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Realtime 3D Contest: €25,000 in prizes

18, 'the European CG Network' is hosting a realtime 3D contest with a rather impressive bunch of prizes. Most of the names on the prize list don't mean a thing to me (I'd be happy with the 3DWorld subscription ;-), but it might be interesting for aspiring game developers in the Blender community.

The rules are simple: the entries must be individual efforts, not team projects and you have to use WireFusion, Subdo or Nova Omega for the production, OR Open Source software. Blender is the first example of such software that they mention.

Check out the full description of the contest in English or in French, submission deadline is February 28th.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. "15 - With the date of publication of the results, the participants must appear in the 15 days following the advertisement of the results, if it does not appear in the 15 days the prices are allocated........."

    That sucks.

  2. mmm ... title could have also be "25.000$ of licence value" as the only prices are the licences to use the proprietary software of the sponsors .... good r&d return (new and fresh ideas from youngs and freelancers) for nothing .... I wont do it :/

  3. "Your project will be only viewable online with web browser IE6+ ! No files, executable or others files formats allowed!"

    Hmmmm... How can we export scene from Blender to on-line version ??? I know that Blender plugin for IE is very old and I also noticed that Emma3D is very young project without many features :(

  4. Absolutelly agree with other posts from Gat, Axylfyre, Daredemo, PaulR and Olm-Z! This contest STINKS.

    @Jedrzej_s: Erwin has a new version for the web plugin. I did not test it yet, by the way i will never use this solution for such an idiot context and rules...

    Also teams are not allowed... this is ridicolous!

    Francisco Ortiz

  5. what a sad excuse for a contest. Of course I am bloody well free to create whatever I want! Those rules stink and so do the prizes. yech. They can stick their software and their precious licenses up their arse and like it.

    Title "couldn't" have been "25000$ of license value", it SHOULD have been "25000$ of license value" to software you'd have to allready own or pirate to begin with.
    OW! and fortunately you can use blender, and the prize would in that regard be something utterly useless to most of us anyway.

  6. I got an email from the maintainer / contest organizer. He's a realtime 3D teacher and runs this site as a hobby. It doesn't make him any money but he tries to do his thing. He was quite disappointed by your reactions, and looking at some of the infantile remarks above, I agree.

  7. Hello all,

    First Merry christmas an dhappy hollidays :-)

    I'm the founder of TDT3D and one man website ! not a company ! I'm working 5 years to create TDT, 5 years of my time like Blender community dev to bring quality for free to CG artists !

    Well I'm a bit confuse when reading suck comments about my contest :( I will try to clearing situation and reply to you.

    1) TDT3D don't sales any ads ! only sponsors or friends sites ads are displayed in header and left menu, the rest is small and no annoying google ads like Blendernation to get back a few euro to pay the web server ! I pay each year a lot of money for webserver so I can't do this for life !

    TDT3D is my hobby website and french cg community where artists echange informations, I never get any euros from my website !

    2) About marketing contest, right and false ! right because in exchange of powering th econtest I'm promote peoples who helping me to run this contest ! False because ALL data sended with registration is keep in safe place !! only winner informations will be send to sponsors to get the prizes...Don't you think contest sponsors have the rights to use finalist projects for promotion ? can't have the right to have ads for they softwares when offering prizes ? I'm happy with my sponsors as I select it myself for they quality and frienship, not for money !

    3) If you want money instead softwares, why don't resales it if you are a winner ?

    4) I'm not a pro opensource or commercial, I using the tools I need for my jobs...I'm also using and promoting blender on tdt3d but with openoffice, firefox, gaim, gimp, tbird, 7-zip...As you can see I'm using the tools I need and not only ads marketing tools ! do you just now I'm know and usign Blender since 1.72 with C-key ! I'm buying Blender games kit to support community... ohh damned I pay for a blender stuff how many here pay for it ?

    ° And there is many more, do you just browsing my website before critikz ?

    5) TDT is 100% FREE and no spam ! I get a point of honour to respect my members I 'm really angry with spammer and bot !

    6) I must admit blender web plugins is a bit old or new ! so I modify contest rules to allow blender exe files ! just ask for FTP account to send it to tdt3d when you have finish your projects !

    7) Why this kind of comments about commercial softwares ?? I'm sure many here are under Windows because they don't understand Linux !

    I personnaly Have windows PRO and Gentoo 64, So back from Amiga I'm liek a geek but I stay cool with both world : commercial and opensource ! Do you get a new house in GPL licence ? do you buy car with opensource spares ? no ! come back to world, and thinking a bit more ! opensource is made to be free but when I read some comments I'm minding opensource guys is sometimes more sadness than commercial !

    8) Do You think I'm promoting Piracy ? You now me very bad ! I don't like Piracy and all MP3 Divx leecher like with the results we get more and more legal actions upper your head ! if all stoping donwload mp3 craps like 15 years teenager our little world go better ! You are NOW allowed to run the contest with opensource and softwares demo, show me what's you can do with Blender in realtime please !

    9) For my english, I'm Belgian French speacking, Im doing a lot of effort to speack english, pouvez-vous me répondre en français vous qui parlez si bien autant de langues ? ;)

    10) Sans rancunnes mais avant de critiquer le sites et les autres merci de vous renseigner, vous ne faites pas la publicité de l'opensource avec des messages comme ceux que vous poster, vous êtes pire !


  8. I apologize, my temper got the best of me and I should have known better.
    Mr Benoît, my apologies. If it makes you feel any better, only two people were flaming, me being one of them....
    the rest had some valid arguments in my opinion.

    I'll discuss what I agree and disagree with about your arguments. Because I want to set some things straight. Both ease my conscience and apologize.

    My opinions about the site and the ads:
    for a hobbysite it is quite impressive, I don't care how you pay for it and what ads you would or would not allow to keep it running. It is none of my bussines how you do yours, or how you run your hobby website.
    I did browse it briefly. my first impression was that it was a corporate website that ran thanks to sponsor donations.

    About marketing: Since the only commercial software you can use are proprietary software packages from the sponsors, it does tend to look like a hoax. Someone would either allready know how to use it, and be legal and use it for their jobs or the like, or be a pirate selfstudy.
    The title of the contest says: "don't waste time to learn techs, feel free to be creative!" But learning techs is exactly the indirect goal of this contest.
    If you enter for the prizes, you need to allready have learned to use these software packages because they are required to enter and the price consists of them.
    If you use open source software and win you will have to learn the "tech" (proprietary software of the sponsors) because this is the price.

    You might say you don't enter the contest for the money but for fun or recognition(glory and all that jazz), however the tone of the flyer from the contest doesn't give that impression. one of the most prominent features of the flyer is the prize's worth in money.

    I would enter a contest with or without prizes or prize money. Don't really know what the deciding factor would be though...

    Sponsors only have rights to use finalists works for promotions if the finalist allows this. But I think it is part of most contest rules that the the finalists works may be used for promotions to begin with. In any case it is stated in your rules and it doesn't seem unreasonable.

    It does seem however, that the real goal of this contest is to stimulate people into using and promoting the proprietary software of the sponsors. Not saying that it is, but that is the first message I got after reading the contest and the rules. Which makes the sponsors seem greedy.

    Talking of greedy, I like money, but not that much. I don't need to be rich. I can make a living. That probably goes for most people.

    BUT! if you did want money, you wouldn't get it directly from this contest because you CANNOT SELL licenses from proprietary software!!!! If you buy a license to appA never use it because appB is your desired tool, you CANNOT sell that license to another person, no matter if you have never installed it or even opened the box to begin with. I'm a 99% certain of this.

    how many of you pay for blender? I don't know, I bought stuff from their store twice. It won't make em rich, but it should still help. Didn't make me feel mighty, made me feel more like: "why not, I can miss it and they can use it."

    point 5 and 6, that's cool.

    7. I currently dual boot both win and linux ubuntu. Granted I use win more cause I often haven't enough time to sink into the matter of getting everything to work. under linux most things work, but I just know win better. that's the only reason.
    There are people who make a living by using open source software. This includes buying cars and houses.

    8. that's not promoting piracy but it is in a way encouraging it. because it takes more then trials and demos to get to know an application. let alone create great contest worthy stuff in it.
    I don't believe it is your intention to promote it, but if you were to use a pirated version you might have a head start in the contest. Demo's have limits and trials have time limitations.
    I choose open source because it gives me a sense of freedom. It allows me to create whatever I want and share it however I want without worrying about legal matters.

    Someone noted your english isn't perfect. that isn't an accusation, it is merely noticed. It doesn't help promote the contest though. And be honest, that isn't an insult, so please don't be offended by it:
    If you know your english isn't the best, why didn't you asked someone to help you with the text? no one would think any less of it.
    Mais, je parle un tres petit peu de français. Et je ne pas répondre in french because I don't speak or write it well enough. I can understand most of what you say, but I wouldn't write lines in another language for something "official" if I wasn't sure these lines where correct.

    10. Yes I realise I've been critisizing your site and your sponsors. not critisizing but flaming, and I apologize for it. I can't resign to something I haven't entered yet though :P and my previous message is indeed not exactly good publicity for open source either. So once again sorry...

  9. Hello Freakydude and all,

    First don't reading "reading suck comments..." but "reading such comments..." sorry for mistakes.

    I apreaciated your reply ! Right tdt is hobbyiste website and ads is for promoting the contest I try to run on ! after if I can get small euors for pay the webserver it's ok, I don't want to being rich with my website :-)

    Also It's normal for me to promoting technologies / softwares company who help me to run a contest.

    I will reply as it :

    About contest slogan it's because most of tdt3d members already know this technologies and many of my students are trained on ! after I will include opensource software to give chance to all running into the contest in all legality. (I adapted Blender rules for the contest as you spoked off)

    I admit title "25.000" can be bad understanded but it's for me a way to catch eyes onthe contest and say that's it's not a small contest. (I'm not get study in marketing, I try learn myself...)

    If I run this contest with this commercial sponsors it's because I like they softwares and use it with my students, Speak about on tdt3d and have really good friendship with editor (3d realtime is my business).

    I never use or promoting I softwares I don't found interresting and usefull for me and 3d realtime jobs !

    When I created this contest I put Opensource to give chance to all run into the contest and also why not discover others way to works, others capabilities I found usefull into others softwares, sharing techs notes...(I hope I'm writing goog words).

    My sponsors, as I reapeat is cool a no agressive with all fanfare and brinbles, we all want to try promoting 3d realtime to all, 3d realtime is small business and many 3d artists from today's don't know what's is it, so tdt3d goal is promoting this kind of 3D and create a community to share technologies as commercial and opensource, for me the most important is the finality.

    My bad is maybe try to merge into a contest both world : commercial and Opensource, it's interresting experience and watch both worlds result's !

    No problems with the rest, I accept critizing when there is arguments behind or can get ideas to evolve.

    My first is a surprising from opensource community who slap others...

    My best and If you can run the contest it's my pleasure to discuss with your WIP :-) Even if you don't be winner, for me contest push artists to get more from themself.

    Bel effort pour le français j'apprécie le geste !


  10. I'm sorry, we're usually not so bad behaved, if this is your first experience with an open source community it shouldn't have been a bad one.
    I still don't think I'll enter the contest, but simply because I have other hobby projects and real life duties to come first. Not because I thought it would be a "marketing trap". Maybe others will join...

  11. Waoo !
    I was affraid in reading comments generated here from favorite community (Blender) to my other one favorite : Tdt3D.
    I'm happy to read it till the end cause it finish to "happy end". TDT3D have a large section for blender user and it's the only community were I feel Blender is totally integrated threw the other 3D softwares.

    Blender exe files are welcome ?

    Nice solution from TDT3D.
    I hope a lot of Poeple will participate :

    I already start here :

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