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Promotional Music Video Made With Blender


hazyeyes.pngChristian Krupa of Shroomstudio has posted about a promotional video for a band called Fightstar that he (and others) made using Blender (and I imagine other tools).

From the thread:

I'm just posting a link to a video I made with my company with Tom King and Mark Silver from Gas and Electric for Fightstar's last single release "Hazy Eyes" for Island Record/Universal Recordings.

The live action was shot on super16 at 'Bagleys' a nightclub in Kings Cross, London. it was edited at cut and run in Soho and the rest was done here, in sunny Hackney over April/May this year...

Definitely some nice work by Shroomstudio!

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. I must say that I was expecting something maybe a little corny but, that was VERY good! Very professional and creative use of Blender. I even liked the band!

    Wow...looking at their website, it appears they've done work for groups like U2! It would be very interesting to know how they've used Blender in the past as well as their plans for the future.

    Thanks for the very pleasant surprise!

  2. me again...looking more at their website, it appears that they've also done work for PBS, BBC, Nike and many others! It's very cool that Blender is good enough to be a part of their workflow on some projects. And some say that Blender is not ready for a truly professional environment. :))

  3. @Pitel:
    Actually, I don't know...probably not. But, the point is that they have NOW, and may decide to, again, in the future. That would be very good for Blender. I just find the potential very exciting and very indicative of how Blender is maturing and becoming a more viable option for high-end work within a commercial environment.

  4. I'm looking forward to the day when it's nothing special to see commercial projects created with blender. My guess: in two years we'll see so much more of this.

  5. It's great that these folks are using Blender. Open source for the win. It's just plain awful that they're using real media. Proprietary piece of crap...

  6. Michael Crawford on

    oh... real media *cancels download*. Yeah... If vlc / mplayer does not play, i do not watch. It's a shame since i wanted to watch it.

  7. The download was an AVI. Still, if it were real-media (which it is not), I find it amazing you wouldn't at least try to download it anyway to find out for yourself.

  8. I like this video better then the [url=]hospital[/url] video. Much better blending between the band and the digital world.

    I bumpt into another site of them, apparently they have two sites:

    Great song but the video is a little dark sometimes.

  9. Great to see Blender being used in professional films, the number is gradually increasing. I liked the video very much, but not the song.

  10. Just want to thank Eugene for posting this here, im glad that we've contributed to blender in some way!

    In response to some of the comments, we've used blender for many projects over the last 3-4 years, from title sequences thru commercial work to segments of films we produce ourselves (Terra 2050 produced for channel4) Ive worked with all the major packages in proffesional environments over the years, but now prefer to use blender for several reasons;

    a The interface and workflow - once you know it, it's simple, quick and effective.
    b open source - free to use and as many rendering machines as you have, but mainly the community - updates constantly, in response to user need rather than commercial ones. if i had the resources, id definately employ a programmer on a large film project...
    c speed of the renderer - i can achieve simple results very quickly and tailor the renderer to do pretty much anything i like - maybe not photorealism, but thats rarely in my brief - i ese 3d as a creative tool unlike any other, like renaissance artists, we follow use and develop whatever's available to us for our clients.

    sorry about the format, i just posted a link that the record company had made, im not sure on the rights for distributing this piece. I would have liked to have sent it to Boston this week, but the notes for contributing to the reel said that it was going to be open source too, something that the client may not have liked.... though it may still appear in 3d world if we get our sh*t together...

    finally thanks for all your comments, im very glad you liked it as it represents our ability to deliver good work using the finest piece of 3d software I know!


    Christian Krupa

    ps Hackney's been pretty hot recently, guess the olympics are going to be damn hot when they get here in the magic year of 2012!

  11. its nice to see that croneyism is alive and well within the so called "community" of blender. I wrote to this blendernation website twice in the last month asking for a posting regarding the video i recently completed using blender (among other tools) and got no reply. i guess you have to be an insider within some silly childish "l33t" group to get any kind of recognition here.

    it's a good lesson to show why it is probably best to stick with proprietary tools. at least they are honest about their agenda.

    chances are that this posting will be censored by the same powertripping characters, but in case it is not, go to to see another example of blender being used by a "real" band.

  12. Im not sure how to respond to ob3lisk's coment regarding croneyism, but I dont personally know anybody within the blender community, the only person I am in sporadic contact with is one of the guys in Costa Rica, who helps out developing - im just badgering (and sometimes helping) him to implement an after effects export script . I think that Eugene must have seen my post on the forum, and liked what he saw and posted it, simple as that.

    best wishes

    Christian Krupa

    ps which video did you use blender for, i saw the unreal tournament one, but the other two were live action?

  13. i dought it was personal that they didn't post your video, but looking forward to geting down to the intenet cafe later this week to check it out...this links just to slow :(

    nice site though :)

  14. hey christian,

    no worries, i am not accusing anyone of anything. i just find it sad that my request for a simple link to my site was ignored.

    i used unreal for the machinima on the "nothing" video, but i did all the actual design work using blender, exporting using a crazy collection of programs. thats my pet peeve with 3d today. i hope that the COLLADA format catches on. unity is needed!

    speaking of unity, the real reason i am upset with blendernation is because i made it clear in my original request for the link to the video that i wanted to get attention in teh community for my upcoming 100% blender-based movie project. a little bit of support would have been nice. i want to get a team together!

    tommy (70MM13)

  15. It's over 50MB in size and seems to be encoded in XviD, yet the video quality is quite horrible. Most of that 50MB is eaten by unencoded audio though. The dimensions of the video is also quite strange. So re-encode the video and encode the audio, please. It'll fit in half the size it eats up now, with much better quality :)

  16. Hey chris, good to see you're surviving in open-source bat country. I just came here to nab the vid, doin a reel this weekend innit. Crazy godamn bats! And well done btw.


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