey, guys! =)

    Thanks a lot for posting about my article. I'm very happy to see that you liked it.

    Fortunately folks at my hosting provider were kind enough to double my bandwidth limit to get all these visitors! =)

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Hi, Anthony and Caleb.

    It's pretty strange that you couldn't reach my website. I've been monitoring my website and it never went down since this post on BlenderNation. My web hosting service had tripled my bandwidth limit this month and - when I look at my access logs - there are minute-by-minute increase of the number of visitors.

    Maybe, for testing, you could try to reach my site through a web proxy like

    Cheers! =)

  3. Hi.

    I have also been having trouble getting the link to work, and also trough

    It sounds really interesting and educational, if you could host it somwhere else or something it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Arrrgh!

    I can't seem to get the link to this wonderful tutorial to work....
    I hope it is still there and the blog is just a bit wonky. It was a terrific article.

    thanks for posting it, and looking forward to getting at it again!

  5. My first ever micro tutorial.
    To have the grid of the rule of thirds, in your own cam in blender 3d Window.
    1. Make a plain 2. Select the plane, shift select the cam (in object mode) press CTRL C and select rotation. This make the plain with the same orientation as the cam. 3. make it closer to the cam, and make it the same size as your cam view. 4.In edit mode select two parallel edges, press K then select "knife (multicut)" then 2 for the "number of cuts". 5. Do the same with the 2 other parallel edges. 6.Select all the faces of your plane and press X then "Only faces" to only have the edges. 7. In object mode select first the grid you created then the cam and press CTRL P to make the grid son of the cam (so if you move the cam the grid stays with it!) 8. Use it in your images composition and enjoy! (Dont worry, it wont appear in your renders)

    Here is reference image:

    Happy composition!

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