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Animatu: Elephants Dream Selected For The Competition


AnimatuWell, the title says it all, Elephants Dream (ED) has been nominated for the 3D Shorts category. The announcement can be seen at the official website and the competition is harder then one might think.

I had already reported about Animatu, but back then there was no feedback on ED nomination. Finally this feedback has arrived.

The competition is huge, I wasn't expecting such a big list of nominations, but here goes, the other nominees in the 3D Short category:

  • Giocatelli Futurist (Direction: Claudio Castelli)
  • Ego (Direction: Louis Blaise,Thomas Lagache, Bastien Roger)
  • Naraka (Direction: En-Kai Jhao)
  • The Legend of Shangri-la (Direction: Chen Ming)
  • Aal im Schadel (Direction: Martin Rahmlow)
  • Altai (Direction: Benjamin Charpentier, Noella Lagnouos, Thibault Romero)
  • Yu (Direction: Julien Fabbris, Nicolas Guiraud)
  • Spirit of Blossom (Direction: Alan Chiou)
  • Schyte (Direction: Francisco Concha Larrauri, Eduardo Abrego Blanco)
  • Triangular (Direction: Bruno Simões)
  • Cafard (Direction: Thomas Leonard, Guillaume Marques, Paul Jacamon)
  • Palestina (Direction: Iban Egaña)
  • The Fly (Direction: Han Jin Song)
  • Pescador de Sonhos (Direction: Igor Pitta Simões)
  • Zombies (Direction: Jonathan Ostos Yaber)
  • Oh My Love (Direction: Wen – Ju Hsiao)
  • Insomnolence (Direction: Chia – Jung Lee)
  • My Date From Hell (Direction: Tim Weiman, Tom Bracht)
  • Versus (Direction: François Caffiaux, Romain Noel, Thomas Salas)
  • Being a King (Direction: Jacopo Armani)
  • Open the Door (Direction: David Yabu)
  • Fin d'ete (Direction: Patrick Harboun, Ronan Le Fur, Joaquim Montserrat)
  • Home Delivery (Direction: Elio Quiroga)
  • Leontine (Direction: Claire Courtois, Fabienne Mouillac)
  • Le Bon Roi (Direction: Julien Donadille, Maximilien Chavot, Thibault Romero)
  • Bernard (Bowling) (Direction: Jose Luis Ucha, Claudio Biern Lliviria)
  • Bernard (Doors) (Direction: Jose Luis Ucha, Claudio Biern Lliviria)

YouTube features a couple of these but due to copyright reasons I won't make mention to any links, you will have to digg it yourself.

I'm crossing my fingers for Elephants Dream, it would be great to see it shine in the podium. This would give Blender a big jump here in Portugal, where Open Source is giving his first Baby Steps.

ED does have a small advantage, there will be an exhibition about it running during the whole event, with some posters and hopefuly a screen running ED in a loop.

Lets wait and see, with the usual saying, "May the best one win".

I would just ask our readers, if you know any of the animations listed here, make a comment on it and also your opinion on how it stands against Elephants Dream. All others, do feel free to comment, opinions are always welcome :) .


  1. Kudos for respecting the rights of the other videos. My team put blood, sweat, and tears into a short film this summer only to get a ROUGH EDIT leaked to the web.

    It's truely a painful experience to see someone bag on your incomplete product.

    As for ED's nominations, they're rightfully earned. It certainly stands to compete with short films from teams who shall remain Pixar.

  2. i didnt get this of youtube, are you saying that if they were free/open/"as is" you would be giving a direct link?
    Im saying this cause i tried to watch it but didnt found any one, i didnt tried all of them though, anyway nice to see, but i think that ED is already a champion despite the results.

  3. @T-Ry: That's exactly why I didn't gave any direct links.

    @greboid: At least 3 on that list are there and some of the others can be found with a good Google Search. And yes, if they were open as ED I would post links to all of them :) .

  4. Hey,

    I have seen "fin d'ete" and it is well done. The aesthetics is perhaps something conventional but inspired. As it is and for i remember about, don't lacks for anything, while Elephants Dream have serious issues in animation subject. But both have a totally different aproach to his subject and aesthetics.

    My point.

  5. @Glaurung: Thanks, I haven't seen that one yet, but hopefuly will see them all at the conference and be able to show some preview of the best ones (given that the authors allow me to).

  6. Hi!
    You can watch "Giocattoli Futuristi" on my website.
    Please consider that it's an indipendent work...and i crafted alone... so, "Elephant Dream" it's quite an "hollywood production" compared to my work.
    Also the style is quite uncomparable... it uses a total different approach to cg...
    While E.D. wanna show the techical possibilities of blender, I wanted to create something that looked like an "avant-garde" moving paint.
    I'm currently learning blender, so , it would be great for me collaborating to such a big project in the future...
    Or also find people that could help me making my new short film "Odysseus-Nobody"... witch is beeing delayed, since I coudn't find founds to produce it, and I have to work on some commercial projects to survive :)

  7. @Claudio: Thanks for posting this here, it really is great to see you also read Blendernation. I'm sure if you also post on about your next project people will help you :)

  8. I know my website is overwhelming.. but , as you can see, I have to do many things besides animation :)
    Thank you for the suggestion, i will try to post on BlenderArtist...
    One thing that blender doesen't seems to have is a good poly-modeller, pretty essential for my kind of works...
    I mean, when I "cut" a face other faces around will be cutted in a wierd way as it was happening in VERY old versions of 3ds max...
    Other thing that it doesen't seems to have, is individual control/timeline for vertex.. that simplify alot the task for my kind of work.
    For other things, seems perfect to my needs, and it haves many many features that other softwares are just dreaming about.
    After Elephant dream have been relased, animation feautures too are getting great...

    Anyone knows how overcome those limitations I was talking about?
    Maybe there is a plugin i don't know about..

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