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CGChallenge XX


eon2.jpgCGtalk, one of the most frequented pro-cg websites, is having yet another challenge. The challenge is titled Eon- Worlds Within Worlds a novel by author Greg Bear. We are going to take a look at the challenge and then point out a few of the blenderheads participating in the challenge.

The challenge is to create material for the promotion of a (potential) blockbuster film based on novel. With three categories, Illustration, 3D Scene and Film Trailer the challenge is to put the words into great pictures in 2D, 3D or video format.

Prizes are rewarded in three categories:

  • Illustration - (any method – 2D or 3D).
  • 3D scene - Still and 4-8 second renders.
  • Film Trailer - A 30 – 90 second trailer for EON.

For more information visit the cgtalk challenge area.

Now lets take a look at a few blenderheads that are competiting in the challenge. In no particular order we begin with:
1. Martin Jones (alias: Lua on cgtalk).

He is participating in the Illustration area and the 3D scene areas.

Some info from Martin:

I'm going to model Axis city. Specifically, a sky-scraper type object in Axis city. I'll add a couple of other buildings in the background, and a couple of flying machines, and maybe a street. all done in Blender.

Martin's Illustration thread can be found here.

Martin's 3D scene thread can be found here.

2. Steven Richie (alias: TheSoracle on cgtalk). He is participating in the 3D scene area. Steven has started modeling one of the characters for the scene.

Steven's 3D scene thread can be found here.

3. Simen Andreas Skogheim (alias: thondal on cgtalk) who is participating in the 3D scene area. Simen is working on a view of axis city.

Simen's 3D thread can be found here.

4. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette (alias: Ecks on BA and X-WARRIOR on cgtalk) Jean is participating in the Illustration area. A great image of a tower was created by Jean and Traitor (Richard Borrett). Jean misread the instructions and thought team projects were allowed within the Illustration area. After finding out he decided to keep going without Richard.

Jean's Illustration thread can be found here.

5. A team under Mitchell Hunt are participating in the Trailer challenge. Some great work on this one. Detailed storyboards, etc.

Mitchell Hunt's thread can be found here.

If you are participating in this challenge or know of others that are, let us know!


  1. It looks very interesting, and certainly the inspiration images are awesome. I'm certainly thinking about getting a CGTalk account just for this competition.

  2. hi there, very cool. But I think this link "Martin’s 3D scene thread can be found here." is wrong, points to " Simen Andreas Skogheim"

  3. Well, I thought there would be a bigger turn out for blender, but good to see you guys try. I would love to have joined, but already working on a tight schedule deadline in sight... but to all you brave young souls, I bid thee well in your endeavours. Good luck everyone.

    P.s. @Bmud, that is not the spirit at all. You never know what the spirit of competition can bring out in a person.
    It's not about losing, it's about giving it a go. So many professional guys are in there, and they may lose to a hobbiest who just had a different perspective. If you give it a go! You will have our support!

  4. jean-sébastien guillemette on

    haha nicely presented..I look like a moron that left his partner behind :P.

    but just to precise a little something. The sketch was made by Rich, and the tower was my work only.

    As graphixsuz said, it's not really about winning. If I get a little attention out of this I'll be damn proud of myself ;)

  5. for those who don't care... ehr know:

    this moviereally needs CG, it's about a comet parking itself in orbit aroundthe earth, when humans check it out; the comet appears to be hollow, having 7 compartments, some containing empty cities.
    whenthey reach the last chamber... there's no wall, no end,no nuffin !
    just a tube going on for at least a million miles !
    further down the end there's an inhabited city built on the inside of this wormhole.
    built in 'negative space'(i call it that(for explanations sake)), it also is built in negative time, so when the edge/floor is 'quantum mechanically pierced' you enter normal space in the past.
    GregBear writes about quantum mechanic and nanotec, so this movie should be at least as good as 'aeon flux'
    i really hope this movie gets DONE, and done WELL.

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