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Short Animation: 5A


5ad-demo-header2.jpgHere's another interesting project from the Arabic Blender community: a short animation, enigmatically called '5A'. It is directed by Samran Abed AlSalam and created by a small team of five people.

I'm intrigued by the atmosphere and music of this animation and I'm looking forward to more work of this group (Samram's homepage and his blog are hinting at some great upcoming work)

Samran writes:

In my old project I use Commercial 3D software , in this one I use Blender “GNU” free software , I didn't use blender for animation or Rendering before , but blender is very easy , I find many Tutorials for it in the internet.

I use Fluid simulation for water point and Sculpt with Multi Level mesh for Ground ,Static Particle for Hair ,NLA for Animation Mix and Editing but the best for me in blender The Node and Pass Render.

In the beginning the render take long time for Wide Pal system but when I use SSE2 Version the time go down to half. I use After Effect For composite and Adobe Premiere for Editing .

In the end This Demo didn't have a good Budget and Time so I drop Characters Morph

View 5A:

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  1. i think it's extremely cinematic, dream like - not a single word/line of dialogue used, images only. i like it, really makes you hope there will be more to see...

  2. The one thing that really made this not work for me was the lack of any expression on the faces.

    The guy running should have looked like he was desperate to get where he was going and the girl should have looked like she was scared to get her head blown off.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  3. I was thinking the same than ccherrett about the face expressions. But then again, the expressionless faces kinda make the overall feel even more dreamlike and mysterious. Can't tell if they made it on purpose. Anyway, very nice clip.

  4. I am just guessing here but the title probably is the five people that made the movie , they all have the arabic "al" in their names.:) Very nice work, even as a proof of concept!

  5. superb! Really well made and atmospheric. I hope this team is working on something longer because there is obviously some talent behind this short movie

  6. Congratulations on the nice film, Samran and company!! I like the feel of the sequence very much, and good job using Blender in your pipeline!! With the VSE in Blender, you might find you can do your compositing and editing in Blender with the next release - ffmpeg integration for Windows and OSX works very well on the RC2. I agree with you on the nodes - very handy stuff!!!

  7. Very nice work. It's great to be able to make a story that transcends language and culture. I didn't mind too much the lack of expression on the faces. Actually, my own little piddling point is that fireflies don't stay lit for so long. They only flash briefly, wait a few seconds and then flash again. (At least out here in Ohio that's what they do, I don't know about fireflies elsewhere in the world).

    But still, overall, excellent work. I really enjoyed it and will be showing it to others.

  8. Facial expressions on CG characters are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.... more so than hair, fluid, cloth, flow, music, etc....

  9. That was fantastic... Very cinematic. I thought that definitely that was it's strong point. The firefly scene was beautiful. I loved the look of it's wings. Good sound as well. Was this put together in the blender video sequencer?

  10. As far as the faces are concerned, I think Samran mentions dropping the idea of facial morphs from this project for lack of time and recources (at least that's what I understood it), so the lack of expressions is a conscious choice to limit the scope of work on this demo, I guess.

    Still, over all this is a very solid piece of work with a great mood to it and a good amount of attention given to editing, which is finally where every movie, no matter how big or small, is made or broken.

    So, good work Samran. Good to see Blender being used for finished pieces of animation by people from diverse backgrounds. It can only enrich our growing community.

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