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Free Print Magazine! - Computer Graphics World


cgw_906_pc1-2.jpgThis is a magazine that I've received for almost a couple of years. It's always a good quick read and has lots of info on new software. Also, there's always a behind-the-scenes feature on the latest computer animated films and movie special effects. It's certainly not Blender-specific but, I think it's important to know what's going on in the industry, outside of your own preferred sphere of activity.

The magazine focuses on innovative graphics technology and applications. Written for engineers, researchers, designers, and animators, CGW explores how leading-edge graphics techniques are used in CAD, architecture, scientific visualization, special effects, digital video, film, and interactive entertainment.

Here are some of their latest covers:



The current issue includes:

Bearing Up ('Toon Style)
Two improbable buddies—Boog, a 900-pound grizzly bear voiced by Martin Lawrence, and Elliot, a one-antlered mule deer voiced by Ashton Kutcher—exhibit the strong graphic shapes with lush textural details used in Open Season, an animated film created with 3D tools.

Corps Values (Game Simulation)
On July 4, 2002, the United States Army introduced America's Army, an online PC action game intended as an information vehicle to teach teens, through the use of virtual experiences, about soldiering as a career choice. The initial goal was simple: Provide the information within the entertaining and immersive environment of a high-production-value game, thereby reducing the Army's initial search costs for new recruits.

Faces in the Crowd (Crowd Animation)
Shortly after finishing his film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, director John Davis received a copy of the book The Ant Bully from Tom Hanks. Though Davis and Hanks had never met, the actor/producer thought that Davis would be a good choice to develop the story, which he'd been reading to his son, into a CG film. Davis liked The Ant Bully, and devised a potential take on it within a few days.

GPUs Unplugged (Graphics Processors)
Today, makers of computer processing units (CPU), graphics processing units (GPU) and graphics cards, and graphics-oriented workstations assume as much, if not more, space and attention at industry trade shows and exhibits as the major software developers serving the content creation market. The latest industry figures likewise reflect the growing market position of these tech companies.

and more...

The magazine's website also accepts Gallery Submissions. Accepted submissions are featured in the magazine. There are many works within the Blender community on par with the types of works regularly shown in the magazine so, this would be a great way to get more media exposure for Blender!

The magazine is available in print or digital format. Also, most of the magazine's contents are available on their website.

You can subscribe to their e-Newsletter here.

You can subscribe to their printed magazine here.
Note that, as with most free print magazines, there is a short application to fill out and you have to actually be accepted. But, hey, if I can get a subscription, just about anyone can. Also, note that I have never received any junk mail (snail or electronic) as a result from filling out the application.

They also provide a FAQ page located here.


  1. How lame. It is only for US/Canada.
    Does it occur to you americanoids that
    there are many other countries?

  2. green bush:
    I live in Canada.
    It is a nice place.
    Don't fill in anything but your name and e-mail. That is all I did. I didn't even tell them I was in Canada. Please don't let them know! :)

  3. Well, it costs real money to produce a printed publication. It costs even more money to ship it internationally.

    They do offer a digital version of the magazine that's also free.

    In the FAQ they say:
    I live outside the United States. Can I get a FREE subscription?:
    The publisher sets the geographic parameters. The customer service department for Computer Graphics World can inform you if your country is included in the qualified distribution. If it is not included, you can request a paid subscription. In some cases, the digital version may be available for free outside the publisher's geographic parameters.

  4. @Kernon, oh, I can think of a few things I can get in Amsterdam that you can't bring home ;-)

    Anyway, I agree that it's perfectly understandable that they cannot finance shipping that magazine all around the world. The main factor is probably that the advertisers who pay to have it published are US based. It's nice to see that you can always get the PDF though. No point in complaining about that!

  5. Phreak of Nature on

    But does it write about opensource or is just on of those LAME magazines ,who just features commercial software?

  6. I asked if I could sign up at SIGGRAPH, but they said that hobbyists are excluded from the free subscription. I signed up for the digital version instead, but I have not seen a single issue yet.

  7. I also receive a subscription. It isn't as in-depth (technically) as something like 3Dworld magazine, but it is nice to have some 'behind the scenes' looks at the current crop of 3d movies.
    It seems to be written more from the perspective of someone who is interested in 3d, but from a non-technical point of view, as they don't really go into too much detail ... but still interesting from a broad coverage point of view.

  8. Yes, and while you are at it,

    no more reporting on upcoming conferences that are in other countries since there is little chance we can all make it.

    And speak nothing of items that might be in other languages since we won't all be able to understand it.


  9. I think you should also give a shoutout to the IEEE computer graphics magazine. It's IMO the best of all CG magazines even though it only has issues every other month (or something) and is rediculously expensive.

  10. I would have loved to subscribe but 1. I live in europe :$ and 2 you need to be a company to subscribe? Anyway maybe a free euro blender magazine on print will make up for it :)

    Or a diagostini series, whatever :D

  11. @LOGAN
    I've been a subscriber for two years and I'm not a company. There's also a digital version for downloading. And, most of the content on the website is what's in the magazine. So, it's kind of hard to miss out if you're interested.

  12. I've been a subscriber for several years as well. I keep hoping to see someone's BLender artwork in there, but so far they only show stuff related to Maya, 3ds max, and Lightwave. *sigh*. Not even a peep about Elephants Dream, which 3D World had articles on.

  13. I don't think it's the magazine's fault that there aren't any Blender works included in their gallery. I thinks it's just because they haven't received any submissions. If the better artists in the community would submit some of their work via the Gallery Submission page, there might be a chance. Otherwise, it will never happen because they make their decision from the pool of submissions.

    In fact, the better artists would do the community some good if they took on a more active role in the community by distributing their work to as many places as possible. This would not only help the Blender community, it would certainly help themselves as well. works every time it's tried...

  14. I remember when CGW was THE magaizine to read about everything that was going on in the CG world, back in the late 80'S-early 90's. Now, it's just a shadow of it's former self. 3D World fills the top spot today in that respect.

    CGW has always been part of the 'ol boy network, and as such always patronizes the established commercial production industry. I don't know if they ever have, or ever will, comment on or cover open source.

    It's certainly not a bad thing to have for free, but if it's out of reach for anyone here, don't feel left out. You're not really missing much, and it's safe to say that whatever they cover is far better covered in 3D World anyway.

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