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Elephants Dream Remixes


As you may know, Elephants Dream was released under a Creative Commons license. This license encourages you to do anything you want with all the files (including the audio and video), as long as you give proper credit to the creators. Some people have picked up on this and have started making remixes of the movie.

So far, four remixes have appeared on the web:

  • An Italian Dub was created by F. Siddi, Valentina Miorandi, Matteo Facchini and M. Fontanari of Master Productions. Dubbing voices is always difficult and I think they did a pretty good job.
  • Ilia Bis, a composer and musician from Moscow who is now based in New York, has used the video to accompany his own drum & base (??) music. The result is pretty cool – I didn't know Old Proog still had it in him! You can watch it streaming or download a higher quality quicktime.
  • Roschler sets up a story where Emo's computer is broken and wants Proog, who is his computer repair man, to fix it. Proog refuses to fix it until Emo pays his last bill. But, Emo won't pay the last bill until Proog fixes his computer! This one reminds me of a colleague at Not a Number who used to wear a ‘No, I will NOT fix your computer'! T-shirt ;-)
  • Another one by Roschler is an entry for a contest by an ice cream & cake company called Cold Stone Creamery. This one is not so good, in my opinion, but I'll just include it for the heck of it anyway.
  • Roschler is on a roll because while I was writing this article, I found ANOTHER remix by his hand: Net Neutrality : Animated Music Video.
  • *Added after posting (thanks for the notice LOGAN): The French dub of ED.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. and of course it's also highly encouraged to fix aaaall the rendering and animation mistakes!
    it's open source, change it if you dont like it! ;)


  2. Roschler is very, very clever with this parody. MUST SEE! And BTW, Dell Computers will pay dearly for the LiON battery fiasco.

  3. @ Sympodius

    Are you serious? Or are you oblivious to the marionette like movements of the characters and frozen faces?

  4. Why haven't there been any reanimated videos? Have there been?

    I'm not talking about just changing the animation to the current story/audio, but to completely change it? I mean, everything is set up and ready for people to have fun with this.

    I, personally, don't have the skills needed, but I know that's not true of everyone else. :)

  5. I've tried to dive into the ED files.
    But it's not a fun hobby.
    The files are all pretty much 'left for dead'.
    I mean, none of them are left in a way so they can be easy alterd.
    I'm sure they render fine once put into a render farm. But why all the composite /color correction work is done on the 3d scenes and not on rendered (floating point openxr) images is pure amateurism. I guess when you have an unlimited renderfarm it doesn't matter, but that's hardly the target audience for the discs is it? I have access to 8 G5's but then it's still no fun.

    So before someone can alter a scene the files first need to be cleaned-up.

    "Was this scene with raytrace?" is question I heard Ton ask somewhere...
    I tried to render scenes *without* raytrace but then the eyes turn all wacky. So i'm guessing the whole scene needs to be rendered with raytrace for 2% of the screen because they could not figure out a way to get the eyes material correct without it.... No problem with highend machines and 18 hours a day to work upon a project.

    So I'm expecting the CC of this project to go into the fridge untill we all have a 500% upgrade of our machines.

    I don't think it's very rewarding for people who have the skill to re-use these scenes to actualy make another version; they have skills enough to create their own stuff.

  6. Joeri,

    I can't help but think you seem overly disappointed by the fact that the files are complex...

    Also.. what is this talk about the composite work being done on the 3d scenes and not on rendered OpenEXR images? In order to get Motion Blur you *need* the data about the scene that cannot be stored in an OpenEXR file. At least thats the impression I get. But alas... you're right.. they are amateurs. This was their first movie :)

    These remixes are great and hope to see more work like this. The PC On Fire was just too funny. Great dubbing too!

  7. joeri: well then, there is the first thing you could try to figure out.. how to make the eyes render without ray-tracing! you dont even need a renderfarm for that.

    i didn't do any of the compositing for ED, but i always thought it was one of the strengths of new blender node system, that you can set it up BEFORE anything is rendered. so this way we rendered straight the final frame. no need anymore afterwards to go and tweak.

    but you are correct on one thing. they are left just like we left them. there just wasn't time at all to go back and clean anything. so, what you see is the last thing our render guys saw.


  8. " But why all the composite /color correction work is done on the 3d scenes and not on rendered (floating point openxr) images is pure amateurism."

    It's not amateurism at all, it's working within the constraints of the project. Our major bottleneck was not in processor power, but in bandwidth, transferring the files back from the USA render farm to Amsterdam - the most we could get out of our link was about 200KB/s, and with 5MB for one layer of an HD EXR frame, those transfer times add up quickly (especially with speed vector passes, Z passes, etc), and along with it, the time needed to do the inevitable checking of frames and re-rendering.

    Rendering to separate image sequences per pass would have had it's advantages, but we never would have been able to get the files back from the farm in time. As it was, we had to use the 16 bit half precision EXR format, and Ton also added the 'preview jpeg' option so we could see the results of the render quickly, without waiting hours for the EXR frames to transfer. There were also many advantages in compositing direct from 3D, if only from the aspect of organising the files and re-rendered versions. It made things a lot simpler to manage, and also allowed a lot more freedom of splitting things up into multiple scenes, not having to worry about file sizes, which was necessary in scene 8, many of the shots in scene 8 had to be split into at least 3 scenes, with up to 10 or so total layers.

  9. Hello, does anyone know how to "get" the "models" for the characters off of the DVD reels for Orange? I bought them and every time I've opened one of the blend files, I see alllll kinds of stuff, but haven't picked off the characters just yet.

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