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The Official Blender Model Repository


screenshot085.jpg Dion Moult wrote:
The Official Blender Model Repository (named due to remove confusion between the old BMR by Andrew Kator), has undergone some upgrades that some people have probably not noticed about. I thought it might be useful as some of the new initiatives could capture the interest of many Blender users.

The first of which, is one that many have already realized. The design has been changed, to be much nicer on the eyes, and easier to navigate. This was because the repository is now running on a framework, which allows a lot of new features when submitting/downloading/rating/reviewing models.

Another is the tutorials section...following a request from the owner of, we are now mirroring what I think are the most useful tutorials in Blender. Any beginner running through these should get a decent grasp of using Blender. Of course, there are intermediate and advanced tutorials as well.

The final update is the initiative of a forum, which is known as the Development Board. This forum has some unique aims:
1) to encourage a friendly, open-minded and supportive community
2) to encourage the development of a wide variety of skills, including not only 3D animation/art, but literature, programming, graphics design, and sound. This association of many different subjects is prone to failure, but we hope the supportive community will help keep it going. This will also encourage users to learn new things!
3) to accomplish a 100% quality based community. This is measured not of work quality, but improvement and attitude quality. This means that every post will have a purpose and be constructive. If not, it will be evaluated so that others can learn from it.
We hope this forum will succeed in its aims, and as mentioned previously, the
community plays a huge role!

Website: The Official Blender Model Repository


  1. In what way exactly is it "official"? Is it controlled by the Blender Foundation? Does revenue from the ads on the pages go to the Blender Foundation?

  2. Yes, that "official" part is kinda confusing (AFAIK the blender foundation is not involved).
    Anyway, I'm glad the repository is continued and it looks and feels a lot better than before :)


  3. @Mikkel, Höhrer: I agree - I found myself asking the same question. I don't think the BF is involved, either. The term 'official' is a bit misleading I think.

  4. I'm happy to see this repository getting continually better every time I check it. The one problem I have with it is that it doesn't seem to track what licenses the various models are released under, which would be convenient to know up front. Did I miss something? It would seem natural to present this along with the author, platform, and homepage information. And given the fate of the previous BMR, it would be useful to make sure that submitters are clear about the origin, ownership, and use rights of the material.

  5. Yea, I don't like its name either. Official Blender can be used ONLY by blender organization! I kindly suggest you to change it...

  6. It comes up as an "Adult Site" for me :(.

    Something wrong with the link, or something wrong with the web-blocker on our home network.

  7. @Tynach: Really? That seems weird. I can guarantee you there's nothing adult about it.

    More information can be found on the BMR about page:

    Well, the official was added as most people thought that Andrew's personal model download page was still the BMR, so they just called it the BMR, so we had to differentiate it a little. Sorry about the confusion ;)

    Our very important Terms of Service is linked on the about page:

    I quote this line which should answer quite a lot of questions:
    - All submitted models are for both personal and commercial use, unless stated by the user submitting the model.

  8. Really great. I concur with the issues of the word official, and licensing. (Just because it says it's free for private and commercial use doesn't mean it'll hold up in a court of law).

    But essentially, it's a really good idea.

  9. @Tynach: My guess is overly restricted filters picking up on the word 'model' :P Especially since links on the page also include the words female, etc. (Even if they are all 3D Models)

    Hmmm... Official - Perhaps it *would* be worth getting BF support for a repository, if it appears to be successful for a sustained period of time... That would be another step on the road to great Blender support...

  10. Well, I've tested the filter out on other sites, and it isn't overly sensitive. At school, Blendernation is blocked for "Personal Pages," even though you don't make personal pages on Blendernation. Here at home, Blendernation isn't blocked, and I've tried almost everything I could to find a blocked site that is perfectly fine, and untill now, I have found none. Also, this filter is built into the DNS server we use, not a local proxy server. And the other DNS servers don't work for some reason (I've tried, which I used before).

    The filter/DNS is:

    I've flagged the BMR for review, but that was when I first found this article. No response, and its still blocked.

  11. I hate to double post, but another site I've found that prooves that it isn't over sensitive is Uncyclopedia. It isn't blocked.

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