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New Japanese Blender Book Released


blenderbeginnersbible.jpgIt seems that everyone around the world has been busy writing Blender books! Earlier this week we already saw 'Introduction to Character Animation in Blender'. Now we've heard that a new Blender book was released in Japan last month: 'Blender Beginner's Bible', by Shinichi Tasaki.

Shinichi Tasaki is a former employee of Not a Number who now works for a Japanese design studio. He has been a Blender user since the release of the CKey.

Shinichi was approached by a publisher and despite the tight planning he managed to get everything done in time. He spent half a year on the preparations. The last Japanese Blender book was released in 2003 and with the much expanded functionality in Blender it was now time for a new one. 'Blender Beginner's Bible' is aimed at the beginning Blender user.

Reactions from the Japanese community are positive and Shinichi is already cautiously thinking about his next project.

Japanese books always look like works of art to me; the design and layout are usually radically different from what we see in the West. Unfortunately I didn't get any scanned pages - maybe a Japanese community member could post some?

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Good!

    And it will be translated in Martian and Venusian soon !o)

    More seriously, it is a good new for Blender, even if most of us will not be able to read it.

    Japanese artists have high skills in CG, and it is fine if they use Blender !



    Comment from publisher
    Blender is developed by the Dutch NaN Technology corporation, presently is distributed, as the open source software it is possible integrated type 3D CG production environment to production of animated picture and the game. Presently, Blender with ver2.41, corresponds to each platform of Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Linuxi386, Mac, Solaris, Irix and FreeBSD, even data compatibility of the other 3D CG software is superior such as RenderMan. As the open source software of course, by comparison with the application software it is Blender of the 3D CD integrated environment which can be called the worldwide strongest, but in the person whom remainder uses ill-smelling for the first time in the being recognized of interface of high multi-function reason it has become the big problem.
    This book corresponded to the Blender latest edition, for the beginning middle class user by the expert it is the explanation book.

    When looking for more works of this author try: 田崎 進一

  3. これは本当にいいニューズですね!楽しみします!!!!
    translated: 「This good news! I'm looking forward to it!」

    I had the pleasure of reading the older book sometime ago. It is still sold in most book shops over here, along side the user textbooks for 3ds max, XSI, and the such.
    It was so easy to follow, even if you can't read Japanese.

    I agree 100% about the layout comment. It is different from what I was usd to in Australia, but, to be frank, they do a very good job. I will see if I can get you guys some snap shots of the pages.


  4. Japanese 101

    日本語 broken up into it's parts is quite easy to catch the meaning. 日本ーpronounced 'Nihon' means Japan. 語ーpronounced 'go' means 'words' 'language'
    So Nihongo means Japanese.

    English = 英語 -pronounced Eigo

  5. 場外=Jougai. 場=place、 外=outside. Foreigner = 外人 =outside person.
    I hope that helps you mate!

  6. @Jogai if you want it like sago's logo it will need to be in Katakana which then looses alot of it's meaning but here it is anyway ジョウガイ it has an extended 'o' sound, so technically your members name should be Jougai.

  7. @ grafixsuz

    thanx a lot, for the explanation too. I've looked up the word in my judo-book and it was written as "Jogai". I'll pick your first suggestion if thats fits best in the meaning. I don't want to copy SaGo but i need a sort of logo for my avatar etc.

  8. I`m also very much interested in japonese bookdesign.
    A little bit offtopic: exellent examples of bookdesign are hard to find, but here is an perfekt adress with a huge number of examples.

    On the second side you have to click on "Der deutsche Wettbewerb"

  9. @Manda

    Thanx a Lot, nice work. I started wit the translation of grafixsuz because that fits the meaning better (he says). Maybe I can use this one in my sign.

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