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SIGGRAPH 2007 update


tim-with-camera.jpgWell I'm back from SIGGRAPH 2007 and it was a very exciting and incredible trip. I felt like a sugar starved kid in a candy shop, so many things to see and do, which do I choose to do first. I especially want thank folks at SIGGRAPH for recognizing BlenderNation as a legitimate news source.

While there I got to spend time with Ton for some Blender training. Though I was a bit nervous at first, Ton was able to get me to relax with his great sense of humor. I also had many discussions with Bassam Kurdali about his new Candyman rig and the upcoming training DVD via the Blender Institute. I'm not quite sure of the release date but I'm guessing its sometime in October – November. Other interviews with Roland Hess on the Essential Blender book, Tony Mullen and his Character Animation with Blender book, as well as conversations with other BlenderHeads.

Ton Roosendaal

Something that I've heard before about Blender at the SIGGRAPH show and got to experience first hand is how it's always crowded at the Blender exhibit. From the opening of the exhibition to the closing and then some, there was always a crowd around the Blender Kiosk. The best part was watching the reaction of those who had never seen Blender before when they would ask “How much is it” or “It has a compositor?” or “It has all of this and it's free?!”

Now I know you all are waiting for pictures and videos but it'll have to wait just a bit. I've got about 250 - 300 still pictures, 6 hours of video to convert and edit and a book of many pages of notes to review and still do my day job. So please be patient, I will eventually get it all out there for you.

Regarding my Blender Birds of Feathers video - The acoustics of the room were the equivalent of an airplane hangar size echo chamber so I'm not sure if you'll be able to make out what is being said. I've only listened to the raw footage directly from the camera and I'm not too encouraged by what I heard. I may attempt to scrub the sound channel to see if I can bring out the audio. Either way I will still release it. But I did get an interview with Ton where we covered some of the things talked about in the BOF so hopefully that will make up for the audio issues. Ton likes to walk around while talking and go out and meet the audience. He's not the stay in one place at the podium type. Next year I'll try to get some wireless audio equipment and a better directional boom microphone. (Bart- we need a budget)

Oh yeah, before I forget. I got a fantastic video interview with the Animation Mentor founders, Bobby Beck who worked on Finding Nemo and some of Cars before he left Pixar to Run Animation Mentor full time., Shawn Kelly ,Transformers and Carlos Baena , Ratatoullie. We discuss Animation Mentor, some of their experiences on the movies and ..... Blender! So, as they say on TV, stay tuned for more exciting information.


Left to right, Tim Formica, Bobby Beck, Carlos Baena, The AM Mascot and Shawn Kelly

Photo taken by Roland Hess (Harkyman)


  1. As to using Windows, it's all about logistics and budgets. These are Dell computers that Ton had to rent from a service connected to the convention center. When Ton got there to set up, they where going to give him 32 inch TV sets for monitors because they ran out of flat screens. They figured he'd be happy with a BIGGER 32 inch TV screen.. You should have heard Ton on that one. LOL

  2. Man, I can't wait to see that! =D

    Looks like everything was awesome... I really wish I could have been there.

    I'd love to know what Bobby "Boom" Back, Carlos Baena and Shawn Kelly have to say about Blender. =D

    Thanks a lot for the update!


  3. Tim, I didn't mean "where can i find the DVD", but where can i find more info on it :)
    its the first thing i read about it. Was there some announcement made earlier?


  4. How big have those TVscreens been?

    Great, to hear! I'd have liked to be there :D
    Curious to hear and see all the pics and videos :)

  5. Paul, yes same here and thanks for taking the pictures.

    frozerino - It will be coming shortly in my interview with Bassam.

  6. Sorry to hear the audio didn't work out with your video. I'm just returning from SIGGRAPH myself (finished reviewing my footage); perhaps next year my company [Remnant Studios] can help with A/V logistics (HD camera with wireless audio setup) - we're a post-production, as well as a production, house and we have all the gear.

    Blender is AWESOME... I learned about it at SIGGRAPH 06 (Boston) last year and been learning ever since (Blender Essentials is sweet; so is Tony Mullen's CAB). I encourage you all pre-order the Peach Project DVDs!

  7. On the computers -- like Tim said, they were what the rental service provided. Naked Dell Windows boxes. When I cruised in at 9:30 the first day, Ton was like "does anyone know how to fix a crappy Windows box?" because the vid drivers were the default MS ones. We barely had time to get the right nVidia ones up and running for Blender before we got mobbed, let alone a custom Ubuntu install or anything...

  8. lasphere - You'll be pleased to know that I brought this up in my interview with Bobby so you'll be able to here first hand what he says about it. He explains why and what you can do so as to not encroach on the AM branding. I don't want to give out any details yet so just keep watching BN for the release of my interview. I'm hopeing to have it out next week if all goes well.

  9. Why oh why isn't there an Asian Regional SIGGRAPH!! We must start up our own community. Here in Malaysia, I only know 1 blenderhead, and that's because I introduced it to him.

  10. Dion,

    There will be an Asian Siggraph starting in 2008. They announced it just before the Scott Mc Cloud talk. There were booths in the ACM area.

    It was nice to see Blender starting to get some respect this year.

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