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  •öehring/410460 James Döehring

    How do you get it to look so cartoony?

  • Laura

    I like your header picture!! How did you do that? ...could you do a tutorial?
    Thank you!

  • Bernieman

    Very good cartonn-style. Excellent

  • Liam Walls-Ott

    WOW!! This is amazing! How did you get it to look so much like a cartoon? Could you please do a tutorial? 

  •öehring/410460 James Döehring

    I'm going to have to also throw my weight behind the deluge of tutorial requests. Non-photo-realistic renders can have a powerful effect sometimes. 

  • Eracoon

    info about how it has been done has been asked before and I shall not repeat.
    Great image. great effect.
    I'm looking for the way to get the same results.
    Please let us know.

  • Bartosz Ostrowski

    Thanks for positive comments.
    There's no secret here:-)
    I used subdivison surface modifier with simple lowpoly objects. Marked with mean crease edges I wanted to be `sharp`. With subdivision and mean crease I tried to create `bend walls, trees and planks` effect.
    The materials I used rarely had any specular and mostly had one vivid diffuse colour.
    I used blender internal renderer. I put many coloured (yellow, orange, pink, blue) light sources in scene and turned on ambient occlusion. First I wanted to render the daytime (full sunlight) scene. Dusk/night lighting was more difficult to set (especially on my not-so-fast-pretty-old-loud-and-noisy laptop) but, I think, it gave better results.
    I set also some nodes to: simulate glow effect, make fog, add camera blur and tweak colors.

  • Sreenivas Alapati

    Love the lighting and the Cartoon feel.. :)

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