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Configuring a Scene for Physics Simulation


physicsim.jpgHere's a nice demonstration, created by "RCRuiz", of how easy it is to setup a basic physics simulation in Blender.

The video was created using Wink and contains no audio but, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Level: Beginner
Blender version: 2.43RC1
Check it out here.


  1. how is that flash? I mean in file size. And it haddend fitted in my screen using FF. Are there a tool which says me flash is loaded? Cause tabs are not informing about load status.

  2. I did enjoy seeing the demo, but unfortunately with out sound did not know what was going on. I hope in the future to see this as a complete tutorial. I am sure I could learn a lot about physics simulation from this. Also I could not see the whole thing at once on my screen and had to keep scrolling around and this made it more difficult to follow.

  3. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but is it possible to set the screenshot recorder to optimize mouse moves (eg. make a straight line between mouse clicks)? The demo works for me, but it plays back fairly slowly on my screen and a fair fraction of the time, the mouse moves seem like aimless wandering rather than intentional activity. Would also be nice to be able to control playback speed, or at least skip ahead etc.

  4. I agree with JohnB.

    Too much glacial mouse wandering.

    Interesting enough though, gave me some ideas. (I haven't mucked around with the physics engine yet...)

  5. More information would be very helpful. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P I've never heard of and it doesn't seem to work for me the way the tutorial shows it.

    I googled "blender ctrl-alt-shift-p" and got nothing, so if anybody can clue me in I'd be grateful. It seems to be running the game engine with ordinary 3D window draw mode, which would be cool to be able to do, but I can't get it to work for me.

  6. Hi to all . . . the ctrl+alt+shif+p is not very know since is a sort of work in progress and it try to put control on the use of the dynamics for animations. It use the same modules as the ge but with some critical differences like it recognize initial velocity depending on the position and rotation of an object on a previous frame and stuff like that so it create the simulation based on the current state of the scene and limited by the animation information. I present this in blenderartist some time ago but I did not see much attention so I did not finish the tutorial . . sorry for that. . . currently I can not compromise to finish the tutorial but I will love to explain the full use of this to someone willing to do a tutorial.


  7. Ah! I've got it! Wow, this is actually big news! This is a terrific improvement over recording Ipos from the game engine directly, because it gets the frame rate right and also allows bone parenting! Thank you RCRuiz, and thank you Kernon for posting this! Lucky timing for me, too, because I'm in the middle of the Bullet chapter of my book right now, and this is really pretty important for that!

  8. No problem. Just that Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P doesn't do anything visible. It records physics to Ipos without going into the Game Engine, and also without a lot of the problems of going into the game engine. What RCRuiz is doing in the video is pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P and then pressing Alt-A to run the animation.

  9. Correction . . . I'm glad you like my little hack . . . . :S

    I really need to put more attention of what I'm writing :S


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