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Splash screen contest for 2.45


SplushThere is a new Splash Screen contest for Blender 2.45 at the Blenderartists foruns. This new release of Blender won't have any new features or tools, just some bug fixes.

To join the competition, just visit this thread at Blenderartists, download the Template and post your best work. The deadline for the contest is July 15(Sunday).


  1. CopyAndPaste on

    Rules for the splash screen contest are simple:

    * don't talk about the splash screen contest
    * don't talk about rule #1
    * use template (download here The version number still show as 2.44, the template will be updated soon)

    * don't overlap splash screen area. make your picture fit in the given space.
    * don't use blender logo
    * don't use suzanne.
    * don't other logos either, like foundation, or orange..
    * you can use old works, or make completely new.
    * you can participate with more than one image, but,
    * do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
    * just make a good one
    * it has to look awesome.
    * post your works on this thread.
    * keep thread clean, entries and questions about competition only.

    I don't see anything about needing to use blender... but if you use maya I don't thing anyone would vote for you ;)

  2. "Rules for the splash screen contest are simple:

    * don't talk about the splash screen contest"

    You guys have just broken the rule!

  3. Rules for the splash screen contest are simple:

    * don't talk about the splash screen contest
    * don't talk about rule #1

    ...and I broke #2, D'OH! Now I'm out!

  4. Yes, I guess I'm breaking the rules here, but seriously I have an important question ...

    WHY are we not to talk about splashscreen contest, or about the rule not to talk about them?

    What's the point in keeping people in the dark about it? Isn't the ability to create our ideas and share them with others part of what our artistic Blender community is all about?

    Are we not as open minded as we are open source? Isn't an informed, actively participating community of users better than us isolating ourselves and closing ourselves off from one another?

    I don't understand the point of this secrecy. Unless it's some kind of big joke that I haven't caught the meaning of. Seems like even informing us here or in the BlenderArtists thread would be breaking the rules too, or discussing entries on that thread.

  5. pamtango: I can understand wanting to keep the thread clear of clutter, but that doesn't explain why the splashscreen contest can't be talked about. The way people treat this, it seems like we're not allowed (or will be accused of 'breaking rules') to discuss it anywhere. Am I just misinterpreting this then (maybe people are just joking around about it and I'm not getting it?)

    Bart: Yup, I've seen fight club, but there are quite a few differences in this situation I should think ;) BTW, love your site. I come here everyday :)

  6. So this rule doesn't apply here at Blendernation!
    All those rules are only for people who enter the contest and only count in that one thread where you post the pictures on Blenderartists forum. You also could open a new thread on Blenderartists and talk about the contest all day long, I don't think this would be forbidden.
    I think the persons who select the picture only want to see pictures and don't want to read comments about pictures.


  7. Markus: See that makes more sense to me. It just seemed crazy for people to not talk about it at all anywhere and get razzed for talking about it here.

  8. DaveC: No, you haven't made a fool out of yourself. :) I'm just today figuring out that people are joking, so it is me who's the fool. I had seen it before where people had harrassed each other about Rules #1 & #2 regarding the splash screen contests, but had always stayed out of the conversation. Not that I took any offence regarding all this, but it's sometimes hard to tell over the internet when someone's joking or not. This time I was just trying to see what all the secrecy fuss was about.

    On the bright side, I was a little more active than usual here on BlenderNation today :)

  9. For my own, I understand that we mustn't speak about the splash contest IN THE SPLASH SCREEN ITSELF !
    I believe that it is to avoid text in the image that doesn't belongs to the work itself...

    Maybe I'm wrong...

  10. JvIasterMind on

    The article is talking about 2.45 not 2.5.

    I believe this will just be a bugfix release before 2.5 gets released as scheduled.

  11. #1000:
    I've a way to break this rule circle:
    Don't talk about ANY rule above this one, including this rule itself
    those current entries are very nice :D

  12. epat:

    Of course, there could just be a rule "Don't talk about any of the rules, including this one".

    But yeah, I think it's for the thread only.

  13. Cool. After 2.45 I am really excited about new updates blenders going to get through this peach open movie. I bet it will do a lot for feature development.

  14. Mike Smick, this upcoming bug-fix release is Blender 2.45; you're thinking of 2.5 which will be the next major release of Blender. You wouldn't want them adding new features for 2.5 on bug-filled code would you? I thought not, hence that's why they're giving us 2.45 first.

  15. don't talk about "it" ANYWHERE!!! they will come after you-by "they" i mean the BLENDERHEADS!!! My friend talked about it to-of all things-his goldfish! i went to see him this morning...there were guys carrying a body bag out of his house, wearing stuff from the blender e-shop!!!! wait... I shouldn't be on here! they'll get me too!!! someones at the door.........

    Hello. We are the men in Orange.Please look at the red light on the Neuralizer. {[FLASH]}. You did not just read this post and will now spend all your money at the e-shop. Have a nice day.

    the Neuralizer is copyright Men in Black 1997-2003-I think.

  16. I'm sorry but why is there so much commotion about a small picture which appears for a split second when blender opens? I'm not complaining (I'm entered in it) I just find it a little funny. XD

    oh yea, right. you will be immortalized for ever if your picture gets chosen... ;)

  17. See the thread lately? This is EXACTLY why they made up those rules. Look at the amount of clatter there! Some people have even started voting for their favourite one(s). :(

    p.s: I'm not proficient enough to make a great image for the contest.

  18. When my Dalek is finished (For those who don't know, I'm making a 3D Dalek project in Blender), I may try to put that as a contest entry, but it may be too late by the time I'm done, judging by the rate that I'm working on it...

  19. Tynach you can't enter the Dalek image, it is a BBC copyright item and they will come after you with baseball bats, err, I mean lawyers, yes that's right, lawyers, not baseball bats at all.

    What, that baseball bat? Oh, officer, we play baseball with that, we don't hit people with it! Ha ha ha, yes, that's the ball. No, we don't make people at those, we hit them with the bat...

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