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It's HERE!!! Blender Peach Open Movie - The Blender Institute and ... The Apricot Open Game!


screenshot053.jpg!!!EXCITING NEWS!!!

Ton Roosendaal has announced a follow up to the Orange project and more!

The Peach Open Movie

"As a follow-up to the successful project Orange's "Elephants Dream", the Blender Foundation will initiate another open movie project. Again a couple of the best 3D artists and developers in the Blender community will be invited to come together to work in Amsterdam on completing a short 3D animation movie."

Three well known Blender artists / animators: " Sacha "Sago" Goedegebure (Netherlands) and Lyubomir Kovachev (Bulgaria) have been approached. They will work with producer Ton Roosendaal to pick the other team members, define the concept and get a great script to work with. Andy Goralczyk, art director of the former Orange team, has accepted to join the team to migrate his experience especially."

If you want to be part of the process, see the details on the Blender announcement site.


Institute Blender Institute for Open 3D Projects -

"Because of the overwhelming success of the first open movie project, Ton Roosendaal, the Blender Foundation's chairman, now works on establishing the "Blender Institute". This will be a permanent office and studio to more efficiently organize the Blender Foundation goals, but especially to coordinate and facilitate Open Projects related to 3D movies, games or special effects."

Game Project

"As a second open project, the Blender Foundation and Crystal Space community are going to cooperate on organizing an Open Game. This will become possible thanks to the support by the NLGD Conference, the "Nederlandse Game Dagen", the annual conference for the Netherlands game industry."


  1. Unreal.Blender on

    Wow, this is awesome news, and I look forward to monitoring the progress of the film and the publicity/ improvements it brings upon blender!

  2. Out of curiosity, if we are interested in helping with Audio for either of these projects, what is the best way to get involved? I am assuming all source materials must be original recordings in order to ensure possibility of releasing under an open license, etc. so I am curious about helping with this.


  3. Indeed, great news. I'm curious to find out more about the leaps in actual production. It's going to be a great '07 - with 2.5 coming out soon (not soon enough tho-).

    Interested to watch the actual CVS system implemented with this Verse dead? Anybody?

    And are we implementing new OpenGL stuff? This is going to be one helluva project...

    I can't wait...>bounce, bounce

  4. truly a unexpected news so early, but wow, really good unexpected news, if only i had the ditches to work on it.I will do my best to help where i can, or rather is open to public editing.

  5. Sounds awesome! I look foward to seeing the finnished film, and also wathcing as it develops! The concept draws look really funky, so it should be great!!!

  6. An interesting pairing to begin with. Lyubomir Kovachev really is a Blender Guru/Ultimate Master and it is nice to see him involved in this project. Sacha's work is always well polished and his ideas are really interesting. I personally think this project is going to outshine Elephant's Dream by far, especially since they bungled pre-production during Project Orange!

  7. owww.... nice characters (could use a little work) but I am happy you guys went with the cartoony style!

    /me is tempted to go model one of the characters right now!

  8. Tip for the character designers:

    Remember to do *full-turnarounds on your selected character-designs
    it will make it easier for the 3d-artists/modellers to understand
    your models fully, otherwise - things that will look smart on paper
    (eg: the impossible model) won't work in 3D, it also clarifies certain
    issues about the models so everything works 100 %

    *full-turnarounds are often referred to as a modelsheet/turnsheet.
    This simply means drawing the character from several angles, that
    is eg. 5-6 drawings showing the full body turned around 360 degrees.

    Additionally draw pose-sheets to help animators with advanced posing
    to show what the character can do. These also serve as inspirationals
    for the other artists.

  9. I was really hoping that the next Project Orange would be a short live action film, like the short film "405: The Movie",

    What I had hoped for was for a DVD with 2K film scans (or digital) of raw footage of entire scenes, shot at 24 fps with 4:4:4 color, shot on blue and/or green screen, so everyone could practice compositing with professionally produced raw footage.

    I would like to see Blender demonstrate digital sets, characters, props, explosions, bridges collapsing, car chases, composited with live action footage of miniature models and puppets. And as far as Blender development: a motion tracker, further develop Noodles with animated garbage mattes etc.

    Certainly someone would donate the rental of F900 cameras, lights, etc, and could get a cinematographer interested to shoot it, and maybe, maybe, get a Hollywood celebrity to volunteer to star in it.

    If two guys can make a short like the "405: The Movie" with no budget, Project Orange could too!

    I would like to see Blender shine as a professional visual effects tool.

    Maybe next time.

  10. Wow, great news..

    but, at this rate, all of the fruits will be used by 2010 and then Ton will need to start a project to manipulate DNA of fruits in order to create new kind of fruits so more open projects will be possible..

  11. I also love the naming thing... you can imagine how I was totally amazed finding out this is going to be our neighbours: (4 doors away)

    Brand new opened; Restaurant PAERZ! :)
    Note for non-dutchies, this is old-dutch writing for "Purple". But the hint to Pears was meant to yes.

    And when you go further 4 more doors, you find this:
    A hip new facility for HDTV and film editing. :)

    Yeah, we are going to have some fun there!


  12. ToastBusters on

    Now I am officially excited about this. A fur system is what I need for my own project- and the best I could hope for up until now was to watch jakha's particles. This project looks more certain (time-frame wise) so this is definitely something for me to look forward to.

    One question- is there any way I would be able to have access to the new goodies before it's part of the main blender release? Or will I have to wait until next year to get access to them?

  13. Wow. All the best...and will this movie be a short?? The blender institute and the official game project with Crystalspace 3D is really very exciting news. :-)

  14. Two wonderful projects! Especially the movie one. With Sago's sense of humor, Lyubomir's great skill in character animation and Andy's style, it's bound to shine brighter than the previous project., if the first one was Elephants Dream, this should be... Bunnies Fantasize. Yes!

  15. ... is the fact that I have soooo much to learn until I can consider myself to be half as good as necessary to participate in such a movie.

    But maybe there are other ways in which I can help - I'd really love to participate. Be it for translating, checking the story, doing some soundtracks and the like.



  16. Two great projects! With Sago's sense of humor, Lyubomir's great skill in character animation and Andy's style, Project Peach is bound to shine brighter than its already-blinding Orange predecessor.

    Now, if the first one was Elephants Dream, this one should be...Bunnies Fantasize! Yes!

  17. Sweet! This is exciting news about the movie and game. :D

    One thing I don't understand though is how come they're using crystal space instead of ogre? I would've thought ogre would've been preferred with the integration thing and all.

  18. This really caught me off guard- congratulations to all the artists who made the cut! Good luck with the film!

  19. U-238: Apples to oranges. Crystal Space is a modular 3d engine that can serve as a full game engine if you include various plugins, Ogre3D is just a renderer. It didn't even have a scene graph last time I looked into it, so to use it as a replacement for the old Blender game engine, you'd have to tack on a lot of external stuff, and write most of a game engine first.

    It'd kinda defeat the purpose.

  20. Maybe a short without dialog, vis-à-vis the Pixar shorts, would be interesting and useful to the international audience this movie will be aimed at. It would also remove the need for subtitles, which were quite the headache (and in one instance a bit embarrassing) when producing the DVD, IIRC.

    Pixar shorts are great. Many spin an entire tale without a single word :-D

    Anyway, just an idea.

  21. patdog: I would love too, but there are so many more skilled blender artists that I would actually be doing more damage than help by joining.

    Sensei: "No dialog/but great music score" has been the medium for some of the greatest films ever made (think Charlie Chaplin.) If the right musical composition could be found, with a perfect placement of one of those extremely sad/touching scenes... within mist of comedy... we could be looking at an Oscar.

    Pixar has come close to the concept, but slightly lacking in my opinion. Disney has touched it (Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast) Bard Bird nailed it with Iron Giant (Best animated Film ever made). BlueSky very close in Ice Age. Brad Bird once again almost pulled it off in the Incredibles.

  22. I don't think the've given the call yet, from the site:

    - June 16: Public call for portfolio submissions
    - June 26: Closing date for submitting portfolios
    - June 30: Announcement team (+ define spares)

    I'd love to help as well, but for the movie, I don't think my work is up to the level they seek, yet, if it ever will be lol.
    The game thing though....
    if they could organize it so that the community can actually contribute stuff (models animations etc) that would be cool.
    genre? who cares? fps seems cool enough, but what about a hybrid. sauerbrauten allows you to make your level as you play it. little big planet seems really cool as well. physics and creating your own solid platform game. this idea goes really well with open source IMO.
    a coop multiplayer rpg like zelda? With elements of little big planet? Top down shooter like alien swarm?
    Anyone remember battlezone? Take the UNREAL/Starcraft/battlezone1 mood, combine it with the strategy stuff of battlezone2, throw in player movement of call of duty United offense/FEAR, and give it a kick ass story.
    Brainstorming doesn't hurt, and it's easy....

  23. @Dr D, U-283: Well, Ogre has a scenegraph now (and does so for quite a while).

    I think its really a shame (and a stratgic error on the side of Blender) that Blender bets on Crystal Space and not Ogre since Ogre is widely considered as one of the (if not the single) best open source 3D engines available, regarding render quality and - unlike many OS APIs - structure, programming and documentation. Looking at both engine's references you will find an outstanding selection of real games, open source and a number of commercial titles, proving Ogre is really "industry strength" -- despite of its lack of game logic support. Besides, there are open source game engines built on top of Ogre.

    I'd really love to see more from that Ogre-into-Blender project instead of a Crystal Space game.

  24. @Niaho: I agree, I would love to see ogre used, as it is one of the best OS graphic engines around. Problem is, it's just that, a graphics engine, where as crystal space is a complete game engine (including networking, sound, input, etc.) To add all of those extra pieces to an ogre based engine would probably be outside the project's scope. Besides, people have been working on the crystalspace/blender for quite a while.

    @Tombjo: Great idea. That would be a great way for people to contribute, and it would make life easier for the project team as well. (Weren't there problems with render time during Orange?) Only question is if BURP is up to the challenge

  25. Hope they have a script you can enjoy this time around. ED, while superbly executed, had the most painfully annoying script...

  26. (Just the a random thought.)

    @Niahom, methinks: from what it looks like... it is Crystal Space community that has offered to help and willing to cooperate with the Blender Foundation. Including their developers who will be improving the engine as the game continues.

    Is there an Ogre community that is enthusiastic as the Crystal Space community in seeing the project to completion?

    (Just the a random thought.)

  27. @Calvin: Probably, if someone actually approached them. But like I mentioned before, one of the advantages with Crystal space is the existing Crystal/Blender project (which at one point was being considered to replace the blender game engine)

    @vidrazor: By the sounds of it, they do. The problem with ED was that they didn't come up with a script until halfway through the project. That said, it was meant more as a tech-demo.

  28. This is great news!

    I am just slightly disappointed it goes in the trendy way of cute and fluffy animals - people might shoot me for saying that, but i actually loved the mystery of elephants dreams [after i watched the conference where they explained what it meant], it felt different

    on the other hand, if the goal is to get more people to know blender, i agree it's better this way.

    good luck to all participants! (and please make it at least a bit original)

  29. I'm very happy to read that there will be an other fruit in the basket!

    I have loved Elephants Dream, and I'm very confident in the next movie.

    Good luck to the new coming team, and have some rest before starting, because you'll need all your energy one launched !

  30. Two wonderful projects. With Sago's sense of humor, Lyubomir's character animation skills and Andy's style, project Peach is bound to shine brighter than its already-blinding Orange predecessor., if the first one was called Elephants Dream, this one shall be...Bunnies Fantasize! Yes!

  31. Is the institute open now?
    If not, what's the time frame?
    From the looks of it, I'm guessing it's near the zoo. Is that right?

  32. Auria:
    Maybe I'm biased, as I love cartoon style stuff, but maybe it will be better for the blender community if they next movie is more accessible. I remember showing a lot of people ED and the response being along the lines of "sure, the visuals are great, but what the hell is it about?"

    Personally, I liked everything about ED except the acting. However, I'm of the opinion that elitist art is self defeating, especially if you are using it to try and promote something.

    Plus, a movie about furry creatures will hopefully push the development of faster hair/fur rendering.

  33. Now the Open Game is what gets me going! (not to take anything away from the mouth-watering goodies that another Open Movie will produce!)

    Gotta say I agree with Niaho about OGRE, although I understand it's as much a Crystal Space initiative as a Blender one.

  34. Ok, I'll do some research before opening my mouth next time. Crystal Space seems to be the natural partner to Blender doesn't it... (even if it its renderer isn't quite at at OGRE level.)

  35. Mmmmm! The furry animals route is kinda well-worn, but yes, we want it accessible, so this is how to go! Also, because it is well-worn, it will make it much easier to compare the level of quality of this short with others. So good choice - and a challenge!

    Looking forward to the fur/rigging/compositing updates that will come out of this!

    I must give a vote for the compositing movie for some time in the future. Blender is now capable of some really cool after effects. It would be a fascinating experiment to produce a short live action film and make the empasis on Blender as an effects studio (kiddies, can we say photo-realistic rendering and camera tracking?).

  36. Concerning the game discussion, there is an interesting comparison page for Ogre vs. Crysta (found on the Crystal Space website):

    It says basically the same things that people pointed out in this discussion, i.e. that Crystal is more complete, but it also stresses the facts that makes me an Ogre fan: The excellent structure, community support and documentation of Ogre and its impressive showcase. I'd rather spend my time writing bindings to other APIs than figuring out how to use a badly documented engine but I understand that the game guys want to start working on the game right away. On the other hand, numerous binding for Ogre exist (see link on the page mentioned).

    Anyway, I hope that the Ogre-Blender connection will non the less be strengthened in the future.

  37. About the CS vs Ogre debate:

    It is not a choice against Ogre, nor it's a strategic decision to replace the Blender engine with Crystal Space.

    We just happen to work online with a couple of CS developers already, the CS project seems well organized, and it indeed looks like a complete game engine you can use to deliver a product in. Further, you cannot pick both engines for 1 project... so whatever you choose, it is always leaving out others.

    Further it is especially the idea of the Blender Institute to have continuity. So, let's get ready for a Blender-Ogre next year? :)


  38. Francisco Ortiz on


    And Then Blender-Irrlicht, and then Gimp-Blender! :)

    Open source unite yourselves!

    And please be patient with developers or please steal a bank :)).

  39. Hi, I'm the project manager of Crystal Space. I agree on most of the criticisms on Crystal Space versus Ogre. The documentation is indeed not as good. Our community is indeed not as big and we indeed don't have as many showcases. However, we are not standing still. Documentation is improving and while our community is not big it is very stable and dedicated. And showcases I'm sure will come in the future.

    Ogre does indeed also have external game engines but I have been told (could be wrong on this) that they are not as well integrated as our own CEL game engine. CEL is becoming very popular and the CELstart tool ( is gaining a lot of momentum. While Crystal Space itself is relatively complicated if you add CEL and especially CELstart on top of that you can make full and powerful games without even touching a single line of C++. Instead you write game logic using descriptive xml files and/or python scripts.

    I strongly believe that the way we are going with Crystal Space is right. That doesn't mean that I think Ogre is doing the wrong thing. Ogre is a powerful project and certainly a very good choice for any 3D game.


  40. WOW! i'm excited!
    REALLY excited!!!!
    extremely excited!!!!!!
    maybe so excited i'm, morbidly excited!!!
    or perhaps im suffering excited delirium!!!!

  41. Just like Blender itself, the more this project carries on, the better it gets! Better than Elephants Dream? I'm sure it will be.

    Visually, Elephants Dream was excellent, and so to was the soundtrack. The only part I didn't like was the (somewhat) unclear storyline. A prequel, anyone? I don't care if the episodes are jumbled up like the Star Wars saga, E.D. already has a great storyline. But that's the _only_ complaint I had about E.D. - everything else is thumbs up.

    Bring on the next project!

  42. I love the concept of an open source movie, but was sorely disappointed by Elephants Dream. As others have mentioned, the script was pretty awful. I seem to remember one of the people involved with the project saying that the narrative reflected the nature of open-source tools - quirky and inaccessible. Time to get rid of that thinking, both for this film's audience and new users of Blender.

  43. "the script was pretty awful"
    Nonsens. The movie was partly funded by the art institute and that had it's influence on the movie. It's more of an art movie than an entertainment movie. You can be disappointed by that, sure, but no need to "to get rid of that thinking", very much the opposite, we need more of that and less economy driven lightweight nonsens.
    If Peachy going to be a crowd pleaser then I'm very much against that. Open source, CC and free software is about freedom of thought, not commercial inslavement.
    Time will tell if Elephants Dream is really that horrible as the mob used to say about the sunflowers of van Gogh.

  44. [Nonsens. The movie was partly funded by the art institute and that had it's influence on the movie. It's more of an art movie than an entertainment movie.]

    Then keep art out of the script, 'cause it was awful :-)

    [If Peachy going to be a crowd pleaser then I'm very much against that. Open source, CC and free software is about freedom of thought, not commercial inslavement.]

    You can be a crowd pleaser and have freedom of thought without being awful.

  45. Joeri - claiming 'art' as some kind of defense for Elephant's Dream's shortcomings is ridiculous. The narrative was incredibly unclear; Tom's quote was entirely appropriate. Besides, I'm fairly certain his "let's get rid of that kind of thinking" comment referred to the mindset that links open-source with 'quirky' and 'inaccessible'. How can you argue with that?

    Personally, I think the best thing for Blender would be a high level of involvement in the production of a crowd-pleaser, and I'm sure Ton would agree (I see no reason for this to go hand in hand with commercial enslavement, Joeri).

    A thought: The script for Orange...who was responsible? A writer, or an artist/tech-head? I have a feeling it definitely WASN'T the former. I think it would be useful for Peach to specialise a little bit and focus on one thing at a time - the people in placement don't need to be all things to all people. There's no reason why the core modeling/animation/production team can't remain in...err...Amsterdam (? I forget where), while a group of off-site artists collaborate with the team globally, contributing writing, 2d concepts art, scripts, etc.

    I'll be supporting Peach and Blender, regardless, just like always, since before the Free Blender campaign (I've already ordered my copy of the new manual :)) and the days of NaN.

  46. DJ Tulleken -
    "The narrative was incredibly unclear" It was pretty clear to me, and it's not uncommen for art films to have unclear narratives. Hack, even blade runner was found unclear, unclarity is no excuse to claim that the script is awfull. As you might know the orange studio was situated at montevideo amsterdam, a dutch institude for media art. How many art movies did you actualy see if I may ask?

    "A thought: The script for Orange…who was responsible? A writer, or an artist/tech-head?"
    Well nice thought, but I know who the script writer was and it's a genue dutch script writer.
    He's in the credits so,... your feeling is giving you wrong signals.

    " There's no reason why the core modeling/animation/production team can't remain in…err…Amsterdam (? I forget where), while a group of off-site artists collaborate with the team globally, contributing writing, 2d concepts art, scripts, etc. "
    This already happend with ED. So indeed.

    "Personally, I think the best thing for Blender would be a high level of involvement in the production of a crowd-pleaser, "
    I think ED was made WITH blender not BY blender.

    "...and I'm sure Ton would agree..."
    I think Ton just wants a spot at the electronic theater and does not really care how.

    "(I see no reason for this to go hand in hand with commercial enslavement, Joeri)."
    :) Ton stopped with NeoGeo ages ago because he was tired of pleasing clients and wanted to do his own things. Commercial enslavement is doing stuff you don't want to do but you do it any way for the money, I'm pretty sure the people at the blender institute are not going to do much of that.
    So yes, selecting people who like to do lightweight flimcy entertainment could be an option to promote blender under a larger group of people who love to confuse tools with artists.

    vidrazor -
    "You can be a crowd pleaser and have freedom of thought without being awful."
    Maybe, but that's besides the point.

    "Then keep art out of the script, 'cause it was awful :-)"
    Well I didn't think it was awful, I think it was great.
    And for the difficult concept it was trying to convey I think they did a good job.
    Ofcourse it would be far handier if the message was cut down into easy chew bits. That's why I think we need more movies like ED, movies that don't treat us like infants and let us chew our food ourselfs.
    I'm aware that is not the popular CG point of view.

  47. Joeri, I have only one thing to say to you:

    you should... I mean never go to... no wait.... if you ever have... no, what?... DAAAMN, I forgot what to say.... I know it was something with bunnies.... and peanut butter, I'm sure. Argh, can't remember. Oh well.

    Now where did I leave that handlotion?

  48. Wow, lots of talk about Orange being brought up. In a previous post I sent, "unclear" was probably a bad choice of words, "a storyline deeper that what the film shows" would be more like it. Only until I read the wikipedia article on Elephants Dream did I then say "Ahhh....!" (someone turned on the lights).

    Regardess of what people criticise Orange as, I won me over, and I'm anxious to see the next project.

    Talking about next project, does anybody know what the open game will be?

  49. Well - I have to say - that in my view, an open movie project should not be unclear but by no means should let the "crowd" dictate to it what it should be about either - I do not think a balance is necessary here... there are plenty of ways of making a script's message interesting and thought provoking without also making it hopelessly twisted, disturbingly criptic, enigmatic, and absolutely, completely ... well ... RUBBISH!! I do not think for a moment that ED's script was anything near well written and it would be nice to have a decent script prepared in advance for "project peach"... in my opinion though, however crude, the subject and characters of any open movie project made in blender should be carefully chosen so as to further development of blender in some specific area(s) - I don't think that the use of 'fluff and fur' was just a coincidence either in regards to this. However, my only concern is that some, if not all, of the features required as extensions to blender's particles system will have already been coded by jhkarh for the "particles rewrite" and therefore, the development time and (somewhat forceful in the case of ED) coder availabilty caused by another "project orange" type thing could have been better harnessed if the subject of the new movie had different featural requirements from blender such as the involvement of firey scenes or large scale explosions which would require complicated simulatory sort of tools within blender for the project to be realised properly and therefore, the development of such tools would have had to have taken place. Despite saying this however, I think that targets must be chosen carefully as we would not want to attempt something that was beyond the projected capabilities of blender within the given development (and animation/artistic) time-frame - but a subject that takes heed of the impact it will have on the aforementioned development aims and directions of future work on blender itself and the possible (and probable) future feature realisations in blender targeted towards the technical requirements of chosen subject area for the movie in question! On the other hand - we also want to attract attention, both amatuer, and professional/commercial, to blender as an alternative production tool to it's currently used, commercial counterparts like 3DsMax and Maya and although it may never be able to replace these tools completely (and certainly not in the apprarent near future), the use of blender in the commercial production pipeline could only be a good thing as far as sponsored development and paid support oppurtunities for blender users and coders goes. I do see the concerns here that the direction of blender would be controlled by such companies sponsoring developers for features important to them and not based on what the current community of blender wants but these problems could be avoided - by which I mean that development sponsorships could be established and controlled through the blender foundation itself thereby being up to somebody to organise which developers get to code which features and perhaps by providing a limited number of sponsored places at any given moment in time, there could always be free developers available to code features important to the community. Obviously, breaches of this could occur (this is open source after all) but I think that most developers would be happy to co-operate with such a system if it ever did come to that (coders are a part of the community as well!) and furthermore, it would provide an easy place to find support for any interested companies and it could be gauranteed that somebody somewhere would be working on their requested features also giving buisnesses the incentive to opt for open source which currently has the reputation among the monopoly that it is unreliable as far as support goes.

    Just some thoughts - I got a bit carried away - rambled on about some stuff that made it sound like I was trying to dictate what the blender foundation do in the future. Please don't take this as an insult or apprarent attempted sieze of anybody else's control. These were just ideas and I really would be the last person to suggest anything to ton or the others who so far have made blender what it is today! I think we should congratulate them on what they have so far done and hope for more (and better) in the future! YAY!!

    Now I feel stupid! lol. ... oh well!! Take it or leave it though - I won't get time to reply to any flame wars on what I've said and I hope it doesn't start any. Remember, this is blendernation - the blenderartists forums are a better place to discuss issues like these!...
    -epat. :)

  50. Meanwhile, you might want to keep an eye on the exhibition "Design and the Elastic Mind".
    Which will be presented in the Museum of Modern Art in New York from February 19 to May 12, 2008...
    Maybe some of you know the MoMA? There is a certain movie that will be on that exhibition.

  51. If you want to create a work that showcases blender's potential in 3D animation to the industry, you want a brain-dead plot that even a two-year-old can follow. How smart do you think Hollywood is, anyway? That's where the money is, and that's where the production studios are. You want to impress them (and don't tell me that this is some showcase for something else)? Make a brain-dead flick. Feathers and fluff indeed. Think Pixar, Dreamworks, etc.

    Feathers and fluff! Stuff it with air!

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