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Awesome Demolition Script being Developed!


demol_thumb.jpgOkay, this is the boring intro that you've probably already skipped after reading the headline so, just jump in and check out the exciting work being done by Kai Kostack...

Kai writes:

I'm working on a script for simulating believable demolition effects.

I dreamed to have such a software since I saw this from ILM in 1998 for Star Wars. It took a while to make it work, because I was not familiar with the complicated math needed for this. Since I'm just an artist, I had to reinvent the wheel completely new, based on my imagination.

The demolition script is for all kind of destructions. You can simulate smaller things like breaking glass, tearing clothes or a piece of paper. But you can also think bigger, for instance airplane crashes, ship crashes, car crashes, starship collisions or explosions. Think of asteroids crashing into city skyscrapers or whatever! You can do everything you can imagine with this script.

But now I'm very enthusiastic about my first results after weeks of thinking. Here are some tests.

Feedback is well appreciated.

The stiffness problem was difficult to handle but I found a way which isn't too slow. It's some algorithm which monitors every piece of separate geometry and checks it for a predefined maximum deformation. Hard to explain so just have a look...

Lots of bugs fixed and I've worked on centrifugal forces, as you can see. Also I have integrated the sleep mode, which is very useful indeed.

The calculation time is around 10 seconds per frame on a P4 1.7GHz and the car model has around 7000 triangles.

I had the idea to add an option for using a different break limit for faces with alpha <1. This way it's easy to handle glass differently from solid.

This is definitely a very exciting project!

For continuing details and actual video footage of the results, visit the BlenderArtists discussion forum.

You can also check out Kai's website for other projects and artwork he's developed.

Thanks for all of the hard work, Kai Kostack!


  1. Hehehe... female characters with ripped clothes

    * is ashamed that this was the very first idea that came to his twisted mind *

  2. wow, 1 thing i notice tho is nothing looks solid. the pillar breaks and it collapses like its paper thin. it has no internal mass. very cool all tge same tho

  3. @Robert
    You might want to go through the thread to see the videos. It's definitely getting better. I especially like the test with the fully-modeled car slamming into the wall (at the bottom of page three, I think).

  4. I like the idea of this kind of stuff, its especially useful if say you wanted a window to smash realisticly when someone jumps through it but the thought of it being a script and not developed in a compiled language (hopefully within blender) is a little disconcerting. especially since external python scripts are rarely maintained right and so the next blender version might not even work with a script created with a previous blender version, stuff in mainline is usually maintained a hell of a lot better :)

  5. Kl - I wanna C that in the blender source code though - if you'll excuse the pun! haha... Python is alright for some things, and definately fine for standalone applications, but the level of integration with blender for python scripts just leaves me wanting everything C'fied... :/
    ~epat. :)

  6. About bloody time. Something like this has been need for ages in Blender. The lack of simulation ability was one of the last reasons why I kept hanging on to Lightwave...okay that and models.

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