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Rythm & Hues Video Of The 'Re-Make' Of Brando In Superman

brando.pngWhilst visiting 3DTotal you might have come across this really neat video from the Ain't It Cool News site. It's a run through of how Rythm & Hues "re-made" Marlon Brando for the upcoming Superman movie. It's got it all, modeling, tracking, mapping, painting. No, it wasn't done using Blender, but I'm sure it could have been!

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  1. Amazing. After looking at the final result where the animation is used inside the crystal I wonder though if they really had to do all these steps, or if they would have gotten away with less?

  2. yeah they were talking about this on cg talk the other day (i think it still is being discussed there) there were many comments on the crystal thing =D I think they might have gone away with the rubbery lips =P, but i doubt they would have gotten away with the out of sync mouth and expressions =D

  3. I bet they had problems getting the 3d (non lit, 3d material) to match with the pre-lit movie footage. So that had to be solved anyway, crystal or not. But yes, might be typical department issues. Somebody re-creating Brando and being judged on his result and then that goes to another department where it's imbedded into crystal removing all handpainted saturation etc.

    But yes, the lipsync in elephants dream seems better then this one.

    Btw. rendering out the light on the 3d lips as flat lightmaps is not something blender can do.

  4. @joeri
    That lighting step was a light pass which could certainly be done in Blender. Passes aren't in Blender yet as a magic button, but you can still get a light pass with some work to the scene.

    If we are taking about light maps though, you could always use third party software. I did a quick search and found Light Map Maker ( Admittedly, I have never used this or know how it would fit into Blender use.

  5. As a videophile obsessed with resolution and clarity of recorded images, I find it amusing that extraterrestrials, with technology supposedly more advanced than ours consistently fall back on imaging technologies that are blurry, staticy, have poor contrast, and/or flicker too much. Tell me the truth, if you were Superman, would you rather watch the Star Wars original trilogy in the Fortress of Solitude on those crystalline displays, or back in Metropolis on a nice, big 60 inch plasma? No wonder humans are destined to rule the universe -- no other species can match our displays!

  6. The link seems to be down now. At least the quicktime one. The wmv format one loaded, but it was all weird and green.

  7. Psion: Yeah, but you try making a dvd that will still play after you cram it into a little rocket where a baby kicks it for who-knows-how-long, it gets rattled around when the stardrive kicks in, rattled around some more when the rocket crashes into a cornfield on some backward planet that hasn't invented DVD players yet, then it gets left buried in a field for a couple of years, then stuffed into a musty, humid old attic, moved to an apartment in a big city, and finally, decades later gets flown in the pocket of some spandex tights at supersonic speeds to the north pole where it's used to build a gigantic plastic fortress made of discs. I betcha it'll be toast by then!

  8. @Mantar: Pfff. Just burn a dvd and put it in a drawer for 2 years and the data is probably gone. 1 out of 25 discs we have has a read failure after 2 years. So yes I rather have the ice crystal recording device.

    @etr9j: I think they saved the (inverse) 2d image maps to paint on, not the perspective result.

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